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The celts 2

  1. 1. The Celts By Victoria and Lydia
  2. 2. Map
  3. 3. Background <ul><li>The Celts had 15 different groups from all over Europe. These groups had their own chieftains or king. Usually the Celts fought with each other. The Roman Empire defeated them in 43 A.D. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Social structure In the Celtic social structure there is an order of who is the most powerful the order is kings and queens, druids, chieftains and nobles, artisans and bards, farmers, workers , and warriors. By Victoria
  5. 5. Housing <ul><li>The Celts lived in roundhouses that fit three generations in the house. In the household the women usually cooked the meals, Did some of the chores and sometimes go to war. The men did maybe blacksmithing, farming and also go to war. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Food <ul><li>A common food that the Celts ate was porridge made from oats and stews made from meat and vegetables. The most popular meats were boar, pork ,beef ,deer and bear. </li></ul>By Victoria
  7. 7. Family life In the house of a Celtic family there lived a father, mother , children , and single aunts and uncles. The family would support each other by helping out on the farms. The father was always the head of the household. Women were treated equal and women were also warriors. By Victoria
  8. 8. Marriage There are many wedding traditions that the ancient Celts created and many of them are still used today. Most of the wedding traditions that we do today were brought from the Celtic traditions but most people don’t know that. By Victoria
  9. 9. Childhood <ul><li>At an early age children helped their parents at home. Girls learned how to spin wool and weave cloth, make butter and cheese, cook and make simple pottery. Boys helped in the fields with animals and other farm work. Boys and girls were taught how to fight with a sword and spear if they chose to. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Education <ul><li>Girls and boys from seven to fourteen were taught Celtic history and religious beliefs by the druids. Instead of writing they remembered everything by memory. They would sometimes learn by singing the information. </li></ul>
  11. 11. Religion The Celts believed in many Gods and Goddesses some of them are Matrona the mother Goddess, Sabrina the water Goddess, Dagda the God of goodness and Lug the God of light. They celebrated each season with a religious festival. One of the festivals is Samain held on October 31 st it was believed that the powers of the Otherworld were let loose on earth. Human and animal sacrifices were made to please the Gods of the Otherworld. Today the celebration is known as Halloween.
  12. 12. Clothing <ul><li>Women wore floor length dresses made from woven cloth. Wealthy women wore silk and linen dresses. Men wore shirts and knee high tunics made from linen cloth. Both men and women wore leather shoes or sandals. </li></ul>
  13. 13. Arts and music The Celts designed the most unique designs in the ancient world. Most of the Celtic designs consisted of triangles, rectangles, circles etc. as time went on the details got more advanced like leafs, flowers etc. By Victoria
  14. 14. Conclusion I hope you liked our presentation on the ancient Celts. We hope this presentation will help you understand the Celts a little more. We really enjoyed learning about the religion, the arts, the music and food. Also we enjoyed learning about all the different traditions.
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