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National Instruments in Oil & Gas Industry

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  • Energy Oil Gas Presentation

    1. 1. National Instruments Confidential
    2. 2. Profile • Leaders in Computer-Based Measurement and Automation • Long-Term Track Record of Growth and Profitability • $572M Revenue in 2005 • More than 3,800 employees; operations in 40+ countries • Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For Seventh Consecutive Year
    3. 3. What we do… • Revolutionize measurement and automation – Monitor and control traditional instruments and automation devices – Replace them at a lower cost How we do it… • Leverage mainstream PC, network, semiconductor technologies  User-friendly software  Cost-effective, modular hardware  Highly integrated driver software = Virtual instrumentation Bringing Automation to Measurement, and Measurement to Automation
    4. 4. Oil & Gas value chain SAP Consultancy & Implementation Contract Settlement Systems Project & Programme Management Aviation Pensions Administration Systems Bulk Trading Systems Customer Lifting Information Systems Strategy Payroll Processing Reusable Architecture Development & Pricing Information Business Process Analysis & Design Insurance Systems Data Management for eMarkets Business Performance Measurement Knowledge Management Project Office Training Services Enterprise Application Integration eBusiness, mCommerce, eInfrastructure Global Managed Support Services Primary Distribution Planning Testing Methodology Training & Delivery Trading Technical Consultancy Administration Pipeline Management CROSS Bulk Fuel Management Product Forecasting Mobile Delivery Monitoring Tanker Scheduling Secondary Distribution Primary Distribution Primary Distribution Exploration & Production Refining Retail Terminal Automation Gantry Systems Implementation Knowledge Management (KID, Metering Systems Engineering Information Management Forecourt Pricing Systems Document & Workflow Management Process Simulation & Automation Unattended Forecourt Systems Subsurface Geo-Technical App’s PLC/SCADA/DCS Integration Back Office Systems (BOS) Prodis Manufacturing Execution Systems Point of Sale (POS) Systems Gas Management Systems (SEAL,CATS) Production Planning Systems Fuel & Loyalty Card Systems Kalido Implementation Maintenance Management Systems Wet Stock Systems Marine SCADA Lubricants Management Mobile Payments Lubricant Analysis Permit to Work Systems Environmental Reporting Mobile Workforce Systems Personnel Movement Solutions Testing/Integration
    5. 5. Production & Exploration ProductsApplication reference IMATIS NI LabVIEW Based integrated software Exploration & Production Knowledge Management (KID, Engineering Information Management Document & Workflow Management Subsurface Geo-Technical App’s Prodis NI Lookout HMI/SCADA Gas Management Systems (SEAL,CATS) Kalido Implementation Easiest to use SCADA Software SCADA Permit to Work Systems Personnel Movement Solutions LabVIEW AUV & Explorationdata acquisitionservices Graphical Programming Environment Software PAC Programmable Hardware for Data Acquisition & Control DIADEM Data Management & Report generation software
    6. 6. Primary Distribution Planning Technical Consultancy Pipeline Management Product Forecasting Tanker Scheduling Primary Distribution Primary Distribution IMATIS Refining NI LabVIEW Based integrated software Process Simulation & Automation LabVIEW Applications PLC/SCADA/DCS Integration Manufacturing Execution Systems Production Planning Systems Graphical Programming Environment Software Maintenance Management Systems Lubricants Management DIADEM Environmental Reporting Data Management & Report generation software
    7. 7. LabVIEW Graphical Design Platform Measuring Underwater Radiated Noise Autonomous Underwater Vehicle S3- Slug suppression system Drilling Applications Directional Drilling Automated Oilfield Monitoring Smart Well Smart Field Overview Hydrocyclones for Offshore Remote Drilling Monitoring
    8. 8. LabVIEW Graphical Design Platform Process Plant Power Monitoring Compressor Monitoring Predictive Maintenance Automating Turbo Generators Nuclear Reactor Control System Non-linear process control pH control system Gas Pipeline Monitoring Leakage Monitoring
