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Strategy Leaders featuring Balanced Scorecard


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Strategy Leaders is the Middle East's premier strategy development and execution programme, addressing top-of-mind priorities for forward thinking leaders in businesses and public organisations across the Middle East and Africa.

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Strategy Leaders featuring Balanced Scorecard

  1. 1. Prof. Richard Rumelt International Leader in Strategy Selection Bernard Marr Global Authority on Organisational Performance Dr. Robert Kaplan Professor of Harvard Business School and Co-Founder of the Balanced Scorecard 3 international gurus in strategy development, execution and organisational performance 20+ regional CEOs, CSOs and Heads of Strategy sharing real-life experiences of strategic innovation, diversification and success 30+ hours of exemplary Balanced Scorecard and strategy implementation 100s of inspirational executable ideas to take back to your team Unparalleled insight into developing and executing competitive corporate and Government strategies in emerging markets SUPPORTING SPONSOR STRATEGIC SPONSOR TECHNOLOGY PARTNER MEDIA PARTNERS ASSOCIATE SPONSORS ORGANISED BY DAY 03 - STRATEGIC EXECUTION, BALANCED SCORECARD & STRATEGIC DAY Formulating And Executing World-Class Strategies For Sustained Competitive Growth DAY 02 - STRATEGIC PLANNING & PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT DAY The Address Hotel Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE DAY 01 - STRATEGIC READINESS & COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS DAY R y 698 TE ar 1, IS bru o $ EG e t R 6 F up by AVE S d an 13 – 17 APRIL 2014
  2. 2. Your strategy journey starts here. Strategy Leaders is the Middle East’s premier strategy development and execution programme, addressing top-of-mind priorities for forward thinking leaders in businesses and public organisations across the region. Hosting three internationally acclaimed strategy leaders and best in class regional innovators, you’ll take home the inspiration, advice and collective experience required to develop and execute successful growth strategies for sustained business excellence. Engage with inspirational global authorities. Exchange ideas with regional peers. Execute effective world-class public and corporate strategies to ensure sustained organisational success. FIVE DAYS of interactive learning and PEER-TO-PEER sharing including: In this interactive good executabl identify it, and h Following Richa planning to a m and coherence t LIVE engaging Super Guru Mornings with global strategy leaders INTERACTIVE lunch meetings with international speaker faculty REAL CASE STUDIES to benchmark your progress against regional peers HANDS ON workshops to cement your ideas into applicable strategies for your business UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL one to one meetings for key event partners Leaders, managers and executives from across multiple disciplines will benefit from attending, including: Chairman, President, CEO, GM, MD Project Management HR and Talent Management Finance Process and Quality Control Change and Transformation Business Excellence Strategy Performance Management Business Development Balanced Scorecard Richard will also that strategic g Governments competitive adv About Richard Richard Rumelt challenges and and has been ca the 50 most influ and is widely rec Professor of Bus from the Univers School, receivin Learn more ab Register your leadership team to ensure successful strategy alignment across the organisation. Generous group discounts are available – contact us today to secure the best price. Email or call +971 (0)4 335 2483 Your agenda at a glance 13 April 14 April 15 April 16 April 17 April Workshops Strategy Selection Organisational Performance Balanced Scorecard Workshops Prof. Richard Rumelt Bernard Marr • Business War Gaming • Key Performance Indicators • Balanced Scorecard Essentials • CEO Roundtable • CSO Forum • Strategic Capabilities • Managing Change • Organisational Alignment • Risk Management • Family Businesses • Strategy Review Dr. Robert Kaplan • Six Step Strategy Execution System •Strategic Initiative • Strategic Project Management •Business Model • Business Generation • Organisational •Organisationa Alignment Personalise your learning journey. Choose the sessions most relevant to you and create a programme tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. See back page for more details. Position your brand as a strategy formulation and execution leader. We have exclusive partnership opportunities for leading organisations that can improve strategic capabilities across public and corporate entities. For more information speak to Charlie Bark-Jones on +971 (0)4 407 2608 or email Don’t recognise us? Strategy Leaders is the new name for the Balanced Scorecard Forum. As regional businesses are gearing for growth, we’re expanding our offering – with more gurus, more content and more inspiration across the entire strategy journey. