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Survey results

  1. 1. Estelle Naughton Market research – Survey results The purpose of the market research is to find out the target audience, genre, contents to which I can then base my magazine off. The method I used was a primary research and I obtained the information by emailing by survey to multiple people to then gain their feedback. What is your gender? Female Male Looking at my results, it’s easy to see that the people that answered my survey were females (70%), therefore some music styles are suited more to females such as pop however males (30%) have a more prominent chance of liking rock or heavy metal. This may make my magazine biased towards a gender, although I will try to make my music applicable to both genders and not just one by featuring a multitude of music styles within my genre for my magazine. What is your age? 17 or younger 18 - 24 25 - 34 35 - 44 45 - 54 55 - 64 65 - 74 75 or older My results suggest that the majority of the people that answered my survey are younger than 17 or are in fact 17, and are usually listening to whatever is on the radio and in the charts which is usually pop. However, a few members are slightly
  2. 2. older into their mid-thirties or forties and this could suggest that these people listen to slightly out-dated but classic songs, such as The Beatles and Guns n Roses. In my magazine I will try and ensure that the content is suitable for all ages allowing everyone to enjoy the content of my magazine. What type of music do you listen to? Rock Heavy metal Indie/Alternative Rap Pop Classical Acoustic/Acapella Jazz The majority of the people that answered my survey preferred to listen to indie/alternative genre of music and in my magazine I will try to please all audiences of different music types, especially indie/alternative as it is most popular with people who answered my survey. Followed closely, my the results indicate that people who answered my survey said that they listened to rock music and this was second favourite, I should use this information wisely and then apply it to the contents of magazine. The two least genres that are listened to are dubstep and acapella, unfortunately the main genre of music that will feature in my magazine will be targeted to people who listen to acoustic/acapella versions of songs, that would be previously labelled as one or many genres above, this has proven to not be a most favoured genre, however I will interest indie/alternative enthusiasts by including acapella covers of indie/alternative songs. Within the comments, some participants of my survey suggested other genres of music which I didn’t include, such as house, pop rock, space and pirate rock that they enjoyed, however they weren’t that popular and only 1 individual commented about pop rock, space and pirate rock so I won’t focus too much on trying to gain their individual music attention but will try to broaden and attract other audiences. Before looking at my results, I thought that I would only have to conform to my targeted audience however, after doing some research I know believe that I should try to reach out to all people who listen to different genres and interest them in my magazine by featuring other genres and not just one.
  3. 3. How do you listen to your music? iPhone/iPod Youtube 8tracks Soundcloud Spotify Download CD's Cassettes These results show that most people listen to music on their iPhones or iPods and that the music they get is downloaded so any music advertised in my magazine will be available to download and then be able to put on an iPhone or iPod for easy access to listen to the music. Everything that I am able to do to allow the audience to have a simple access to the music will be available will be accessible for the audience, download, put on spotify and soundcloud however, it will be quiet challenging to put it on CD and Vinyl. These results indicate how I should make mymusic advertised in my magazine available to the audience so they can listen to them. How often do you listen to music? Daily Weekly Monthly Whenever Looking at my previous age results, some individuals are in the age group between 35 – 44 so it is expected that they have jobs and busy lifestyles so making it hard for them to keep up to date with their preferred music type and can only listen whenever they can. The majority of people listen to music every day, this shows that they are passionate about music and I must also reflect that with the contents of my magazine.
  4. 4. Would you listen to a new type of music that you haven't listened to before? Yes No Maybe Depends The majority of people are willing to take an interest in other music types and this indicates that I must feature other music genres to entice original genre lovers and then new music enthusiasts. No one has answered no to trying new music, some people said it depends on what genre and maybe considering what magazine and what genre of music. This signifies that I must feature different music genres as it will interest audiences to try out new music styles. Do you regularly buy music magazines, if so how often? Daily Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly Occasionally Never Most participants of my survey only occasionally purchase music magazines, this suggests that I must make my magazine available to everyone, and to do this I would probably have to publish a copy every month which some participants are used to. Even if I publish my magazine monthly, the people who buy magazines yearly, monthly and occasionally will be catered for as there will be a copy there for them if they only occasionally buy music magazines.
  5. 5. Are the music magazines you buy related to your favourite music type? Yes No Occasionally My results indicate that some participants are rather stubborn in relation to their preferred music genre and only buy magazines that cater to their music genre. However, some individuals are freer with their contents in their magazine and buy some magazines that don’t necessarily include their favourite music type, these people would probably oblige to listening to different kinds of music. These statistics show that I should try to please all audiences and include an array of music genres. How important is price when buying a music magazine? Very important Important Not very important Irrelevant Most people concentrate more on the content of the magazine rather than the price of it, this means I will price it at a reasonable price and nothing too over the top, as this will stop me gaining a wider audience in the future. I will look at the most preferred price and then look back at this data and make an informed decision and price it correctly according to my results.
  6. 6. How much are you willing to pay for a music magazine? Under £1 £1 - £3 £4 - £5 The majority of people who answered my survey prefer to pay between £1 and £3 (which was 60%), this suggests that maybe I should price my magazine at around £2 or slightly over and it seemed to be more acceptable to pay a little more. Other people believe that paying between £4 and £5 is also acceptable but not as many selected this option. I think I will stick with the price at being around £2, as if I price it too expensively then this will turn away possible customers.