What is Geography


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This is a presentation designed for 3rd graders. There were many videos embedded in this PPT, which you will not be able to view. It was also designed in kiosk mode which allows students to view a section at a time.

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What is Geography

  1. 1. What is Geography? Landforms Natural Resources Climate Bodies of Water What is a region? Erosion And Weathering Click Here for the answer to the question.
  2. 2. Geography is the study of the landforms , bodies of water , climate and natural resources of a place. Click on the black square to view a video that answers the question “What is Geography?”
  3. 3. Landforms are on the surface of the earth. Different shapes of the surface of the land are called landforms. Landforms Continents Valley Mountains and Hills Plains and Plateaus Islands and Peninsulas Landform Video
  4. 4. Continents The largest bodies of land on the earth are called continents . The seven current continents are Africa , Antarctica , Asia , Australia , Europe , North America , and South America. Landforms Click on map to see an enlarged version.
  5. 5. Landforms
  6. 6. Valley A valley is a low place between mountains. Landforms
  7. 7. Mountains and Hills Mountains are high landforms that rise steeply above the surrounding land. Mountains are usually found in groups called ranges . Hills are raise landforms that are not as high as mountains. Landforms
  8. 8. Plains and Plateaus Plains are flat lands that have only small changes in elevation. A plateau is a large, flat area of land that is higher than the surrounding land. Landforms
  9. 9. Islands and Peninsulas An island is a piece of land that is surrounded by water. A peninsula is a body of land that is surrounded by water on three sides. Landforms
  10. 10. Landforms Click on the Earth to watch the video. Landforms
  11. 11. Bodies of Water Did you know that seventy percent, or over two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered with water?. Oceans Rivers Lakes Bodies of Water Video
  12. 12. Oceans An ocean is a large body of salt water that surrounds a continent. The four main oceans are the Atlantic , the Pacific , the Indian , and the Arctic . The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean. Bodies of Water Click on map to see an enlarged version.
  13. 14. A river is a large flowing body of fresh water that flows across land and usually empties into a sea or ocean. Fresh water can be found in many other bodies of water too, such as ponds, streams, and swamps. Rivers Bodies of Water
  14. 15. A lake is a large body of fresh water surrounded by land on all sides. Lake Kaweah is located in Tulare County. Lakes Bodies of Water
  15. 16. Bodies of Water Click on the Earth to watch the video. Bodies of Water
  16. 17. Climate The weather pattern of a place over time is called climate . The sun affects the climate. Some places get more sun than others. Click on the picture to watch the video.
  17. 18. Natural Resources A natural resource is something found in nature that people use. Trees, soil, minerals, and water are all examples of natural resources . Natural resources effect how people live. Click on the picture to watch the video.
  18. 19. What is a region ? Click here for a definition of region and culture . Click on the picture to watch the video.
  19. 20. What is a A region is an area of land with similar landforms, climate, natural resources and bodies of water. Often a region will have similar beliefs, languages and customs. This is called culture . Culture is a way of life of a group of people. California has four regions . Click Here to see a map of California’s regions. region ?
  20. 21. Valley Region Desert Region Mountain Region Coastal Region Coastal Mountains Which region do we live in?
  21. 22. Erosion and Weathering What causes geographical features to change over time?