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Media presentation


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Media presentation

  1. 1. For my analysis I analysed these 3 magazines. I analysed the frontcover, contents pages, double page spreads and alsoadvertisements.
  2. 2. For my research I went outside of school to ask thepublic to fill in questionnaires I have created for myresearch. I made 30 questionnaires and got 17 ofthem filled in by the general public. I carried out myresearch in Birmingham City centre where I wentaround asking different people questions to do withmusic magazines.The people who answered them in are mainly betweenthe age of 16 and 25. The people also like differenttypes of music such as Pop, R&B, Dubstep, Rock etc.I have converted my results into pie charts to showmy data from my questionnaires and I have analysedit.My questionnaire had a total of 11 questions where 9of them required a tick in a box and the other 2 just ashort written answer.
  3. 3. How old are you? Whats your gender ? 6% 6% 0-15 41% 16-25 Male 26-35 Female 59% 88%As you can see by my piechart for the results of thequestion’ how old are you?’ As you can see the results forthe majority of people I asked this questionnaire is that Iare between the ages of 16-25 asked the questionnaire to 7and a smaller number of males and 10 females. So out ofpeople aged between 0-15 and the people I asked 41% are26-35. Out of the 17 people I male and 59% are female.asked 88% of them was agedbetween 16-25 and 6 % ofpeople were aged between 0-15 and 6% for 26-35. So mytarget audience is going to bebetween the age of 16-25.
  4. 4. What is your favourite kind of music ? Do you read music magazines? 24% 15% 18% Rock 4% Dubstep yes R&B no 19% 19% Pop Reggae Other 76% 25%As you can see from the pie chart As you can see most of theI gave the option of Rock, people I asked don’t tend toDubstep, R&B, Pop, Reggae, read music magazines onlyOther. For rock 18% of people 24% of people I asked readchose this, 19% of people chose music magazines the other 76%Dubstep, 25% chose R&B, 19% don’t. Which is quite surprisingchose pop, 4% of people chose as I would of thought morereggae and 15% of people chose people would be moreother. So out of the people I interested in reading musicasked most people chose R&B as magazinesthere favourite kind of music.
  5. 5. How much are you willing to spend on a music Do you know of any music magazines? magazine? 0% 12% 18% £0-£0.99 £1-£1.50 Yes £1.51-£1.99 47% 35% £2-£2.99 53% No 35% Over £3Nobody was willing to pay over As you can see only 53% of£3 for a magazine as they found the people I asked know of athat to be to much. The price certain music magazine andpeople was willing to pay was the other 47% don’t know ofeither £1.51- £1.99 or £1-£1.99. any particular musicWhich is quite a cheap, reasoned magazines with is quiteprice for a magazine and most of surprising and I would predictthe target audience would be most people would know of atwilling to pay that. least one music magazine.
  6. 6. How often do you think music magazines should be 6% 6% published ? 35% Kerrang NME 24%24% Top Of The Pops 35% Once a week Rock Sound Twice a week Enemy Once every 2 weeks Once a Month 29% 29% 12%For the people that answered ‘yes’ As you can see here, I have askedfor knowing of any music how often you think musicmagazines I told them to state magazines should be publishedwhich magazines they know of and and I have gave the option Once athe most common magazine written week, twice a week, Once every 2down was kerrang where 35% of weeks and once a month. 35% ofthe people know of it and NME people opted for once a week andwhere 29% of the people write it 29% for once every two weeksdown. The other magazines the which makes up the majority soaudience know of are Enemy, Top they would like to see an issuesof the pops and rock sound. about 2-3 times a month.
  7. 7. What is you occupational status ? Out of the people I asked 24% 46% of the people were students. Which shows more Student that students have an 46% Part time work interest in music magazines. 12% Full time work 24% of people were Unemployed unemployed, 18% part time 18% work and 12% in full time work.What contents would you like to see in a music 3% magazine? From my results quite a lot 3% Music updates of people would like to see 3% Concert and festival concert and festival ticket 6% 15% tickets information and the latest Charts charts. Also music updates 9% Interviews was a popular choice for a Competitions music magazine. Other 21% 40% choices people opted for Posters were free items, posters, Free items interviews and News competitions.
