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Andres charles socials


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This is about ANCIENT EGYPT!!!!!!!!!!

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Andres charles socials

  1. 1. Map, Background, Social Structure, Housing, Extra, Food, Family Life, Marriage, Childhood, Education Religion, Clothing, Art, Music, Conclusion, Bibliography By: Andres and Charles
  2. 2. Ancient Egypt started at around5500 B.C. There were still treesand lots of life. Animals such asUgulates lived there. At this time,Ancient Egyptians still lived intribes and they would start buildingtowns and cities later on. At aboutthis time, animals started gettingdomesticated by hunters. Thesepeople were still hunters gatherersbut with an exception of a fewtribes. At this time, it was easier tostay alive because it wasn’t as hotand if you didn’t live close to theNile, you will still have wateralthough it wasn’t fresh waterunless it rained.
  3. 3. Ancient Egypt was famous for Pharaohs and their great tombs; thepyramids. They were also very famous for the dances, drawing, and thepaintings they made. The most known pyramid is the Pyramid of Giza.Other very famous landmarks of Ancient Egypt are The Sphinx andCairo. One of the most famous Pharaohs is King Tut (Tutankhamen).Hewas famous because he died at a very young age and his tomb was one ofthe richest and biggest tombs ever found. It was large and majestic and itwas very beautiful. Egypt is very famous for the myths and tales it holds.The main part of Ancient Egypt’s culture was the Nile river. Everythingabout the culture was based around the Nile. If the Nile wasn’t there,there might have never been a Ancient Egypt.
  4. 4. In Ancient Egypt, most things were depended on whatyou power you had. If you were the pharaoh, and youKilled someone, you could say the gods told you to dothat because the people of Egypt thought the pharaoh was a living god. On theother hand, if you were a slave and you killed someone, you would probably bekilled. This is the pyramid of power. At the bottom are the soldiers, farmers, andtomb builders. Then comes the craftsmen. After that comes the scribes. Then youhave engineers, doctors, and priests. After that, you get nobles, and high priests.The second last is the Vizier. Then the living god himself, the Pharaoh.Sometimes, you are placed by how wealthy you are or if you have an excellent skillat something. As strict as Egyptians were, they were never as strict asmesopotamians.
  5. 5. Most Ancient Egypt homes used to be made out of mud bricks because Egypt haslots of that and not too much wood. Most houses had around 4 rooms. Theaverage Ancient Egyptian home only had one brick of thickness of there walls.Most Egyptian homes had a Central room which would be the room they spentmost time in and also slept in that room. The other rooms were used for akitchen, a storage room ,and an extra bed room. Also Most families the poorand the average would dig holes to use for toilets because they couldn’t affordWashrooms or toilets .Most homes did not contain furniture. Stools were theone of the only furniture Ancient Egypt people had.
  6. 6. Most of the wealthy people had houses made with extra mud bricks or stone formore security and protection for there house. Also the wealthier people couldafford a toilet and washrooms unlike the poor and also had doors and windows tokeep bugs out. Also the wealthy could afford some furniture like stools and hadwalls with designs or leather paintings. Wealthier people wore longer kilts thanpoorer people.(kilts are skirts). Kids of wealthy families could also go to school ortheir parents could teach them all of what they know.
  7. 7. Some of the most common foods in Ancient Egypt were beer, dried fish, onions,vegetables and bread. Fish was a really common food in Ancient Egypt becausethere were tons in the Nile river. Also the Nile river allowed the soil to be fertile sothat allowed the Ancient Egyptians to grow wheat. Vegetables were also eaten a lotin Ancient Egypt. The most common vegetables were lettuce, garlic, beans, andpees. Since Ancient Egypt weather is desert it was very hard to find pork, beef,Chicken, and turkey. The wealthier people could afford wine, grapes and moreexpensive foods while the poorer Ancient Egyptians had to eat what they couldgrow in there garden like vegetables or cheaper foods.
  8. 8. Family life was different in Ancient Egypt depending on what kind of family youcome from. If you came from a wealthy family, then you would have slaves thathelp you do daily thongs like grocery shopping, or cooking. Slaves would also takechildren to schools and help them with anything they need. If you were poor, thenyou would teach your own children and work hard everyday to keep your familyfed. Some wealthy families even sent girls to school. Some of theses girls becamepriestesses or doctors. Most parents from poor familieswere farmers or people who sell things at markets. Themen of the family always inherit whatever the parentsleave when they die. If there are no males, then theoldest female gets it. Ancient Egyptians also getmarried at a very young age.
