Park Lab--CNT hackathon presentation


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Park Lab--CNT hackathon presentation

  1. 1. An on-line learning network that turns the world around us into an interactive laboratory for STEAM* learning and science fun. *science, technology, engineering, art / design, math
  2. 2. Underlying causes for poor STEAM prep? •  Low levels of teacher preparation in STEAM content. •  Low-resource / high-poverty schools. •  Little access to engaging real-world projects... What s the point of learning this?
  3. 3. •  Calvin s Dilemma: The teacher-centered classroom •  •  Kids are assigned rote math and science activities from school textbooks. Kids must answer to teacher (v. to a team effort). Proof of learning is the written answer. Learning is disengaged from the immediate problems of the environment and the desire to
  4. 4. Community Collaborative Design...