  8. 8. Do you like knowing about update about music artists and A lot of people have a general their songs and albums ? interest in music and like to 24% know updates about songs and albums by artists. That’s Yes why 76% of the people I asked No said yes to wanting to know updates about songs and 76% albums. 18% 17% Acocks Green I asked the question of’ Small Heath What are do you live in?’ Mosely and I got a load of 12% 12% Hall Green different areas people live Tysely in, as you can see on the Solihul graph. Most people live in 6% 6% Kings Heath either Acocks Sparkhill Green, sparkhill and Hall 12% 17% Green.
  9. 9. Most of my target audience are into Pop, R&B and Dubstep. As in myresearch I wanted to find out whats peoples favourite kind of music was.25% of peoples favourite kind of music was Pop and 19 % of people optedfor R&B and Dubstep. Surprisingly on 24% of the people I asked actuallyread music magazines and the other 76% don’t read music magazines ona genuine basis. I also found out areas people lived in who answered myquestionnaire by stating there area into the question. My research foundout that most people I got to answer my questionnaire lived in Hall Greenwith 18% of the people living there. 17% of the people live in AcocksGreen and also 17% live in Sparkhill. Also the people would prefer to see amusic magazine published every weeks as 35% of the people I askedopted for that. Also 46% of the people who answered are currentlystudents so it shows the magazine has a young target audience.
  10. 10. This is the image I have taken forthe front cover of my magazine butI have edited it to improve it for myfront cover.This is a picture I have taken for mydouble page spread for my article. Thisimage will be edited with the lighting formy double page spread.
  11. 11. I have taken this image for mycontents page. The lighting helpsto make the picture stand outand make the quality of itexcellent.I have taken this image for mydouble page spread article. Ihave used the samebackground again for the goodlighting to make my pictureclear.
  12. 12. I have taken this image for mycontents page. This picturerelates to my article and is ingood quality to use.
  13. 13. This is the image I have taken for myfront cover, I have used macromediafireworks to edit it and improve it.This is the edited version of myimage for my double page spreadthat I will use
  14. 14. As you can see in this image I am getting to grips with the programfireworks with editing my images and adding things to them. I haveboxed the main part of my image to show this is the main focus of theimage.
  15. 15. In this screenshot I have started to change the hue/saturation of it and ithas helped change the colours of the image and made it look moreattractive than it previously was in the previous slide.
  16. 16. As you can see in this screen shot I am using the program macromediafireworks. I have used the marquee tool to cut a part of my image as I amgetting rid of parts of my image that aren’t needed so I can mainly focus onthe centre of the image where my model is.
  17. 17. In the screenshots below I have compared them to show how Ican change them using the hue/saturation tool in fireworks.This allowed me to change the saturation the hue and thelightness.
  18. 18. In these screenshots I am showing an image I have edited in thefirst screen shot and showing what I have to do to make it intothe image on the right. I did this by using adjust colour thenclicking on invert and this is how I changed the image.
  19. 19. This is an example of how I wanted my front cover to look as Iliked the colour used as I found they match my masthead andbackground of my magazine. I did this by adjusting thebrightness and contrast of my image which I found out to be avery easy and helpful tool to use in editing my images. In thesecond screenshot I just increased the brightness andcontrast and this was the result
  20. 20. In these screenshots I have used the paint tool to apply a sky bluecolour in my image to outline the model. In the first image there isntmuch thickness to my brush as its only at 8. In the second screenshotI have changed the brush thickness to 33 and then did the same to theimage by outlining it and it turned out a lot thicker.
  21. 21. In these images I am experimenting how to change and adjustbrightness/contrast to my image. In my second image I am editing theimage using the Hue/Saturation tool and comparing these to image youcan see the difference between them.
  22. 22. As you see I am using the paintbrush tool just to get to grips with how theprogram works by painting around the model in the image, I did this so Icould gain an idea of what sort of brush size I needed for my image etc.
  23. 23. In what way does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real mediaproducts?The ways in which my media product use forms andconventions of real media products is by it being similarto other music magazines like kerrang, NME, DJmagazine and top of the pops. My magazine is similar toNME because they are both in your face with basic blocktext and its got a big font. Also the colours are similar byusing light blue as backgrounds and this challenges theforms and conventions of this magazine. Also myMagazine challenges the forms and conventions of DJmagazine as they both have the same type of targetaudience as people of a young age especially 16-25enjoy listening to Dubstep and drum and bass that DJsare likely to produce. Also my music magazine developson the masthead of DJ magazine because my mastheadit bigger and uses brighter and more attractive coloursand its more noticeable. Also my magazine developsfrom the cover lines on DJ magazine as mine are in moredetail and to the left of the magazine front cover so thereader will have more insight of what is in my magazinecompared to DJ magazine.
