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1st+music magazine powerpoint taffy school 13th decemberggj


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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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1st+music magazine powerpoint taffy school 13th decemberggj

  1. 1. The process of making my Music Magazine
  2. 2. To take my practice and my main images I used a Sony DSC-W320,14.1 megapixel shown below. I then edited the images using ‘pictureeditor’ I used contrast, highlights and shadows to make the imagesstand out and brighter. So that it can be easer to put any colour Iwould like for my cover lines and master head. Shown below arepictures of the camera I used, to take these pictures of the camera Iused my Sony Ericson mobile phone cameras.
  3. 3. Some images I took for my music magazine draft From these images I could only use one of the images as my front cover as the other ones were not focused enough, for example her face and eyes were not focused enough to use as the front cover. Therefore I may use one of these images on my contents page.
  4. 4. My first draftof a magazinecover on ‘fireworks’ I firstlygot an imageof thebarcode onGoogle, Ithoughthaving one incolour wouldbe differentto just havinga black andwhite one. Ithen mademy coverlines thesame colour. Ididn’t like thisbecause theartist was notfacing thecamera.
  5. 5. Second round final image, for my music magazine cover. For these images I liked the lighting on them, also the colours show very well. For these images I used ‘photo editor’ for lighting and making the background darker so that the cover lines and master heads show up clearly also the images are focused. Also the image on the left relates to my master head ‘Echo’ well as it looks like my artist is screaming.
  6. 6. For my double page spread for my main artist. C.B.W, as an artist can still be like everyone else, and go to Mc DonaldsPhotographer on theleft and artist C.B.W onthe right-
  7. 7. I merged the colourand the black andwhite image intogether, as I likedboth of them Idecided to add somecolour into the blackand white image, alsothe Mc Donaldspackaging colours arebright – this image isrepresenting the artistto still do normalthings even if she isfamous.
  8. 8. Starting the making of my front coverTo improve I have to fillout the black spaces.To do this I need to dosomething with mytitle ‘Echo’ then I haveto add more imageswhich will show whatwill be on the contentspage.
  9. 9. This NME music magazine of the solo artist FlorenceMachine really stands out, from the image being veryfocused as she looking into the camera, to the maincolours being red, white and black. I got someinspiration from looking at this, as I like how thecover lines have been set out.
  10. 10. For my contents page, images I may use these
  11. 11. For inspiration to the creation to my contentspage, I have looked at the NME contents pagemagazine and I would like it to have a newspaperlook to my Echo music magazine , as I want it tolook different to most music magazines, alsoadding a modern look to newspapers. Also thelayout is clear.
  12. 12. The making of the contents pageTo create my contents page I usedMicrosoft publisher. I think thelayout I want to go for is going toapply to teens and young adults.At the start of creatingmy contents page.
  13. 13. I stuck to three colours inmy contents, red, whiteand black.
  14. 14. Final Content page
  15. 15. The making of my double page spread ArtistEditor & Artistartist
  16. 16. The layout of thecontext wasn’tbalancedenough, on bothpages, I had tocome up with a planof having contextand images.
  17. 17. Improving double page spreadBefore
  18. 18. Final double page spread
  19. 19. More pictures for magazinesI took more images for more my contents page and front cover.
  20. 20. To edit these pictures ... I used Picnik.comI made the background darker, so that themain focus would be on Jack holding theguitar.
  21. 21. Improving the front coverBefore
  22. 22. Draft of my Music magazine front cover
  23. 23. Final Music MagazineI made the page biggerso that it would be thesame size as mycontents page. Then Iadded a “win festivaltickets worth £50” toget readers attentionmore. Also to addmore colour to thepage. For my cover Imade the master headand the cover lines thesame colour, I addedred to make the coverstand out.