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Enabling a Campus‐wide, Seamless Geodatabase from CAD Drawings


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Presented by Steve Grise, Vertex
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Enabling a Campus‐wide, Seamless Geodatabase from CAD Drawings

  1. 1. CONNECT. TRANSFORM. AUTOMATE. Enabling a Campus-wide, seamless Geodatabase from CAD Drawings Steve Grise Vertex3 Inc.
  2. 2. Intro  CAD to GIS Sync for buildings is evolving  Industry moving quickly based on drivers  Space/Asset reporting  Operations  Logistics  Public Safety, Security  Health and Safety  Tools and processes shown here largely based on recent work at the University of Washington – Seattle
  3. 3. Config Sync Engine CAD Vault Floorpla n Outline Basemap Python Processing Spatial Tabular QA Staging Production Views deltas Archive Archive
  4. 4. Sync Logic Folder For each drawing Run playlists Call FME as subprocess If no errors Call Sync to Prod Staging Production Gizinta arcpy Config fpLoadPlaylist.xml,fpDerivePlaylist.xml cfmDataConfig.xml True False Example
  5. 5. Floorplan Loader
  6. 6. Floorplan Datasets Spaces Floorplan Lines Floor Areas (Building Outline Tilt)
  7. 7. Floorplan Derive
  8. 8. Derived Datasets Outline Point Floor Hull Published Lines Tilted Rooms Space Points
  9. 9. Gizinta for FME  Custom Transformers  XML Config  Dataset mapping  Attribute Transformations  QA settings  Performs attribute and geometry QA  Logs to tables  Dynamic Writers Make the simple stuff easier!
  10. 10. Tools
  11. 11. A Solution for Floorplan Challenges  Seamless GIS database from 00s and 000s of drawings  Paper coordinates - World Spatial Reference  Manage Identity and Attributes  Geometry  Rooms within rooms  SDE/databases very picky, CAD more flexible  Additional GIS Data creation  Auto-create more datasets  Often dependent on previous processing steps  Change-only updates – bulk loading = poor performance  Source and target data needs evolve  Processing has to be modular  QA and long transactions  2D Floorplans to 3D seamless GIS – apps are data-hungry
  12. 12. Contact Info     226 444 0323