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Creating Mini Projects to Enhance Member Engagement


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What if a project could be completed by the end of your next
club meeting? Learn how to design innovative activities that
are cost effective, time restrained, and beneficial to your
community. Harness your creativity and start thinking about
potential mini-projects that will engage your members and
leave them with a real sense of accomplishment at the end of
your meeting.

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Creating Mini Projects to Enhance Member Engagement

  1. 1. Creating Mini Projects to Enhance Member Engagement Tuesday, June 13, 2017
  2. 2. Hi there Amy
  3. 3. Hello y Hola Mario
  4. 4. Stand up if… if you think your club could improve its membership retention if you think your club could be doing more service projects to benefit your community if you think your club’s meetings could be more impactful
  5. 5. Today we’ll cover… In-meeting projects Examples How to do them How they’ve affected our club A new type of membership Leveling up
  6. 6. What is an in-meeting project? In-meeting projects... Are time-limited Are Productive Require planning (Champion) Produce Results
  7. 7. Party bags to-go were decorated and stuffed with party supplies, cake mix and candles. The bags were donated to the food pantry for clients to host special celebrations. Body copy Party Bags-to-Go
  8. 8. Dictionaries
  9. 9. Now let’s see some projects in ACTION! A Closer Look
  10. 10. So What Do We Need to Consider Budget Timing Communication Hands-on-Deck Beneficiaries Clean-up Set-up Invite media Invite guests Friendraiser
  11. 11. We have gained… 1. New Members 2.New Membership Types 3.Retention Benefits and Results: The Big 3
  12. 12. Purpose: to ENGAGE and ATTRACT new ACTIVE members. MUST include an ASK/INVITE to join MUST have a plan for FOLLOW UP Friendraiser: An Open House Concept Send a THANK YOU
  13. 13. new members Membership Stats younger crowd more women stabilization of retention
  14. 14. Service Member Attends 1 regular meeting per month Provides 16.25 hours of service outside of the club meetings Pays regular dues Pays for actual meals Is a Sustaining Member
  15. 15. Service Member
  16. 16. Service Member
  17. 17. Retention 2015-16 88% 2016-17 95% 7%
  18. 18. Retention Stabilization 2012 42 members 2013 43 members 2014 41 members 2015 42 members 2016 41 members
  19. 19. The survey says… We wanted to know… How do we FEEL about Rotary? Is Rotary time well spent? How do in-meeting projects affect our membership?
  20. 20. Survey Results 72%IMPs made them feel MORE ENGAGED in the club 62%said they are MORE LIKELY to bring a GUEST on an IMP day 92%said the IMPs POSITIVELY effected their ENGAGEMENT in Rotary
  21. 21. I love working together with my fellow Rotarians and accomplishing something tangible. These projects positively effect those who are receiving the items and we can all feel good about that!
  22. 22. I think they not only do good for our community but create ways to "break the ice" with other members you might not normally sit with/talk with.
  23. 23. Productive time spent doing something positive for someone else with no personal recognition.
  24. 24. $100 budgeted per new member for next year Example 2016-17 7 new members = $700 budgeted Level Up: Rookie Year Challenge New members can pool money and cannot work alone Project must be hands-on (maybe an IMP?) PURSUE YOUR ROTARY DREAM! Cannot just donate the money
  25. 25. Questions? Amy Luckiewicz @underwateramy37 underwateramy Mario Portillo @MarioPortillo @wakefieldrotary rotary7930
  26. 26. This presentation and others from throughout the convention are available through the convention mobile app and on SlideShare at
  27. 27. Rate this session in the Rotary Events app, available in your Apple or Android app store.
  28. 28. New Membership Options for Busy Volunteers Regular Member Attend a minimum of 50% of our weekly meetings You choose your service hours Yearly Cost $60 one-time startup fee $150 annual dues $100 donation to the Rotary Foundation $750 lunch (50 meetings/yr x$15) Membership Benefits Opportunities for hands-on local and international humanitarian service projects Your membership is international, you can visit any club in the world Professional Networking, fellowship and leadership development Access to Rotary Fellowships and Affinity Groups Attend regional and international conferences and events Orientation and one-on-one mentoring Speaker and special presentations at luncheon meetings Service Member Attend a minimum of 1 meeting/month Complete a minimum of 16.25 volunteer hours/yr Yearly Cost $60 one-time startup fee $150 annual dues $100 donation to the Rotary Foundation $180 lunch (12 meetings/yr x$15) Your lunch meals are pre-billed. If you miss a meal and make it up at another club or online, you will be credited back your meal expense $15 per meal. We break bills down to quarterly payments for your convenience. $265/quarter 1st year  $250/quarter a er 1st year  $122.50/quarter 1st year  $107.50/quarter a er 1st year  Questions? Contact us at or (781)245-5131
  29. 29. Rotary International, Our Club and The Rotary Foundation Rotary is an organization of business and professional leaders united worldwide who provide humanitarian service, encourage high ethical standards in all vocations, and help build goodwill and peace in the world. There are 1.2 million Rotarians in 160 countries worldwide. The first Rotary Club was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1905 by an attorney named Paul Harris and several of his colleagues. The name “Rotary” was derived from the early practice of rotating meetings among each of the members’ offices. The Rotary motto is “Service above self”. The Wakefield Rotary Club has been serving the local and international communities since 1922. We meet each Tuesday at noon at Harrington's Restaurant on Water Street. Connect with us! @WakefieldRotary @Rotary7930 Our Rotary Foundation Supports Peace and Conflict Resolution Disease Prevention and Treatment Water and Sanitation Maternal and Child Health Basic Education and Literacy Economic and Community Development Local Projects International Projects Wakefield Police K9 Project Polar Plunge for polio eradication dictionaries for every 3rd grader Dominican Republic school supplies food pantry food drives Philippine medical mission Mental Health First Aid classes hosting international graduate students military veteran support peace building with Irish and Israeli teens child abuse prevention classes Heifer International financial support Beebe Library support Honduras water and sanitation project Wake-Up Coalition sponsor South American dental equipment
