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Questionnaire analysis


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Questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Ryan Denner Music Magazine Research: Questionnaire Analysis The purpose of my primary research is to collect information about music and, particularly music magazines from my primary audience to find out what they would expect from my magazine, allowing me to gain information that I will use when designing my magazine to make it suitable for the target audience and, so I can try to meet all their preferences. I conducted my primary research through the use of a questionnaire. I collected quantative data on my questionnaire as all my questions were multiple choice meaning the data could be used to work out percentages. Some of my questions had a choice to put another option meaning the responder could choose another non listed option allowing for some qualitative data to be received aswell. The majority of responders who filled in my questionnaires were all students aged between 16 and 25, as this is my primary audience who my music magazine will be aimed at. A small proportion of the responders were aged under 16 but, were still students which provided information about a possible secondary audience for my questionnaire. 80% of my responders were male while 20% were female. I interviewed mainly males as I decided that this would be my primary target audience. Favourite Genres Of Music R n B Heavy metal Indie/Alternative Favourite Genre Of Music Rock Pop 0 2 4 6This shows that the most popular genre of music from the people I questioned was pop, closely followed byindie/alternative and Dubstep. The least popular genres were classical and, country. 2 people responded withthe other category and, said ‘screamo’ as another genre of music they liked that wasn’t included in thequestionnaire. As pop music proved the most popular, that is the likely genre that I will likely choose to do formy music magazine as it will appear to the largest audience.
  2. 2. Ryan Denner Do you buy music magazines? 50% of people said they did buy music magazines suggesting half of students, of this age group do buy them. This means there is a large amount of people that buy music magazines within my target audience Yes suggesting that this is a good audience to aim my 50% 50% No magazine at. Where do you obtain your How long do you spend music? listening to music each week? Other 0% Less than 1 Amazon hour 10% Spotify 1-2 hours Where do you 30% I-Tunes obtain your music? 20% 2-3 hours In Store 0 10% 3-4 hours 2 4 20% 10% 4-5 hoursThe most popular methods to obtain music were a jointamount between in-store, I-tunes and, other. People whospecified other all put illegal download sites such as Pirate 30% of people I questioned listened to music forBay or UTorrent, or they put a YouTube converter. The more than 6 hours a week. The people whoamount of people who illegally download music through listened to music for this time were most likelythese methods may not be 100% accurate as people don’t to buy music magazines or attendwant to admit to doing it. Overall, it shows more people concerts/festivals as they had a bigger interest innow attain their music online, oppose to in store although a music. Everyone I interviewed listened to musiclarge percentage still get their music this way. From this for more than 1 hour each week suggesting thatdata, it has indicated that my magazine should be available music is a popular culture among students in thisin a digital form as most people go online for their music. I age group. This suggests my magazine shouldwill also make any free merchandise available via a aim towards this age group as they listen to a lotdownload as this is the most popular way to consume of music. It also suggests that the audience willmusic. It also suggests more people are buying individual already know a lot about music so, I should besingles so; reviews should be about them and not full writing it to an audience who already have analbums. understanding about the topic.
  3. 3. Ryan Denner Which music magazines do you buy? Billboard Rolling Stone Which music NME magazines do you buy? None 0 2 4 6This back up the previous data that 50% of people don’t buy music magazine. The most popular music magazinebought was Kerrang suggesting a lot of people who buy music magazines are rock music fans as this is who themagazine is aimed at. Q was also popular and, that is aimed at a different audience who listen to various genresof music suggesting people often like a variety of different genres so, I could include more than one genre ofmusic within my magazine. 2 people choose other, and said they also bought metal hammer and, FHM. Thissuggests a wide variety of magazines are popular within the audience. What would be the Which of the following average price you mostheads is most appealing would expect to pay to you? for a music magazine? 0% 10% Under £1 NME 20% 40% 40% £1 - £2 Billboard £2 - £3 Q 40% £3 - £4 Rolling Stone 30% £4 + 20% 0%The majority of people would expect to pay The joint favourite mastheads are NME and, rolling stone.between £2 - £3, so my magazine will cost This shows different people like different designs as somebetween these prices. No-one said they would prefer the more simplistic design of the NME logo whilepay more than £4 suggesting this is too others prefer the fancier font of the rolling stone logo. Iexpensive for my target audience so, I should have decided from this I will make by font bold and,definitely charge less than this for my simplistic like NME as the target audience like the style and,magazine. it will help the magazine stand out. The least favourite was the billboard masthead with no votes showing people don’t like the style of the logo so; I will make sure mine doesn’t look like that, as it won’t appeal to the target audience.
  4. 4. Ryan Denner Which of the following would you expect to find in a music magazine? Other High Quality Images Info About Upcoming Artists Festival Guides Which of the following would Concert Reviews you expect to find in a music Album/Single Reviews magazine? Free Merchandise Interviews 0 2 4 6 8 10 This summarises what people want from a music magazine so, I can use their responses to help when creating my music magazine. Album/single reviews was the thing most people would expect within a music magazine so, I will make sure I include one within mine. I will also include high quality images and, interviews as these were also popular choices of what my target audience would expect in a music magazine.This market research has aided me in making some key decisions for my music magazine based onthe feedback from my target audience. It has provided an insight into what people expect from mymusic magazine aswell as providing information about my target audience. The information I foundthrough my primary research has allowed me to make a decision on what willdefinitely be includedwithin my magazine, and I decided that Album/Single Reviews, High Quality Pictures &Interviews willall definitely be within my music magazine. Additionally, it helped me decide what I will design mymasthead to look like, as I decided it would be in a bold simple font that would stand out similar toNME. It also helped me decide on the price my magazine should cost, which I decided would be£2.99 and, it also helped me decide the genre of music that will be the primary genre featuredwithin my magazine which I decided would be Pop. These findings will allow me to design a musicmagazine that will appeal to my target audience.