    9. 9. Application Areas Pilot Plant Refining Generation Substation Production Virtual Instrumentation Eng. Level - R&D Electrical Services – AM Mecanical Turnkey Apps Chemical OEM Solution Geology Process Computer Civil Pipelines Inspection Transmission Lines Distribution
    10. 10. PAC- Programmable Automation Controllers • PXI Family • High channel count, up to 64 DIO, 80 AI per module. Up to 200 I/O modules per CPU • Fast CPU, up to 3.O GHz Processor; Fast sample rate, 250 MS/sec • Hard disk , up to 80GB • Open connectivity, Fieldbus, CAN, DeviceNet • Can accept third-party modules, CompactPCI
    11. 11. • Compact Fieldpoint Family • Rugged platform, -25 -70 deg C Operating temperature, 50 g shock rating • Class 1 Div II, hazardous locations • Built-in Compact Flash, up to 6GB storage • Built-in Web, Ftp, email server
    12. 12. • Compact RIO • Small form factor, 88.1 mm x 179.6 mm • Low power 7-10 watts • Rugged platform, -25 -70 deg C Operating temperature, 50 g shock rating • Class 1 Div 2, Marine approval • PID loops up to 200 kHz; dynamic signals (vibrationsound up to 800kSsec) • 3rd party modules for SMS,GPRS,GPS
    13. 13. S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH • cRIO Gxxx Mobile Modules offer access to CompactRIO systems for remote control, data acquisition and position tracking for mobile applications – cRIO GPRS - General Packet Radio Service Module – cRIO GPS - Global Positioning System Module – cRIO RCC - Radio Controlled Clock Module – cRIO Gxxx - Combo Module • Software Packages – cRIO device support for LabVIEW – GPRS toolkit (incl. SMS toolkit) – GPS toolkit – RCC toolkit for time synchronization – Central data server package for data processing – Software for central data server for GSM communication
    14. 14. CompactRIO 3,600 feet Under the Sea
    15. 15. Common Requirements for Field Application • Higher ranges for temperature operation ( -10 to 55 degC ) • Operation in extreme environments (enclosure for explosive areas) • EM Compliance • Remote operation • Reduced weight • Low and high count channel capabilities (distributed) • Low and high speed measurements (waveform handling) • Synchronization • Communication capabilities (various protocols)
    16. 16. Standalone PAC Systems Input Signals V Output Signals i V
    17. 17. PAC Component Compare   PLC PAC PC High Shock and Vibration Ratings Safety and Haz Loc Certifications Industrial Temperature Range Real-Time OS Redundant Power Supply Inputs Full Windows Driver Set Floating Point Processor Non-Volatile Data Storage Full Featured Programming SW Ethernet Connectivity with Web
    18. 18. Graphical System Design: The Solution • • System Identification C code • Rugged deployment platforms • • Component VHDL • Custom hardware Characterization • Code Generation • Configuration and • Control Design • Floating Point Processors Firmware Management • Digital Signal Processing • I/O Modules and Drivers • HMIs (user interface) • State diagram • Debugging • Interactive user interface • Distributed Nodes • Test User interface
    19. 19. Other Applications • • Down hole measurement Turbine monitoring/protection • • Fracturing Partial discharges • • Pattern recognition Transformer monitoring/protection • • Distributed measurement Substation monitoring/protection • • Remote control Fault location • • Subsea control system Fault anticipation • • Artificial lift Switching and relay operation • • Intelligent well Circuit breaker monitoring • • Smart field Disturbance analysis • • Pipeline monitoring Transformer Modeling • • Slug control system… Energy/Power quality…
    20. 20. DIAdem – Interactive Data Analysis and Report Generation Software DIAdem Customization and Integration Interfaces LabVIEW User Dialogs Visual Basic Script ActiveX and DLL Core Interactive Environment Reporting Inspection Analysis Navigation Data Management Layer Binary, ASCII, VI Logger Custom SQL/ODBC LabVIEW EXCEL LabVIEW DSC Formats ASAM
    21. 21. What is DIAdem? Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect Automate DIAdem is software that transforms test data into results needed for engineering decisions.