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: HE Dr Ali Al Khouri Director General Emirates Identity Authority 08.00 Registration 08.30 Chairman’s Eddy Abou Consulting, 08.45 Keynote Ad vision and w programme outputs and HE Dr Ali Al Emirates Id 09.15 Super Guru 12.45 Lunch and N 14.00 CEO Round through str Fadi Malas, Ousama Fa Abdullah Al Group of Co Neeraj Mah Commercia 14.45 CSO Forum of Chief Str Adri Pols, V Dhabi Natio Dr. Sami Alo Tel: +971 4 335
  3. 3. Super Guru Morning Session with Prof. Richard Rumelt Day 01 - 14 April In this interactive and engaging session, Richard will teach you the ‘kernel’ concept – a simple logical structure that creates good executable strategy. He’ll also teach you about the perils of bad strategy – what its hallmarks look like, how to identify it, and how to ensure poor strategy is not implemented in your organisation. Following Richard’s approach will enable corporations to move away from seeing strategy as an extension of financial planning to a more powerful and realistic approach, and allow Governments and non-profit organisations to draw focus and coherence to yield dramatic improvements in effectiveness. Richard will also guide you through his ‘14 rules for good growth’ – a set of key ideas that should be followed to ensure that strategic growth creates value and effectiveness for the organisation. He’ll also discuss how corporations, Governments and non-profit organisations can exploit innovation and market conditions to create and maintain competitive advantage. About Richard Richard Rumelt helps executives craft meaningful, ambitious, yet actionable strategies for facing the most important challenges and opportunities they face. He gained a worldwide reputation with his book, “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy,” and has been called “Strategy’s Strategist,” by the McKinsley Quarterly. He has been elected to Thinkers 50, a group of the 50 most influential business thinkers in the world. Richard is a pioneer in the field of business and corporate strategy and is widely recognized as having put in place many of the key foundations of the subject. He is the Harry and Elsa Kunin Professor of Business & Society at UCLA Anderson. He earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. He studied decision sciences and corporate strategy at the Harvard Business School, receiving his doctorate in 1972. Learn more about Richard’s session at HE Dr Ali Al Khouri Director General Emirates Identity Authority Fadi Malas CEO Just Falafel Ousama Fansa CEO Roots Group 08.00 Registration 08.30 Chairman’s Welcome Address Eddy Abou Chakra, Managing Partner, Vanguards Consulting, UAE/Lebanon 08.45 Keynote Address: Implementing clear strategic vision and world-class corporate excellence programmes to deliver outstanding efficiency, outputs and quality of customer service HE Dr Ali Al Khouri, Director General, Emirates Identity Authority, UAE 09.15 Super Guru Morning with Prof. Richard Rumelt 12.45 Lunch and Networking Break 14.00 CEO Roundtable: Driving sustainable growth through strategic innovation Fadi Malas, CEO, Just Falafel, UAE Ousama Fansa, CEO, Roots Group, KSA Abdullah Al Majdouie, President, Al Majdouie Group of Companies, KSA Neeraj Mahajan, CEO, Al Naboodah Commercial, UAE 14.45 CSO Forum: Keeping Pace - The changing role of Chief Strategy Officers in the Middle East Adri Pols, Vice President Strategy, TAQA - Abu Dhabi National Energy Company, UAE Dr. Sami Alom, Chief Strategy Officer, Al Noor Wijnand Van Till Vice President Sales Strategy Etisalat Adri Pols Vice President Strategy TAQA-Abu Dhabi National Energy Company Neeraj Mahajan CEO Al Naboodah Commercial Hospitals Group, UAE Omar Mehanna, Chief Strategy Officer, The Saudi British Bank (SABB), KSA Mohammad Absi-Halabi, Strategic Development Advisor, The Executive Council – Government of Dubai, UAE 15.30 Afternoon Break 16.00 Building Strategic Capabilities: Identifying, recruiting and retaining key capabilities and embedding a performance culture to deliver strategic aspirations Diaa Mohammed, Global Head of HR Services, Hewlett-Packard, UAE Joe Chalouhi, Head of HR MENA, GE Middle East, UAE 16.45 Managing Change: Steering complex organisations through periods of significant change Wijnand Van Till, Vice President Strategy, Etisalat, UAE 17.15 Scenario Analysis: Appropriate strategy selection, scenario analysis and stress testing models for business leaders Wael Zein, Chairman, ADDIMA Consultting, Lebanon 17.45 Close of Day One Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: DAY 01 - 14 APRIL - STRATEGY SELECTION Successful Strategy Selection: Formulating competitive strategies to drive dynamic business growth
