Microsoft Educators Network presentation 2014


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This presentation shows the resources and offerings of the Microsoft Educators' Network

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Microsoft Educators Network presentation 2014

  1. 1. Megan Rademeyer
  2. 2. What is on offer at
  3. 3. What is the Microsoft Educators Network? • A global online resource • A community for educators and school leaders • A platform to encourage collaboration and the spread of ideas to improve education worldwide
  4. 4. What can teachers do on the Microsoft Educators Network? access Learning Suite tools and lesson plans support from tutorials and professional development connect to share resources discuss hot topics
  5. 5. How do you join the Microsoft Educators Network?
  6. 6. 6 Look under “Resources” tab to find “Free Tools for Teachers”
  7. 7. Access all the Learning Suite tools at plus many more
  8. 8. Resources include: Free tools, Downloads, Apps, Plug-ins and Guides  Search for tools that will work with your technology  Watch the tutorials  Get ideas from other Learning Activities  Share your own!
  9. 9. Windows Live Movie Maker and Photostory Turn photos and video clips into movies and slide shows Add in music, sub-titles, special effects and credits
  10. 10. 10 High School Life Sciences learners made movies using Movie Maker to explain an aspect of HIV/AIDS as an infomercial. Nikkie Wallace – St Cyprians: Western Cape
  11. 11. Kabelo Mahlatsi – Leqele High School: Lesotho High School English learners modernised Julius Caesar and set it in Lesotho with Moshoeshoe in the starring role!
  12. 12. High School History learners created movies out of still photos that illustrated the effects of various Apartheid laws. Sue Ausmeier – Durban Girls College: KwaZulu-Natal
  13. 13. Autocollage Select a folder of photos, push a button and watch as your images get swirled into a collage.
  14. 14. Autocollage to test understanding of primary school maths concepts: polygons, tessellations and symmetry. Hafeeza Ebrahim Mayet – Marlboro Gardens: Gauteng
  15. 15. Maxwell Funo – Mkhanyiseli Primary School: Western Cape Autocollage to raise awareness of polluted public spaces and a need for parks in a community.
  16. 16. Songsmith Choose a style from pop, jazz, reggae etc. and a tempo. Sing into the PC microphone and Songsmith will then generate musical accompaniment to match your voice.
  17. 17. Nkosilathi Dlodlo Batswana Secondary School: NorthWest Learners investigated causes of water shortages and raised awareness. One tool for this was a Songsmith song.
  18. 18. Maths Worksheet Generator • Allows a teacher to create worksheets in seconds. • Choose a type of question from a sample, create worksheet and answers for as many questions as you want
  19. 19. Create interactive timelines with ChronoZoom Put historical events in perspective by seeing where they fit on an interactive timeline – or create your own!
  20. 20. Photosynth Use 20 to 300 photos to create an immersive 360o experience Or see if someone else has made a Photosyth that you can show your learners to “take them there”
  21. 21. DeepZoom Use your PC like a giant magnifying glass to explore high resolution pictures in detail Travel around maps and pictures or create and explore 360o views or scenes
  22. 22. Chris Gatsi – The Hill High: Gauteng Creating maths worksheets and other resources – and then sharing these using SkyDrive.
  23. 23. Stickysorter Organise your notes or have a brain storm using virtual sticky notes
  24. 24. Fresh Paint A virtual artist box of oils, watercolours, pencils, a range of brushes. Create original masterpieces, turn photos into beautiful paintings or learn techniques by following a template.
  25. 25. Flashcards Make your own or use those that are already there. Smart, fun assessment!
  26. 26. Join Community Discussions 26 Find topics that interest you or groups you want to be part of. Start a new discussion
  27. 27. Complete your profile so that others can: • find you when they search for a teacher like you • see what badges you have earned • see what resources you have contributed • see which social networks you are part of • see what technology you use This helps build the community and promotes collaboration 27
  28. 28. Access Professional Development 28 • Free • Self-paced • Relevant • Based on international best practices • Print a certificate at the end • Display your badge on your Microsoft Educators Network Profile
  29. 29. One • If you are developing engaging learning activities using digital tools – apply to be a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert to stand a chance to win a trip to the Global Microsoft in Education Forum. • This years competition will be announced on
  30. 30. How do you join the Microsoft Educators Network?
  31. 31. Sign up for free SchoolNet Membership, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter find out about and participate in online courses and webinars, get links to tools
  32. 32. Stay in touch: @PILNAfrica @schoolnetsa
  33. 33. 34 Next steps, links and contacts: