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Agents of Erosion


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About different agents of erosions like wind, water, waves, man-made etc.

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Agents of Erosion

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  6. 6.  Water is the Most Powerful Agent of Erosion.  Both Surface and Groundwater act as Agent of Erosion.  Groundwater creates underground surfaces like- Caves.  Water running on land surfaces creates land surfaces like- Deltas. INDEX
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  8. 8.  Ice is also a Powerful Agent of Erosion.  A large mass of Moving Ice is called Glacier.  When they move they carve their own valleys .i.e. U- Shaped and V-Shaped valley.  Like Rivers, Glacier break and carry away Rock Fragments. INDEX
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  10. 10.  Like ice and water, Wind too erodes, transports and deposits rocks materials.  The Action of Wind is more prominent in Arid and Semi-Arid regions.  The flow of Wind can change the shape and size of Rocks. INDEX
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  12. 12.  In Coastal areas, Sea is constantly eroding old landforms and creating new ones.  The Marine Erosion is also a type of Wave Erosion.  The Marine Erosion creates landforms such as- An Arch, A Sea Cave, etc. INDEX
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  14. 14.  Man is also responsible for erosions.  Today man is the strongest agent of erosion.  We see several examples in our daily life. Cutting mountains and big rock bodies for road making, building construction and to make farmland etc.  Mining for precious metals like gold, silver, copper etc., precious minerals like diamond, garnet etc and construction material like marble, granite etc is also done.. INDEX
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