  30. 30. Member Engagement: In-Meeting Projects and More Fun In-meeting service projects are a great way to increase member engagement. When planning your service projects, consider: 1. Budget: Are there any costs associated with these projects? 2. Timing: Projects must be short and achievable in your meeting timeframe. 3. Hands-on-Deck: Will members all have a role in the project? Is there enough to do to allow for everyone to participate? 4. Beneficiaries: Who will receive your completed projects? How will the items get to their intended destination? 5. Clean-up: Be sure to allow for clean-up time, or ask a few to stay later. Bring your own trash bags so as to not overwhelm your venue. 6. Set-up: How will you transition from your meal to the project (ie: clean off work space, set up the project, etc.)? 7. Invite guests: Project meetings are the perfect time to invite potential members! IncreastMemberEngagement Some Projects to Consider Club Service Day: Update all of your banners with new flags, Paul Harris names, personal recognition, website bios, and club-based items. 9/11 Service: Skip a meeting and deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner to your community first responders on September 11th. Safety Kits: Build safety kits to highlight trick-or-treating safety. Deliver them to the police and elementary schools for Halloween. Sox for Vets: Many clubs collect socks for veterans. Build your club’s collection boxes and let members get creative!
  31. 31. Wicked Fun In-Meeting Service Projects Holiday Cookies: Ask all members to bring in 2 dozen cookies. Have members separate and vary the cookies into appropriate portions, label with a sticker and deliver to Elder Services. Warm Kits: Create a packing line and stuff resealable bags with items to keep homeless people warm in the winter including lip balm, hats, gloves, socks, mylar blankets, dental supplies, and more. Deliver to your local shelter. Party Bags: Many clubs donate food items to the food pantry, but what do food pantry clients do when they want to celebrate a special occasion? Decorate and pack birthday party bags complete with table cloths, party supplies, cake mix, candles and frosting! Project Linus: Pre-cut fabric for no-sew blankies and let your members tie the knots. Deliver to your local Emergency Room or contact Project Linus to find your local chapter. Happy Birthday: Celebrate your club’s birthday with a food drive. Ask members to bring in an item. Use the time to package and sort the items by category and deliver to your local food pantry. Bathroom Kits: Similar to the warm kits, pack bathroom and toiletry supplies for local shelters including hygiene products, flip-flops, soaps, and shampoo. Paracords: Learn and teach members how to make paracord bracelets and deliver them to your local Veterans Services Agent. Herb/Veggie Starter Kits: Ask members to bring in 1 packet of seeds for their favorite herb or vegetable. Members can decorate 4”-6” clay pots with acrylic paint (it dries fast) and seal with Modge Podge. Deliver the seed starter kits with potting spoil to a local summer camp and have the kids plant their own gardens.
  32. 32. Wicked Fun In-Meeting Service Projects Projects to Consider Project Labels: Does your club do a dictionary project? How about a book donation? Use club time to place book plates on the inside covers Valentines for Troops: Bring in markers, stickers, stamps and all kinds of art supplies. Ask members to person- ally create a Valentine for our active duty service men and women with a personal note. Don’t forget the envelope and “Made with love by Rotary” sticker to seal it! Send them by mail to Home-Made Soup: Ask members to bring in the recipe and ingredients to make a home-made soup (including the fresh vegetables). Pack them neatly and deliver to the Senior Center or Food Pantry for their clients to take home that day. 3 Cheers: Make hand-made signs supporting your town’s upcoming event, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, road race, etc. Ramp Up the Fun Ramp up the fun in your club by hiring or inviting a speaker to teach the members a new skill or talent such as: Got More Ideas? Send your ideas to Amy Luckiewicz at  soap making  ancestry investigating  how to get published  cooking healthier  basic car maintenance  extreme couponing  paranormal research  upcycle household items  balloon animals  magic or coin tricks  a foreign language primer  cupcake decorating
  33. 33. Membership Coach: How to Calculate the Cost of a Service Member A Service Member is defined differently club-to-club. Generally, a Service Member:  attends a portion of regular meetings and volunteers for other projects  has the same rights and voting privileges as a “regular” member  is more affordable because of food costs To calculate the cost of a Service Member for your club, please complete: How many times does your club meet annually? _____(A) About how long in hours is each meeting? _____(B) Total hours in meetings annually (A x B)? _____(C) To not violate your by-laws, a Service Member must meet or serve for at LEAST one half of the total meeting time. It is suggested that you require 1 meeting monthly and the remaining time is required volunteer time. See sample. How many meetings will a Service Member be required to attend/year _____(D) How many hours in meetings will a Service Member be required to attend/year _____(E) (this number is D x B) How many volunteer hours does a Service Member have to complete/year _____(F) (half of C minus E) What is the cost per meal for your club _____(G) What is your club’s Annual Dues total (including RI and District) _____(H) Suggested gift to The Foundation (if any) _____(I) Start-up fees (if any) _____(J) Annual Cost for Service Member Calculation _____ Annual Dues total (H) note this number is the same for all members + _____ Annual Meals Cost (D x G) + _____ Rotary Foundation annual gift (I) + _____ Start-up fees (J) TOTAL ANNUAL COST _______________ REQUIRED VOLUNTEER QURTERLY COST _______________ ANNUAL HOURS (F) ______________