    22. 22. Locate Your Test Data and Load All of It Manage Inspect Analyze Report Handle up to 10 Billion points! Connect Generic Plug-In Interface Automate DIAdem, ASCII, VI Logger Custom SQL/ODBC LabVIEW EXCEL LabVIEW DSC formats
    23. 23. Inspect Your Test Data Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect •Identify problem spots Automate •Compare test runs •Copy & delete data interactively
    24. 24. Analyze your Test Data Interactively Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect •Streamlined analysis interface Automate •Engineering focused functions
    25. 25. Report your Test Data Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect •Design reusable engineering focused reports Automate •Collaborate with coworkers
    26. 26. Connect with LabVIEW Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect Automate •Take measurements with LabVIEW •Report data with DIAdem
    27. 27. Automate Repetitive Tasks Manage Inspect Analyze Report Connect Automate •Speed up analysis and reporting processes •Connect with other industry standard analysis tools
    28. 28. LabVIEW Real-Time and Compact FieldPoint Control Underwater Crawler • Challenge: – Create an autonomous underwater crawler for material mining • Products – LabVIEW Real-Time , PXI/CompactPCI, cFP • Results – Compact FieldPoint controls crawler direction speed, and slip – PXI Real-Time controller performs communication from ship to crawler Link to User Solution
    29. 29. Smart Field or Intelligent Field Smart
    30. 30. Smart Field - Reservoir Integrated Management Architecture and model Control Monitoring Smart Field Production Data Management Management Optimization National Instruments Confidential
    31. 31. Smart Field - Reservoir Integrated Management Production Execution Optimization Production Optimization Artificial Lift Fast Slow Loop Loop Economic and Risk analysis Intelligent Reservoir Completion Model
    32. 32. Smart Field - Reservoir Integrated Management Production Execution Optimization Production Optimization Artificial Lift Fast Slow Loop Loop Economic and Risk Intelligent Reservoir analysis Completion Model
    33. 33. Applications
    34. 34. Geology – (petra – oleum) Rock Analysis • Porosity analysis • Continuous measurements • Oil and Water injection control • Define extraction parameters • 5 times faster
    35. 35. Long Pipeline-Riser Gas/Liquid Flow Slug Control - Speed up development - Control of large liquid slugs - Research improvement - Rapid recovery after intervention - Subsea - control the transient slugs without gas surges - Standardized DAQ/SCXI/cFP
    36. 36. Hydrocyclones for Offshore • 1st FP offshore in Brazil • Same concept of Slug control • Allows offshore separation of liquids • Remote access and control • Flexibility for various skids configuration • Replicable in land well
    37. 37. Smart Well • RT Downhole measurements • Remote on line monitoring • Dynamic Control system • Multiple task capability • Gateway and device management • Multi protocol interfaces • High temperature ranges (50 deg C) • Accuracy and rapid restoration • Avoid workover and recompletion
    38. 38. Optimize Heavy Oil Transportation • 24 hours continuous operation • Safety and environment compliance • Significantly cost reduction • US$20k/day per Oil Well • Reduced the traffic in the woods from 100 to 1 truck per day.
    39. 39. SubSea Multiphase Pump • MCM - Dynamic monitoring • High channel count • Multi discipline software • Protection & Operation • Remote monitoring • Report to pump supplier
    40. 40. Automated Ultrasonic Pipeline Weld Inspection - Multi sensor management (8) - Motion control - High speed signal processing - Remote control National Scope Board - Reliable decision maker NI5102 ULTRASONIC DEVICE ( 1 CHANNEL ) SWITCH ( 8 CHANNELS ) Magnetic Car Ultrasonic Sensors ENCODER TR IE X
    41. 41. Rig Installation Crown Trip Sensor IN100 Monitoring •Block position, speed, hook load •Sand-line depth, speed, weight •Casing & tubing pressure Sensors •Accumulator pressure & BOP status •LEL & H2S alarms •Engine parameters EN Block Position Encoder 100 •Vehicle operation sol Clutch Solenoid 100 PT Clutch Air Pressure 201 •Pump pressure, volume System Air Press Switch IN101 •Tank levels Electronics I/P Brake Air Controller 200 I/P Engine Throttle I/P 201 MP Engine RPM 200 Controls Annunciator Panel PT Engine Oil Pressure 200 •Crown saver / floor saver Operator Display PC •Load limiting Satellite PT Antenna Hook Load Pressure - R 101 •LEL engine shutdown PT Hook Load Pressure - L 102 •BOP operation guard PT Tong Pressure 100 ^ V GS H2S Sensor 200 Electronics Battery Panel Box 8 Port 8 Port Box Box
    42. 42. Well Stimulation • Fracturing • Multi Vehicle perform synchronized operation • Safer, higher quality • Remote Communication • Valuable for contractors and oilfield owners Pumpers Blenders Chem Add Data Vans 50,000 HP = 37 MW
    43. 43. Redundant Drilling Control • Optimize the operation • Prevent costly damage • Environmental compliance • Safer and easy operation • Monitoring and alarming • Real Time control
    44. 44. Oil Pipeline Leakage Monitor • GPS Synchronized measurement • Multiples acquisition points P, T and Flow • Wavelet transform to identify pressure drops with timestamp • Detect and determine where the leakage occurs in 2 minutes • Security personnel cached oil thieves • For 62km pipeline the relative position error is 0.26% • 2 months – 79 leakages – 25 illegal trucks
    45. 45. Natural Gas Pipeline Leakage Monitor LAVI • Impulse response method • Precise position detection • Estimate leakage hole size • Fast response • Immediate replicable • NI PXI PAC using DSA module family
    46. 46. Directional Drilling • Tool Data – Receive & Decode – Mud Pulse, EM, Ultrasonic • MWD Display • Gamma Plot • Path Modeling
    47. 47. Support for Multiple Bit Runs
    48. 48. Advanced Plotting and Reporting
    49. 49. Conventional Display
    50. 50. 3-D Well Path Display
    51. 51. Well Logs and Reports