  4. 4. Workshops Choose ONE Pre-Forum Workshop and ONE Post-Forum Workshop to improve your strategy execution. Visit to see the full workshop outlines, meet your expert workshop leaders and decide the best topic to meet your learning needs. PRE-FORUM WORKSHOPS – 13 APRIL Workshop A: Securing Sustainable Strategic Advantage on the Enterprise Battleground Through Business War Games Executing flawed strategies can cause significant damage to a business’ reputation, finances, market positioning and ultimately lead to business failure. This in-depth workshop will provide attendees with hands-on experience on how to develop and test a strategy against external competition, industry developments and market forces. Through a rigorous and tested human-decision-making framework, attendees will have the opportunity to develop, test and refine individual strategies live, and learn the tools and techniques Eddy Abou Chakra critical to developing robust strategic frameworks for their organisation. Understand how market forces, competition, internal drivers Managing Partner and constraints can impact strategy development. Learn how to explore various strategic scenarios and take into account uncertainVanguards ties faced in industry. Outline courses of action and reactions to the competition’s moves, and identify strategies for capitalizing on Consulting new business opportunities. Who should attend? Entrepreneurs, chief executives and senior managers faced with increasing competition and escalating demands within complex markets. Workshop B: Maximise the Impact of KPIs on your Organisation's Performance with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) In a recent poll conducted by The KPI Institute over 51% of the respondents nominated KPI selection as the most challenging aspect of working with KPIs. This session will present the fundamental techniques for KPI selection that ensure a rigorous process and quality result. Practical exercises will be combined with best practice examples from a variety of industries and functional areas. Topics to be covered include: KPI naming standards and use of terminology; KPI lifecycle; KPI selection process; Techniques for KPI selection Adrian Brudan (Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing); Examples of KPIs in practice. Learn about the KPI naming standards that ensure quality Research Director assurance for the selection process. Practice KPI selection techniques (Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing). Review KPI selection The KPI Institute good and poor practice and edentify the essential KPIs by industry and functional area. Who Should Attend? Experienced strategy and performance management practitioners interested in improving the use of KPIs as part of existing systems; Professionals who are about to embark on KPI selection projects; Everyone interested in being up to date with the latest thinking in KPI selection. Workshop C: Balanced Scorecard: Concept, Development and Deployment Deploymen Alan Fell Managing Director Alan Fell Consultancy This workshop will provide a starting base knowledge of the Balanced Scorecard concept, potential benefits and key development ben steps of the Balanced Scorecard, delivered via a combination of content delivery and group exercises to enhance learning and l ‘take-away’ output. The first session will guide you through the concept and rationale of the BSC, its context, key aspects, various applications, the cascade process to align employees to the overall organisation, as well as the benefits and common problems to be avoided. The second session will look a the development process including planning and output design. It will also examine how to align existing strategic and operational plans with budget, as well as specific methodologies including the Balanced Scorecard Institute 9 steps. Session three will look at how to use the BSC model to its best effect, including ‘ownership’, management leadership, Rules of Engagement and dynamic scorecard development. Who should attend: Leaders and senior managers; Functional heads; Strategy and Balanced Scorecard practitioners. Learn h strategy how fiv perform Talking 1. Trans 2. Deve 3. Analy 4. Repo 5. Ensu The ses these 5 organisa perform About Bernard measure the glob acknowl 200 high Intelligen number profile pu Learn m POST-FORUM WORKSHOPS – 17 APRIL Methodologies Workshop D: Executing Strategy by Engaging Project Portfolio Management Methodologie Bassan A. Samman CEO and Founder CMCS This workshop focuses on how organisations can implement the project portfolio management (PPM) framework for