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Electricity Parallel And Series Circuit (Hbl Wk2)

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Electricity Parallel And Series Circuit (Hbl Wk2)

  1. 1. Electricity Parallel and Series Circuit (HBL 2) • Electric Circuits • What makes a Bulb brighter?
  2. 2. Electric Circuits • Closed Circuit Electric current flows through it. • Open Circuit There is a break. Electric current does not flow through it.
  3. 3. Electric Circuits • Circuit diagrams record the components and connections of a circuit in a simple and clear way. • Basic Circuit symbols: battery bulb 2 batteries switch wire
  4. 4. Components of an Electric Circuit • Actual circuit versus Circuit diagram battery wire battery holder switch bulb wire battery switch bulb
  5. 5. In a circuit, the brightness of a bulb depends on: a) The number of batteries used (the greater the number of batteries, the brighter the bulb). b) Arrangement of components of the circuit.
  6. 6. Factors that affect the brightness of a bulb: 1. The number of batteries (in series) Single battery Multiple batteries dimmer brighter
  7. 7. More …… • As more batteries are added in series, more current is available and the bulbs become brighter. • When too many batteries are added, the current is so great that one of the bulbs may blow/fuse (too much heat is made by the filament that it burns out).
  8. 8. Factors that affect the brightness of a bulb: 2. The arrangement of batteries Batteries arranged Batteries arranged in parallel in series dimmer brighter
  9. 9. More …… • Batteries need to be connected with the poles in the proper direction for current to flow – positive end of one battery needs to be joined to the negative end of another. • When the number of components is the same, the bulb of the circuit with batteries arranged in series is brighter than that in parallel. • However, if one battery is removed, only the bulb of the circuit with batteries arranged in parallel remains lighted up.
  10. 10. Factors that affect the brightness of a bulb: 3. The number of bulbs Single bulb Multiple bulbs brighter dimmer
  11. 11. More …… • The greater the number of bulbs, the dimmer they are.
  12. 12. Factors that affect the brightness of a bulb: 4. The arrangement of bulbs Bulbs arranged Bulbs arranged in Parallel in Series brighter dimmer
  13. 13. Bulbs in series vs Bulbs in parallel Points for Arrangement of bulbs in: comparison Series Parallel Number of Only one path; 2 or more paths; paths for the current passes through current splits up and electric current components one after another passes through each branch at the same time; paths are independent of each other Brightness Dimmer Brighter of bulbs If one bulb is Electric current cannot flow Electric current can still flow removed or through the circuit, the through the other path and the damaged remaining bulb will not light up other bulb still lights up Application - Used in the connection of circuits in the houses; twinkling lights, bumper cars in fun fairs
  14. 14. Application …… • All the lights in our houses were connected in series, then we have to turn on all the lights at the same time. If one bulb blows, then all the bulbs will not light up. Hence household lighting and wiring is arranged in parallel. Each bulb has an individual switch to control it. • Christmas Tree lightings
  15. 15. The End

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