Market research results


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Market research results

  1. 1. Market Research Results The purpose of this research is to discover what my potential target audience would like to find in a new music magazine. I have conducted a questionnaire and presented it to ten participants, which consisted of seven females and three males. I distributed my questionnaire via email and collected my results to correlate them on a graph. Using a graph I could compare and contrast my results and so therefore could draw conclusions about what to include in my music magazine to attract my target audience. The method I used was an online questionnaire; I used an online questionnaire because it was easily accessible to my participants and it also was easier to correlate my results and therefore draw conclusions from it. Age 10% 0% 0% 0-15 10% 16-20 21-25 10% 26-30 60% 31-40 10% 41-51 I mainly surveyed 16-20 year olds as this particular age group are my ideal and main target audience to purchase my music magazine and so I am particularly interested in their responses. I also surveyed some people from an older age group; I did this because I wanted a varied response to my questions so I could possibly gather a wider audience to purchase my magazine. Gender 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Male Female Male Female The majority (70%) of participants I surveyed were female, with 30% being male. I could conclude from this graph that my magazine should be more aimed towards a female audience.
  2. 2. Opinion on illegally downloading music FOR AGAINST Indifferent For: I think that it is necessary for the fact that music is too overpriced and so therefore people can access music to enjoy. The Industry has charged too much for years and continues to do so and it is extortionate to pay so much on ITunes etc. It's sick (good) It's good because you don’t have to pay for your music because your music taste could change it’s easier to do AGAINST: RUINS THE INDUSTRY MAN It’s illegal I think it’s wrong and buy all my music from iTunes INDIFFERENT: It's doesn’t bother me Not always good quality
  3. 3. Do you download your music illegally? Yes No This pie chart shows how the majority of people I surveyed download their music illegally, this could be for numerous reasons such as the prices for music being too highly priced or perhaps that downloading music illegally is easier and also easier to share with other people. However some people buy their music legally and so therefore in my magazine I will include information about purchasing new music legally. Genre listened to most often 8 7 6 Rock Pop 5 Classical 4 Country 3 Metal 2 1 0 Punk Blues Jazz Opera R&B Through my survey I can conclude that the majority of participants surveyed enjoy listening to Indie Rock at 70% and so therefore I will tailor my magazine to an indie rock audience as I have established that it is the most popular genre and so therefore if I tailor my magazine to have Indie Rock connotations I will gain a wider target audience. I can also include Indie Rock Artists on the main cover page such as The Kaiser Chiefs because they are a well-established Indie Rock band and so my magazine will be identified as a typical Indie Rock magazine.Also Rock and Pop appear to be popular genres chosen by my participants and so therefore I can include these genres in my music magazine to attract a wider target audience.
  4. 4. How do you listen to your music? How do you listen to your music? Other 1 Mp3 Player 0 Ipod 8 Mobile Phone 7 Youtube 6 Vinyl 3 CD Player 3 This pie chart shows how my participants most listen to their music via their ipod and mobile phones. I can then include in my magazine more interactive articles that the readers of my magazine can access via their mobiles and ipods. From these results I can also conclude that social media is a prevalent feature as people can subscribe to social media pages associate to my magazine which would mean that I would gain a wider audience purchasing my magazine. From these results I can conclude that gigs and con certs aren’t entirely popular with the people I surveyed and so therefore although I will include information about upcoming gigs and concerts concerned with my genre of magazine, I won’t make this a highly noticeable and prevalent feature in the issues of my magazine. Do you go to gigs/concerts often? Other Never A few times a year At least once a month A few times a month More than five times in a month 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  5. 5. Where do you discover new music 3% 22% Music TV shows 25% Radio Magazines 17% 5% Youtube Music Forums 17% 11% Friends Other From this pie chart I have concluded that 25% of the people I surveyed discovered new music from friends and then 22% from music TV shows and so therefore in my magazine I will include references to music tv shows of similar genres of my magazine such as Kerrang! Or MTV Rock. 11% of people discover new music from magazines and so therefore my magazine could feature new bands and artists to become a source of discovering new music. What music magazine do you purchase most often Kerrang Top of the Pops NME Q Billboard MOJO VIBE Music Tech Other (please specify From these results I can conclude that the majority of people I surveyed purchase Kerrang, NME and Q most often, and so therefore my magazine will contain similar headlines and articles and typefaces to emulate the success of these other magazines.
  6. 6. How often do you listen to music? Other Monthly Every couple of weeks Weekly Couple of times a week Everday 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 From this graph I can conclude that most participants listen to music every day at 70% , this provides me with the information that music is a prevalent force in people’s lives and so therefore my magazine will have content which includes how to discover new music easily. Evaluation: My market research met its aim in helping to provide me with information that people would like to find in music magazines and also to give me a general idea about the importance of music in people’s lives and so therefore giving me the idea that I will have an audience for my magazine based on my results. Ten people completed my survey giving me a wide range of results as the people I surveyed included a range of age group and genders and so therefore provided me with a more accurate representation of what different genders and age groups want to find in music magazines. If I was to carry out my questionnaire again I would distribute my magazine towards a more varied gender group as most of my results were from females and so therefore didn’t provide me with universal results and my results were more biased to a female audience for my magazine. From my results that I have obtained I have decided upon creating an Indie Rock magazine as this was the most popular genre chosen by the people I surveyed, however Rock and Pop were also popular genres so my magazine will contain a hybrid of these three genres so that it can appeal towards a wider target audience. My magazine will contain similar typefaces, housestyles, such as bold headings and the colour scheme of black, white and red as these are universal colours.