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Websites, Member Management, and Data Integration With RI


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Do you have a club website or app to keep your members
connected and up to date? Does your club manage member
and officer updates online? Over 14,000 clubs are already
integrated directly with Rotary International’s membership
database using tools provided by our licensed vendors. These
club management systems help you keep your membership
and club officer information up to date, connecting it to RI
in real time. They also provide easy-to-use templates for
your club’s website and tools to facilitate communication
among members. Come meet some of our vendors, see the
possibilities, and let us help you get started.

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Websites, Member Management, and Data Integration With RI

  1. 1. Websites, Member Management and Data Integration with RI Moderators: Kristin Brown & Angela Baluk
  2. 2. Club Management Systems Over 14,000 Rotary Clubs currently use an online system to manage: • A club website • Membership & club officer updates • Communication with members
  3. 3. The Community Marketplace
  4. 4. Roster On Wheels Narendra Rao
  5. 5.  Subscriber base of 120,000 + users  2000+ clubs , 25 Districts  Presence in 17 countries  Official communication tool for Rotary Institutes in Zone 4,5 and 6A Roster on wheels
  6. 6.  Club level Communication  District Level Communication  Member Engagement Platform  Connecting Various Fellowship groups  Manage District / Club Events Communication solution for Members
  7. 7.  Club Directory with photos and personal details  Broadcast club Events / Announcements by club admin to all members  Share Newsletters  Auto Reminder of Birthday / Anniversary  Display Club Projects / Events photos  Club Locator (Info about all 35,000 Clubs)  Display Board of Directors, Past Presidents, Club history  Search Rotarians globally by Name, Classification, District, City , Country  Free login for Spouse  Repository of Rotary Information  Club monthly report Club Level Features
  8. 8.  District Directory (All Rotarians and District Committees)  Reminder of birthday/anniversary of entire district  District Governor can send automated greetings to members  Access to Directory, Events, Projects and notifications of all the clubs of the district  Broadcast of Announcements/Events  Share Governor’s Monthly Newsletter with every Rotarian  Separate Event module for all district level events like District Conference, Assembly, etc.  Easy access to and other Rotary websites District Level Features
  9. 9.  Multiple admin rights  Admins can send notification from ROW itself  Privacy settings with option to disable notifications  Data Integration with  Available for Rotarian, Rotaractors and Innerwheel  Available in Important Common Features
  10. 10. ClubRunner Halle and Sarah Asterbadi
  11. 11. Manage and Track
  12. 12. DACdb Michael Soden
  13. 13. Office Locations: Denver, CO Houston, TX Lansing, MI Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC • Established in 2003 • Supports over: • 100 Districts – 84% of the US • India, South Africa, Australia, Italy • 7 Zones in United States • 6,000 clubs • 500,000 member profiles Who is DACdb
  14. 14. Office Locations: Denver, CO Houston, TX Lansing, MI Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC • Complete Rotary International Integration • Seamless Club, Area, District and Zone database integration • 10 Levels of Security • Full website integration – yours or ours • Exceptional system performance ( < 100 ms) • 24x7 Support Why DACdb?
  15. 15. Office Locations: Denver, CO Houston, TX Lansing, MI Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC • Club Member Management • Active, Honorary, Alumni, • Interact, Rotaract • Guests, Prospects • Club and District Committees • Unlimited PMail • Club and District Calendar • Event Registrations • 7 Payment gateway options • Over 75+ reports • Dashboard • Stories • Bulletins and Newsletters • District Maps • Photo Gallery • Member Polls • Public and Secure • DACdb Mobile So what’s available?
  16. 16. Office Locations: Denver, CO Houston, TX Lansing, MI Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC • Engagement / Attendance • Club and District Finance • Integrated Websites • Grants Management • Ignite and Award Programs • Disaster Recovery • Youth Protection Program • Rotary Leadership Institute Management Other Major Modules
  17. 17. Office Locations: Denver, CO Houston, TX Lansing, MI Las Vegas, NV Myrtle Beach, SC/Wilmington, NC Come Join Us Our booth is in the House of Friendship Booth #2846/2848 See demo on June 14th in Room A410 in the Georgia World Congress Center at 2:00 PM
  18. 18. Club Collaborator Frode Stenberg
  19. 19. About the vendor Rotary International Official Licensee Have worked with Rotary since 2001 Listed as vendor on
  20. 20. The Problem Clubs • Need to manage members & roles • Obligated to report club info and members • Roles changes every 01.07.XX • Obligated to report meetings • Need to communicate with members • Need system to report members for dues and fees Districts • Need to manage district & roles • Obligated to report district info and roles • Roles changes every 01.07.XX • Need to manage clubs • Need to be able to communicate with clubs • All roles changes every year
  21. 21. All in one platform • Cover communication, member directory, reporting and synchronization to Rotary International • Provide a complete «digital strategy» out of the box ready for use • Application can be used by clubs, districts and multi-districts
  22. 22. Dashboard • Centralized point of access for all info • One username & Password • Messaging and communication
  23. 23. Screenshots
  24. 24. Data Integration with RI
  25. 25. Data Privacy • Individuals determine which information to share • Clubs, not districts, own their data • Clubs can authorize one vendor for updates and other vendors read only access
  26. 26. What’s next?
  27. 27. Visit the Community Marketplace
  28. 28. Visit our vendors House of Friendship Booth June 14th Demo in A410 2854 11:00 2755/2757 13:00 2846/2848 14:00 2856 10:00
  29. 29. Questions?
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