identifying, identify aligning, scoring, prioritizing and selecting project initiatives to achieve strategic objectives. Through a mixture of examples and interactive exercises, attendees will learn how to integrate Organisational Strategic Plans with Project Initiatives and build a culture of project management within the firm. It will also address how to enhance the methods used by your organisation to successfully deliver projects, how to define metrics and standards to measure the performance of your projects, as well as how to use technology to support managing and tracking your project data. Who should attend? Executives, strategists, managers, planners and analysts from commercial, public, and nonprofit organisations who want to learn the critical factors that lead to successful strategy execution. Workshop E: Rethink and Innovate Your Business Strategy To Open Up New Markets and Reach Different Audiences Using Business Model Generation Methodology The financial crisis, globalisation, digitisation, access to information and changing customer behaviours have gl transformed the way corporates and Governments need to think about and respond to their customers. New innovative business models are required to keep meeting the expectations of the 21st century customer. This Roberto Carlos Guevara practical facilitative workshops will explain how organisations can use the ‘Business Model Canvas’ to drive Wyszkowski Partner innovative business models and robust strategies. It will enable you to challenge your existing models and Partner ShiftIN Partners ShiftIN Partners design new strategies that reach new audiences and cutomers. The team will also explain how to use the canvas to innovate and start developing new business models for the future. Who Should Attend: Senior leadership; Functional managers and heads of business; Business developers and solutions/product designers; Strategy, business planning and performance heads; Innovation managers. Workshop F: Engaging Stakeholders for Successful Strategy Execution Paulo Serra e Silva Principal Palladium EMEA The workshop will be presenting and discussing challenges, opportunities, successful experiences and benefits of implementing a well structured process for engaging and managing the relationship with key stakeholders in the public and private sectors. At the end of the session the participants will gain a thorough understanding of all relevant matters related to maximizing the RESULTS coming from involving key stakeholders in strategy execution. Among other topics: the process to identify those stakeholders that are strategic, determine the stakeholders’ impact and identify synergy points to engage and co-create with them a coherent approach driven by business goals, mission, values and corporate strategies, etc. Who should attend: CEOs, Directors, Leaders and Senior Managers; Functional Heads; Strategy and Balanced Scorecard Practitioners Wael Zein Chairman ADDIMA Co Lebanon 08.45 Chai Wae 09.00 Supe Bern Perf 12.15 Lunc 13.30 Build busi are a Khal Seni 14.10 Coo man units term Stev Strat Workshops run from 08.30 until 14.30, when lunch will be served. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: Tel: +97
  5. 5. Super Guru Morning with Bernard Marr Day 02 - 15 April Learn how your organisation can use the latest strategic performance management approaches to ensure effective strategy execution. Bernard will draw on many global best-practice case studies and real world examples to demonstrate how five simple steps can transform the way any organisation – large or small, private or public – manages its performance. Talking Points include how to: 1. Translate your strategy into a simple one-page performance management framework 2. Develop relevant KPIs and performance metrics to understand whether they are on track or not 3. Analyse your performance data and turn it into relevant insights 4. Report and communicate your performance insights to engage senior decision makers 5. Ensure you make better-informed and fact-based decisions. The session will look at how companies like Google, Wal-Mart, Shell, as well as leading Government Organisations apply these 5 steps to ensure they stay on track and make the best-informed decisions. It will also explore how leading organisation are now integrating the analysis of un-structured data as well as big-data analytics with their traditional performance metrics to optimise insights and decision-making. About Bernard Bernard Marr is a global enterprise performance expert and a best-selling business author. He helps companies to better manage, measure, report and analyse performance. His leading-edge work with major companies, organisations and governments across the globe makes him an acclaimed and award-winning keynote speaker, researcher, consultant