  24. 24. How does your media product represent particular social groups?My media product which is a music magazine represents particular socialgroups by some of the language used on the front cover. Such as the strapline ‘Complete Dubstep Madness!’. Social groups between the age of 16-25would be mostly interested in Dubstep the genre of my magazine. Mymagazine represents people In this age group because the style and tempoof the music is fast and very energetic like people in the age groups of lateteens and young adults. Dubstep is seen as a good genre for music innightclubs etc where you are most like to find young adults so it representsthese social groups. Dubstep can also represent people from working-classbackgrounds as it’s a popular genre of music and has established itself inthe charts and anyone from any class can listen to it.
  25. 25. What kind of media institution might distributeyour media product and why?The kind of media institution that mightdistribute my magazine would be IPC Media, as itis a consumer magazine and digital publisher inthe UK. IPC Media distribute many differentmagazines such as NME which is a musicmagazine similar to mine. IPC Media woulddistribute my magazine because it is a musicmagazine with a young target audience and theyare located in the UK. As my magazine is I theUK and my target audience are based in the UK itis relevant for IPC Media to distribute mymagazine. Also as this institution is known in theUK and sells over 350 million magazines a yearand there headquarters is based in London. Theymay also distribute my magazine because mymusic magazine could turn out to be verypopular in the UK and IPC Media would want todistribute it because it will help there businessand they can make profits.
  26. 26. Who would be the audience for your media product ?The audience for my media product would be people between the age of 16-25 as music can have a big influence on people in this age group. Mymagazine is targeted at this age group because of all the bright appealingcolours used and the price of the magazine is £3.99 which is affordable forpeople in this age group and the price doesn’t automatically put people ofthe magazine. Also the bright colours attract people especially at a youngerage as they are bright and would stand out on a magazine shelf. Also mostpeople into Dubstep would be in this age group as its not really an old genreof music so is more modern and keeps up to date so this age group, which ismy target audience will be more likely to buy my magazine.
  27. 27. How did you attract/address your target audience ?First of all I addressed my target audience by producing a questionnaireabout music magazines and asked for opinions in the questionnaire andwhat my target audience wanted to see in my music magazine. By using myquestionnaires to address my target audience, I gained knowledge of mytarget audience by the answers given in my questionnaire and this wouldhelp attract my target audience because it would include content they wantto see. I attracted my target audience by the colours and language I used inmy magazine. The strap line ‘complete Dubstep Madness’ attracts thetarget audience because it’s a high pitched tone and its full of energy likeyoung adults are so it can compare to them.
  28. 28. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructingthis product ?I have learnt how to use different technologies such as Microsoft publisherand fireworks. I have learnt that certain technologies in constructing mymagazine really help to edit text and images like how I’ve learned to blurphotos, add saturation and brightness. I found this relatively easy to dowhich was a surprise for me as I thought it would be a lot harder for me toedit photos and text. This has made me realise that actual music magazinesuse these types of programs to make there magazine a lot better and evenuse more advanced technologies like Photoshop etc. Also by usingprograms like fireworks I felt they wasn’t really that time consuming aseverything was easy to find and the program was fast and easy to use and Ihad no difficulties using the program.
  29. 29. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt inthe progression from it to the full product ?In the progression from my preliminary task to my full product I feel I havelearnt how to analyse different magazines a lot better than I could whiledoing my preliminary task. This is because during my preliminary task Ianalysed different school/college magazines which didn’t have that muchdetail and wasn’t actual published magazines. However in my main task Ianalysed different published magazines such as Kerrang, Top of the popsand DJ Magazine. By doing this I learnt how much more detail there is inmusic magazines than college magazines and how much moreprofessionally they are laid out. I have also learnt how to take picturesbetter for my music magazine compared to my school/college magazine.For my preliminary task I took a few pictures around school for it withoutreally focusing on the detail in pictures such as composition and thepersons body language in a picture.
  30. 30. In contrast for my music magazine I focused on taking pictures for it in a lotmore detail and got my model to stand in many different poses so I could pickout which was the best pose so I could use it for my magazine. I have alsolearnt how to use better programs for my text and images. For my preliminarytask I used Microsoft excel which limited me to use certain text and I couldn’treally edit any pictures in detail compared to fireworks which I used for mymain task and this program enabled me to edit my pictures in a lot more detailthan excel. Preliminary task … My front cover and contents page