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Double Page Spread Guide


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Published in: Spiritual, Technology
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Double Page Spread Guide

  1. 1. Double Page Guide I began by choosing my main image for the double page spread. I chose this image because it is unique and stands out and shows the kind of artist she is. I located her on the left hand side as this is a typical convention in a music magazine double page spread. I then added my text which I created earlier from DaFont in photo shop. I placed the text on the top of the right had side of the page to stand out. I then created a sub title below to catch the reader attention. It needed to persuade the audience to read on and find out more about the artist. I then created the main body of the text. I enjoyed this part! I researched magazine interview questions for inspiration. I made the questions blue to separate her answers from the questions.
  2. 2. I then created a pull quote- a typical convention on adouble page spread. I am pleased with the colours and layout. I think it suits the type of artists she is and the font is clear and easy to read.