and teacher. Bernard is acknowledged by the CEO Journal as one of today’s leading business brains. He has written a number of seminal books and over 200 high profile reports and articles on enterprise performance. This includes the best-sellers 'Key Performance Indicators', ‘The Intelligent Company’, ‘More with Less’, ‘Managing and Delivering Performance’ and ‘Strategic Performance Management', a number of Gartner Reports and the world’s largest research studies on the topic. His expert comments regularly feature in highprofile publications including The Times, The Financial Times, Financial Management, the CFO Magazine and the Wall Street Journal. Learn more about Bernard’s session at Wael Zein Chairman ADDIMA Consulting Lebanon Abdallah Obeikan CEO Obeikan Group Steven Barlow Senior Vice President Head of Strategic Risk Management Dubai Holding 08.45 Chairman’s Welcome Address Wael Zein, Chairman, ADDIMA Consulting, Lebanon 09.00 Super Guru Morning with Bernard Marr, Founder and CEO, The Advanced Performance Institute, UK 12.15 Lunch and networking break 13.30 Building Organisational Alignment: Ensuring core business processes and organisational structures are aligned to deliver strategic goals Khalid Abu Haimed, CEO, Al Rajhi Investments, KSA Senior Business Leader, Al Rajhi Investments, KSA 14.10 Coordinating a common approach to strategic risk management across holding and individual business units to maximise shareholder value for the long term at Dubai Holding Steven Barlow, Senior Vice President, Head of Strategic Risk Management, Dubai Holding, UAE Faisal Al Belooshi Director - Interiors & Facility Management DAFZA Rachel Mathew Senior Executive – Performance DAFZA Jude Chagas Pereira CEO IYCON 14.50 Performance Management: Improving business value through effective performance management at Dubai Airport Free Zone Faisal Al Belooshi, Director - Interiors & Facility Management, DAFZ, UAE Rachel Mathew, Senior Executive – Performance, DAFZ, UAE 15.20 Integradeting Performance, Initiative and Risk Managment Jude Chagas Pereira, CEO, IYCON 15.40 Afternoon Break 16.10 Family Businesses In Focus: Leading regional family businesses through successful cultural and organisational change Abdallah Obeikan, CEO, Obeikan Group, KSA 16.40 Effective Strategy renew and refresh procedures to ensure long term business success 17.20 End of Day Two Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: DAY 02 - 15 APRIL - ORGANISATIONALS PERFORMANCE SMART Strategy Execution: Leveraging KPIs, Analytics and Big Data To Drive Fact-Based Management
  6. 6. Position your brand as a leader in strategic innovation and management Sponsoring or exhibiting at Strategy Leaders is a unique opportunity to align your brand with some of the world’s leading strategy thinkers, and to position your company as a leader in strategy development, execution and management in the Middle East and Africa. With a broader agenda than ever before, the event provides excellent opportunities to showcase your experience and products in strategy development, change management, business intelligence, strategy execution and risk management. Whether you can help corporate or government organisations to develop their strategy, manage their core business risks or implement the Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Leaders is an essential platform to reaffirm your position with existing clients and develop brand new sales leads. Opportunities open to your business include: Positioning yourself as a thought leader by moderating or taking part in a panel discussion Demonstrating consulting and facilitation skills by leading an interactive group or discussion session Exclusive breakfast, lunch or dinner sponsor Releasing research or reports to a target audience Exposing your brand to key decision makers across the region Showcasing your products and services at your exhibition stand To discuss these opportunities or to tailor a package specific to your needs contact Charlie Bark-Jones on +971 (0)4 407 2608 or SUPPORTING SPONSOR ADDIMA Consulting is a specialized consulting firm based in Dubai, London, Beirut and Riyadh. ADDIMA is well positioned to provide a proven turnkey Balanced Scorecard (BSC) development & implementation because of : · Our experienced & certified BSC practitioners and strategy experts · Our solid expertise in various industries in the Middle East, our deep understanding of the local culture, and the command of the Arabic business language in addition to the English and French · Our exclusive partnership in the Middle East with Paul Niven, a noted speaker and writer on the subject of the Balanced Scorecard, and hands-on practitioner STRATEGIC SPONSOR IYCON is a transformational technology solutions company whose mission is to serve businesses and governments, by