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  1. 1. To start of I didn’t want to do a still image indent, so I decided to go that extramile and create a moving image indent. To start of I created a series ofimages which I will explain who I created them below. To start of I created the background by using the quick rectangle tool which allows me to create quick rectangles. Quick Rectangle Tool To get the colour and the material looking background, I firstly made thebackground a pink colour. Then used the colour tool so that I could choose what colour which is pink. Then I used the bitmap tool to create the material look as my background.After I sorted out my background, I decided to name my productioncompany as ‘STITICHED’ because the name is unique and powerful
  2. 2. when you say the word. I would like my production company to come across as powerful and well known. To create the text I used the text tool on the left.The type of font I have used is CenturyGothic, which is bold. Again I had to choose what colour I wanted to use which is a dark pink/ purple. I used this because it shows that the company is light and laid back but also hardworking. Now I have come to the section which is significant to the company name, as the
  3. 3. name represents what is actually shown which is ‘Stitched’. How I producedthis is shown below. I basically used the line tool and the brush tool this allows me to change the outline of my text. To create the needle effect I used the quick rectangle tool. Then I used the filter effect to create the shiny look of the needle.
  4. 4. Once I have created all the pictures I needed, I then started to put them into avideo format. Having a lot of Jpeg files.I put all the files onto Serif Movie Plus 6X , I also changed the times of eachside so that they run smoothly. I also added music which is copy right free as the music belongs to theserif it self.