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For q 6


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For q 6

  1. 1. Technology…how I used it.
  2. 2. Publisher and WordArtI also added my ‘POPit’ to Publisher taught me how tomy double page spread. I use columns to present myused WordArt to create my work. This made my doublemasthead. I added stars page spread more effectivearound it by clicking ‘insert’ and conventional.then ‘shape.’ I added this at the bottom of the page. I used a simple font on publisher to make it look effective.
  3. 3. How I edited images… I had a free trial, so I edited my images by adding highlights to hair colours, spray tans, and editing eye colour.I clicked on ‘edit a photo’…I added a spray tan to makemy models look darker andmore appealing to the ‘pop’genre. I edited my images on the website ‘PicMonkey.’
  4. 4. Fonts off the internet… This is the web page for Fontspace. You can search for any font at the top, and a list will come up. These are the fonts that show up when I type in ‘pop. ‘I created these two fonts on the website Fontspace. They are very creative fonts that arevery conventional for the pop genre.
  5. 5. Fonts… Here you can ‘customise what words you want. I typed in the headline for my double page spread to see what different fonts would look like with it. I did the same with a pull quote, ‘that man has no limits.’You can also edit the size of the font, if it needs to be bigger all smaller, fontspace gives youthis option.