delivering high quality strategic execution services, through world class technology tools, expertise, best practice methodologies and continued quality support. IYCON’s mission, "Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™” is geared to help companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empowering them with the ability to master change. IYCON is a leader in improvement & delivery of performance management execution, as well as a preferred performance execution partner for government & private corporations. We understand how to provide solutions which work for our customers. We deliver more than products, and we add value to these products through our best practice implementation methodology, and empower the customer team to take full ownership of the product, and the initiative being driven by the product. IYCON is the Strategic Value Added Partner for QPR Software across EMEA, the Asian Subcontinent, North America & Oceania. QPR Software is specialized in operational development of private and public sector organizations whose mission is to help our customers to become agile and efficient in their operations. QPR offers software solutions and services in areas of enterprise architecture development, process modeling and analysis as well as performance management. 08.1 Palladium Group is the global leader in helping organisations execute their strategies by making better decisions. Our expertise in strategy, risk, corporate performance management and business intelligence helps clients achieve an execution premium. Our services include consulting, conferences, communities, training and technology. Palladium's Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy™ recognises more than 120 organisations worldwide that have achieved outstanding execution premiums. TECHNOLOGY PARTNER 08.0 ASSOCIATE SPONSOR VANGUARDS is a specialized management consulting firm offering deep functional knowledge spanning strategy formulation and execution, business process management and information technology services. We assist our clients in charting a roadmap for the future and aligning their operations and resources to achieve their vision. VANGUARDS leads clients through restructuring and turn-around situations to achieve breakthrough results. Word of mouth referrals and numerous repeat clients are a testament of our dedication and success. ASSOCIATE SPONSOR 09.4 10.1 10.4 Corporater is a specialised vendor for Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management software solutions that are flexible, ready-to-run, and that can be easily managed and configured by business users. Founded in the year 2000, Corporater has over 1000 customers from all key domains with an international presence in over 29 countries through its offices and strategic partnerships. Corporater recently established its operations in Dubai to support and grow key partnerships in UAE. Corporater EPM Suite is a Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Software. Business in Control: Corporater is changing the way people view corporate performance management software solutions. Our slogan is Business in Control - we deliver solutions that are fully managed and configured by corporate users. We believe that the focus should be on how you run your organisation - not on the technology. Strategy-driven Performance Management: By placing strategy at the centre of corporate performance management, Corporater enables a holistic approach to strategic execution by harmonizing performance disciplines, such as operations, budgeting, risk management, quality, etc. ASSOCIATE SPONSORS ICSME is a leading Information Technology company in the Middle East, in the areas of Corporate Performance Management (Balanced Scorecard), Archiving, Document Management, Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence. ICSME also has an IP infrastructure division offering and designing solutions in the areas of security, Video Conferencing and Satellite Communications. ICSME has implemented major projects in UAE, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia. ICSME has implemented Balanced Scorecard projects for major customers like DP World, Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi using the software STRATandGO, which is also implemented in Abu Dhabi Environment Agency, and world-wide customers like Novartis, Roche, Bayer and many others. ASSOCIATE SPONSOR The KPI Institute is the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, providing through its publications and training courses insights on how to measure and learn with KPIs. It developed the first KPI Management Framework and coordinates several research programs dedicated to performance management, strategy, Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators. It operates, the