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#SEJThinkTank: Why Nostalgia Works in Marketing


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If you’re a child of the 90s, you were probably excited to see Lisa Frank was partnering with Urban Outfitters. Similarly, if you grew up watching the Brady Bunch, you likely can’t get enough of the Snickers commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl.

Those emotions and excitement are just one of the reasons why nostalgia marketing works so well. Join SEJ Executive Editor Kelsey Jones for a webinar on how brands are using retro adds to drive marketing success.

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#SEJThinkTank: Why Nostalgia Works in Marketing

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  2. 2. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank ● 7 years of marketing and PR experience ● 11 years of journalism and editing experience ● Responsible for SEJ’s entire content strategy to drive traffic & increase community engagement
  3. 3. What is Nostalgia in Marketing? Nostalgia in Content Nostalgia & Social Media @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
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  5. 5. • Adults feel a great connection to their teenage years because our brains were still developing then, so emotions are stronger • Childhood also usually means no responsibilities • Nostalgia can be triggered during life transitions @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  6. 6. • Nostalgia has been proven to be a coping mechanism during times of stress, loneliness, and hardships • After hearing their favorite songs from 20 years ago, study participants said they felt more loved and that life is worth living. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  7. 7. Brands from Pepsi to Nike are using past logos and designs, calling them retro or throwback. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  8. 8. ● 90s Style is Back In ● People love to reminisce about their childhood and teen years. ● Pull marketing ideas from when your target market was 6-16 years old. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  9. 9. ● There was an IndieGogo campaign to buy a $4000 billboard near Coke’s headquarters to bring Surge back. ● Coke now sells cases of it on Amazon for $35/12 pack @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  10. 10. Poll #1 Have you ever used nostalgia themes in your marketing? A) Yes B) No C) No, but we want to @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
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  12. 12. Incorporating nostalgia or history in your content can: ● Write content in a fun way that can increase engagement and social sharing ● Forge an emotional connection with the audience ● Showcase your company’s history @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
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  17. 17. ● Women’s lifestyle blog Bustle welcomed the summer with 90s music videos embedded into the post. ● This brings their target audience back to fun summers, years ago. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  18. 18. Poll #2 Do you think nostalgic content is effective? A) Yes B) No C) It depends on the industry @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  19. 19. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  20. 20. Nostalgia can be used for new content, as well as simply sharing old content. ● Look for industry videos you could share in a blog post ● Old company archives are great resources @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  21. 21. ● Photos should be the main focus of all content and social media posts @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  22. 22. Comb the Company Archives: The NYT has an archive Twitter profile that shares past news stories and photos of their coverage of current events. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  23. 23. Create Events That Are Begging to be Shared on Social Media and Elsewhere Online. Via @Ethan_Bryan @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  24. 24. In addition to posting content from the past, consider creating your own content @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  25. 25. In addition to posting content from the past, consider creating your own content @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank Infographic via Host Gator
  26. 26. Poll #3 Does nostalgia marketing work better for content or social media? A) Content B) Social Media C) Both @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  27. 27. In Content and Social Media ● Nostalgic content is best created by the people who lived in the decade you are recalling ● Utilize current events, holidays, and trends to build content as a flashback ● Consider your audience and create content surrounding their elementary and high school years @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  28. 28. In Content and Social Media ● It has to fit your niche or else it will seem like newsjacking ● It needs to be unique to your company; don’t copy what’s already been done. @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
  29. 29. 1. Nostalgia makes your audience connect with you 2. Nostalgia in Content is an great way to drive traffic and engagement 3. Don’t make nostalgia cheesy or that you try too hard @wonderwall7 #SEJThinkTank
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