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Webinar content strategy_vs_the_undead


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Implementing a content strategy often involves overcoming significant technological and cultural challenges, but some of these challenges are so scary, so heinous, that they earn a place among the undead because they Just. Won’t. Die!

In this webcast, which debuted at Lavacon 2014, Bill Swallow will take a look at these nightmare-inducing monsters—from unrelenting copy-and-paste zombies to life-draining, change-avoiding vampires—and show you what can be done to keep your content strategy implementation from turning into a fright fest.

Published in: Technology
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Webinar content strategy_vs_the_undead

  1. 1. Content strategy vs. the undead the undead Flickr: micadew @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  2. 2. ● Everyone is muted except for the presenter ● Please ask your questions through the Questions area in the webcast interface ● The presentation is being recorded; attendees do not appear in the recording. @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  3. 3. Bill Swallow @billswallow Technical Consultant Scriptorium Publishing @scriptorium My interests: ● Content strategy ● Implementation ● Localization @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  4. 4. Why the undead? Flickr: Ray Dumas @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  5. 5. Why the undead? Many reasons for implementing a content strategy Many facets Many impediments Not unlike battling the undead They JUST... WON'T... DIE!!! @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  6. 6. Zombies Flickr: Elena Gatti @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  7. 7. Zombies Mindless Clumsy, slow moving Uncommunicative Destructive Contagious @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  8. 8. Zombies in our world Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  9. 9. Zombies in our world Unbudging attitude Unrelenting will to preserve the status quo Continue to repeat the same actions Prefer mindless tedium Resistant to change @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  10. 10. They're not ALL bad Flickr: Terror on Tape @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  11. 11. They're not ALL bad Sometimes they're just misunderstood They may have good intentions They may have reasons for resisting change @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  12. 12. Tips for survival Flickr: Kenny Louie @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  13. 13. Tips for survival DON'T shoot them in the head Feed their needs while keeping the bigger picture in mind Find what drives them and harness that in your strategy @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  14. 14. Vampires Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  15. 15. Vampires Blood-suckers Charismatic Fear daylight @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  16. 16. Charismatic life-drainers Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  17. 17. Charismatic life-drainers Two distinct varieties: Someone in your organization who has a different plan A VERY persistent vendor Both fear being exposed of their shortcomings @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  18. 18. Your tools for success Flickr: Theodore Scott @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  19. 19. Your tools for success Always be prepared (do your homework) Have a strategy rooted in your company's core goals The “stake through the heart”: shift the focus back to the core intent/benefit of the strategy Shed light on the subject to drive them back @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  20. 20. Mummies Flickr: Rocco Lucia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  21. 21. Mummies Relentless Shambling but determined Guardians of the past Product of a curse or past desire @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  22. 22. Dedicated and determined Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  23. 23. Dedicated and determined Advocates of existing tools or workflows Vocal or silent Summoned by impending change @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  24. 24. Wikimedia: Lysippos Lift the mummy's curse @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  25. 25. Lift the mummy's curse Combat them with fulfillment Acknowledge past successes Kill them with kindness @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  26. 26. Frankenstein's creature Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  27. 27. Frankenstein's creature Cobbled together from bits and pieces Has a mind of its own Misunderstood A product of science @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  28. 28. Creator vs. creature Wikimedia: Deckard97 @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  29. 29. Creator vs. creature If not for Victor Frankenstein, the creature would not exist Misuse of knowledge and technology You may not always be able to control what you create @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  30. 30. “We belong dead” Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  31. 31. “We belong dead” If you have creatures of your own to wrangle, include them in your strategy Try not to create more of them You're a content strategist, not a mad scientist @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  32. 32. Ghosts Flickr: Nesster @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  33. 33. Ghosts Spirits, spectres, apparitions... Things that haunt us Often unsettling Potentially hazardous @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  34. 34. Mistakes and regrets Wikipedia @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  35. 35. Mistakes and regrets We carry our ghosts with us Echos of the past “Would have/could have/should have” Unfinished past projects Past mistakes @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  36. 36. Keep them in check Flickr: relux. @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  37. 37. Keep them in check Don't give in to regret Don't beat yourself up Be confident in the direction you've chosen Adapt your strategy over time Don't be afraid of no ghost! @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  38. 38. Poll @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  39. 39. Your own Mystery, Inc. Flickr: Pat Loika @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  40. 40. Be your own Mystery, Inc. Defeat your undead through investigation and preparation Don't only focus on technology and capability Personality, dispositions, and history matter Knowledge and understanding Unmask the undead for what they really are @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  41. 41. Questions? Flickr: BuzzFarmers @billswallow #CSvsUndead
  42. 42. Contact Information Bill Swallow Scriptorium Publishing @billswallow #CSvsUndead