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2016 Havana Studio | Waterfront Development


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Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative led a graduate studio focused on the redevelopment of Havana's Nico-Lopez Oil Refinery. Based on information gathered during a one-week visit to Cuba, students generated a holistic vision to transform the 500 acre brownfield site into a viable harbor-front neighborhood. The range of urban design proposals include a public transit corridor, ferry terminal, urban agriculture farm, flood mitigation landscape. public park network, and wastewater biofiltration infrastructure.

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2016 Havana Studio | Waterfront Development

  1. 1. The WaterfrontOpportunity for a Resilient Coastline
  2. 2. Bird and Fish Habitat Lookout Saltwater Wetlands Beach and Park The Shelf Marina Ferry Dock Pools Water Treatment Center Waterfront Path Boardwalk Natural Paths
  3. 3. Area of Potential Land Loss
  4. 4. Area of Accepted Sea Level Rise
  5. 5. Minimal Area unaccessible to human pedestrians (birds and boats welcome)
  6. 6. A View from Above
  7. 7. Zone 1 Site Plan
  8. 8. Section through Water Treatment and Living Machine
  9. 9. Existing Water Edge Predicted 5’ Sea Level Rise in 80 Years Predicted one in 500 Year Flood Bioswales Street Protected Section through Pools and Boiswales
  10. 10. Pier Plan
  11. 11. Waiting for the Ferry
  12. 12. Section through Pier and Ferry Dock
  13. 13. Water Recreation in the Bay
  14. 14. Existing Water Level Predicted 5’ Sea Level Rise in 80 Years Predicted one in 500 Year Flood Berm Deep Foundations Section through the Shelf and Water’s Edge
  15. 15. Compare: Cleveland and Havana Waterfront Cleveland Havana Weather -seasonal -freeze / thaw -unpredictability Isolation -separated from the Lakefront by Interstate 90 -large Topography change A Nature Preserve -Dike 14 Weather -hurricanes -susceptible to flooding -hot and humid Isolation -past use required security and limited access A Nature Preserve -just to the north of the site for migratory birds -The quality of the Bay Water is among the worst in the world