result of the research program dedicated to documenting and cataloguing how KPIs are used in practice, an online portal containing the largest collection of well documented KPI examples, supported by a community of tens of thousands of members. ASSOCIATE SPONSOR The shift key in your keyboard enables regular characters to be capitalized or transformed into something completely new. Similarly, ShiftIN Partners is a management consulting firm focused on helping clients develop and execute strategy programs that enable them to achieve the necessary Shift, working from withIN. With an accumulated experience in consulting of +20 years among our Senior Team, our consultants are regularly appointed by the Leadership Teams of Ministries, Councils, Government Departments and Private Holdings in the Middle East, to provide advice on how to overcome challenges related to Strategy, Performance Management and Change. ShiftIN's professionals are bound by a shared set of values and a culture of fellowship, entrepreneurship, trust, and respect—and an unwavering willingness to go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ success. ShiftIN Partners is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with offices in Dubai, Riyadh, Doha and Kuwait. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: 12.1 13.1 13.4
  7. 7. “One of the most valuable speakers on business strategy and leadership today” Super Guru Morning with Dr. Robert Kaplan Day 03 - 16 April Few people have contributed as significantly to the art, and especially the science, of business strategy as Robert Kaplan. His Balanced Scorecard is the premier tool for aligning a company's current actions with its strategic goals. This performance management system helps business leaders clarify their corporate vision and align people, business units, and resources with a unified strategy. In his research and writing, speaking and consulting, Robert develops ways to link cost and performance management systems to strategy implementation and operational excellence. The BSC approach is also being successfully applied by governments and nonprofits throughout the world to improve transparency, governance, and measurable social outcomes. Robert Kaplan and coauthor David Norton have written five landmark books on The Balanced Scorecard, describing how it works and outlining best practices for its implementation. Robert Kaplan is Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School and a former Dean of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University. Learn more about Dr Kaplan’s session at Laptops at the ready! We will send electronic supporting documentation in advance to registered delegates for Dr Kaplan’s Masterclass. Remember to bring your tablet or laptop with the documents ready loaded on the day! 08.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks Alan Fell, Managing Director, Alan Fell Consultancy, UK 08.15 Session 1: Leading Change • Leadership and Strategy Execution: The #1 Priority of CEOs - What is “Leadership”? How does “Leadership” differ from “Management”? - What great leaders really do: Examples from recent business history • Creating the stretch target, the enterprise’s “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)” • Complacency: the #1 enemy of change • The Strategic Change Agenda: Creating the roadmap for change • Barriers to change: Recognizing and overcoming individual and organizational resistance 09.45 Guest Address: Delivering tangible results for customers through Balanced Scorecard Implementation Michelle McKenzie, Former President & CEO, Canada Tourism Council, Canada 10.15 Morning Refreshments and Networking Break 10.1 10.45 Session 2: Strategy Execution System: Part 1 • The Kaplan-Norton Strategy Execution System • Stage 1: Select your strategy - Reaffirm mission, values and vision - Strategy Analysis: PESTEL, SWOT and Five Forces Str - Develop your 50 word strategy statement: Vision, Advantage and Scope • Stage 2: Develop your strategy map and Balanced Scorecard - Translate your Vision-Advantage-Scope strategy statement into customer objectives and measures - Use strategic themes as the foundation for your strategy map and Balanced Scorecard - Examples of excellent strategy maps from the private and public sectors - Put the strategy into action with Strategic Initiatives 12.15 Lunch featuring hosted discussion tables 13.15 Unlocking the Magic Formula: Harnessing the power of technology to improve strategy execution Tor Inge Vasshus, CEO, Corporater 13.40 Session 3: Strategy Execution System: Part 2 • Stage 3: Aligning organizational units and employees to the strategy - Corporate-level strategy for conglomerates and diverse businessunits - Cascade the corporate strategy map to business and support units in private and public sector