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Introducing the Inquiry Hub


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A new inquiry-based school coming to School District #43 Coquitlam, BC, Canada.

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Introducing the Inquiry Hub

  1. 1. The Inquiry HubAn inquiry-based school coming to Coquitlam School District September, 2012 –
  2. 2. Inquiry Hub is an Coquitlam Open Learning initiative.The COL Inquiry Hub provides grade 8-12 students an innovative,technology driven, full-time program which allows them topursue their own learning goals by shaping their educationalexperience around their interests instead of structured classes.
  3. 3. Connect - Create - LearnThis is the process behind the Inquiry Hub. The COL Inquiry Hubbrings students together in a technology-facilitated environment andencourages them to explore their own questions from key themes: • Community and global issues • Environmental sustainability • Media Art, design and technology
  4. 4. InquiryInquiry based learning is a key tenet of the COL InquiryHub. When students get to choose their own topics, withguidance and support from their teachers, peers andcommunity members, these learners will producethoughtful, rich and compelling answers.
  5. 5. InquiryWhen students explore their interests in-depth, they willoften discover insights worth sharing with others. At theInquiry Hub, we believe that an integral part of learning isthe ability to share what you’ve learned with others inmeaningful ways. Be it a presentation to a smallgroup, the entire school, the local community or online(with the world), we will work with students to craft theirmessage in thoughtful, well represented ways.
  6. 6. InquiryAn important skill to learn is how to ‘write to a specificaudience’, and there is no better way to promote thisthan to give learners a legitimate audience for theirwork. Through the use of blogs, wikis, digital portfoliosand social media tools, we’ll invite the world to be aparticipatory audience in the work that our students do.
  7. 7. InquiryCollaboration is a learned skill that is essential in today’sworld. Our goal will be to have students collaborate onprojects that matter, in many different communities. Wewill provide opportunities for projects to extend beyondage-group peers to include younger and/or older students,parents and teachers, community members, subject areaexperts, and students from around the globe.
  8. 8. Inquiry“In a learning organization, leaders aredesigners, stewards, and teachers.” ~Peter SengeAt the COL Inquiry Hub, students will be provided withmany opportunities to be designers, stewards andteachers. We believe that every student has thepotential to lead!
  9. 9. We can learn a lot from (and within) play. Play promotesdiscovery and invites the idea that we can have funlearning, even from our mistakes. From the MIT Media Lab’sadvocation of ‘Lifelong Kindergarten‘ to Google’s promotionof employees getting 20% of their work week dedicated topersonal-interest projects, it is quickly becoming apparentthat ingenuity and creativity are both sparked from anenvironment that incorporates play into learning.
  10. 10. A key principle in the new learning theory Connectivism,considers networks to be a central metaphor for learning.The theory suggests that ‘learning and knowledge restsin diversity of opinions’. The COL Inquiry Hub will use ahybrid model that blends classroom, community andonline experiences, and so students will be exposed to amultitude of learning networks.
  11. 11. Coming to Coquitlam, September 2012…The Inquiry Hub is new initiative by Coquitlam Open Learning and School District #43.The COL Inquiry Hub is a full-time grade 8-12 program which offers the following benefitsfor students:• Instruction which blends classroom and online experiences in a hybrid model• A student-driven inquiry approach to learning• Significant reduction of formally structured class time and emphasis on a learning commons where students do daily group project work and individual, computer-based learning• Class environments which group students around interests and project focus rather than grade levels• Parents and community as active learning partners• Extensive use of peer mentorship in cross-grade project work• Core, inquiry-based program offerings which are extended through the extensive list of COL online courses
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  13. 13. http://inquiryhub.orgPhotos from except for: ‘Voice’ -“Neon Mic” by fensterbme on flickr, and ‘Play’ - by David Truss Logos: Inquiry Hub, Coquitlam Open Learning, & SD43 are all from School District 43, Coquitlam.