enterprises C - Communicate strategy to employees: 7 times 7 different ways - Link employee incentives to strategic performance • Stage 4: Align operational improvements to strategic priorities - Develop operational dashboards to drive day-to-day continuous improvement • Stages 5 and 6: Conduct regular management meetings to 15.40 16.10 16.40 18.20 review, guide and adapt strategy implementation • Office of Strategy Management: Roles and Organizational Structure Implementing effective communication, engagement and governance practices at Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company to achieve strategy execution success Alan Thomson, Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company, UAE Afternoon Break Session 4: Managing Risks: A New Framework for Integrating Strategy Execution and Risk Management • Managing the multiple dimensions of risk - Preventable Risks arising from employees undesirable and unauthorized actions - Strategy Risks that prevent us from achieving our enterprise’s goals and objectives - External Risks from non-controllable events (natural disasters, geo-political and macro-economic disruptions, competitors’ unexpected actions) • Mitigating Preventable Risks - Using Values and Belief Systems - Boundary systems and Internal Controls - Role for Internal Audit • Identifying and managing the risks inherent to your strategy - Customize your risk management to your strategy - Individual and organisational biases that prevent companies and agencies from thinking rationally about the risks they face - Aligning risk management processes to your organisation’s strategy and context: multiple case studies • Using your strategy map and BSC to identify risks inherent to your strategy - Selecting cost-effective risk mitigation initiatives • Identifying and mitigating your external risks - War gaming - Scenario analysis • The role for a chief risk officer and the Office of Risk Management - Managing the tension between strategy execution and risk management End of Day Three Michelle McKenzie Former President & CEO Canada Tourism Council Alan Thomson Managing Director Abu Dhabi Sewerage Services Company Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: DAY 03 - 16 APRIL - BALANCED SCORECARD Dr. Kaplan One Day Masterclass
  8. 8. 13 – 17 APRIL 2014 The Address Hotel Dubai Marina Dubai, UAE Five Easy Ways To Register +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438 IIR Holdings Ltd. P.O Box 9428, Dubai, UAE AZ3031 PLEASE þ THE SESSION/S YOU WISH TO ATTEND: 13 April 14 -16 April 17 April Workshop A Workshop D Strategy Leaders Forum Workshop B Workshop E Workshop C Workshop F Strategy Leaders Forum Super Early Bird Book by 16 January Book by 6 February Book by 13 March Early Bird2 Standard Price Strategy Leaders & 2 Workshops $5,299 BEST BUY! $5,499 $5,699 $5,899 Strategy Leaders & 1 Workshops $4,499 $4,699 $4,899 $5,099 Strategy Leaders Only $3,599 $3,799 $3,999 $4,199 2 Workshops Only $2,398 $2,598 $2,798 $2,998 1 Workshops Only $1,199 $1,299 $1,399 $1,499 Early Bird 1 GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE CALL: +971 4 335 2483 E-Mail: Conference fees include electronic documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive an electronic Certificate of Attendance. All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which are available at Please read them as they include important information. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in full. DELEGATE DETAILS First Name: Surname: Job Title: Company: Address: Postal Code: Tel: Country: City: Mobile: Fax: Email: PAYMENTS A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. AVOID VISA DELAYS – BOOK NOW Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals may take several weeks to process. EVENT VENUE: The Address Hotel Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE Tel: +971 4 436 7777 CANCELLATION ACCOMMODATION DETAILS – EARLY RESERVATION ESSENTIAL Dubai is particularly busy during this week – please book your accommodation straight away to avoid disappointment. You can contact the IIR Hospitality Desk for assistance on: If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. Registrations cancelled more than 7 days before the Event are subject to a $200 administration charge. Registration fees for registrations cancelled 7 days or less before the Event must be paid in full. Substitutions are welcome at any time. Tel: +971 4 407 2693 Fax: +971 4 407 2517 Email: JC/LF BU3303 BALANCED SCORECARD © Copyright I.I.R. HOLDINGS B.V. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: FL All registrations are subject to acceptance by IIR which will be confirmed to you in writing. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme may change and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers or topics.