  9. 9. In Ancient Egypt marriages usually happened at a very young age. The brides wouldget married at age from 12 to 15 and the men would get married at ages from 15 to20. The childrens parents always arranged the marriages but kids got to choosewho they wanted to marry. An ordinary man would get married to one women butthe kings usually had many wives. When people were getting married therewouldn`t be a huge ceremony unless the kings were getting married. Divorce wasnot too common in Ancient Egypt. If the man was treating his wife bad the wifewould go to her family for help and her family would come to tell the husband totreat her better and if the husband kept being mean they would be able to divorce.To divorce you just have to say you are getting divorced in front of witnesses andafter the divorce the women would still have a right to remarry someone.
  10. 10. Women were tested to see if they were ale to have children. They did all sorts ofexperiments to see if you were fertile and you would have a baby. They did testslike examining blood vessels on the breasts and also they examined urine. Theyalso did other methods that were way more complicated. If you were to give birth, it you would have to put good spells on your child and have lot’s of charms to keep your child safe. This is because 1 of 3 children born die at birth and/or during infancy. Boys were more celebrated when born but girls were also celebrated. Women usually gave birth while squatting on stools. Children were mostly named when they are born they are named the first the mother says after they are born. Even after infancy, children still wore the eye of Horus to protect them form dangers.
  11. 11. Childhood in Ancient Egypt was very different compared to what we have. Thetoys were completely different and these children loved to play. They wereexpected to mature early but they still loved to play games. These children hadmany toys to play with. They had toys like movable wood figures, board games,and much more. They all liked to play together and they didn’t get to play for toolong, because girls are supposed to be married when they are 12 and boys a bitolder. Children in Egypt are to be breast fed untilthey are three or until their mothers run out ofBreast milk in which they might use animal milk.In Ancient Egypt, everything was about playing ifyou were a child.
  12. 12. In Ancient Egypt style didnt change much over the years the clothes were made outof linens and fine texture and try to make it for comfort for hot and cold climate.Men usually wore little skirts which were called kilts and women usually were a dressheld by strap. When men were working hard or doing exercise they were a loin clothand women wore a short skirt. Kids would go nude to places during the summerbecause of the desert temperature and in the winter they would wear cloaks orsomething warm. Usually people didnt were shoes and walked around in barefootexcept for special occasions. Queens would wear clothing or dresses with feathersand kings would were robes.
  13. 13. Canadian and Ancient Egyptians childhood is very different in many ways. InAncient Egypt children would get married at a very young age and kids weresupposed to mature at a very young age of around 4 years old. Also inAncient Egypt, boys usually followed what their parents did and try to followwhat they did. In Canada when your four you are still like a baby, whine andget whatever you want. Also in Canada kids go to school, in Ancient Egyptboys usually learn from their parents and some girls go to school.
  14. 14. In Ancient Egypt kids were expected to be mature at a very young age and beginTo act like adults. Children would either go to a little school in their village or theirParents would teach them. Parents would usually teach their kids how to be likethem and would show them most of the knowledge they know and teach them aboutreligion and gods. Wealthier people could afford to go to school and if they wantedTo be something for example a doctor they would get information from a doctor andThey would learn from them of what to do to be a doctor.
  15. 15. Ancient Egyptians were very strong believers. They had a lot of gods-just like theGreeks. A few gods that most people know are Ra, Horus, Osiris, and Isis. UnlikeGreeks, they didn’t make up gods for things they did not understand. They madegods to help them and have something to believe in. Actually, the Ancient Egyptians, did make up a few gods to help explain things such as Ra. Anubis was a very big part of religion because people wanted a good afterlife. Egyptians sacrificed things lamb and sometimes even humans to please the god. The Egyptians also believed that if they sacrifice to Tawaret or Tauer, they could have a child. Everything in Ancient Egypt is based on religion and the Nile itself.
  16. 16. Anubis is the god of funerals and afterlife and things like that. He was greatlyworshipped in Ancient Egypt because of all the people who wanted a greatafterlife in paradise. Some prayed and sacrificed to him so he would make theirshabti (clay models of humans) do work for them so they could enjoy themselvesfor the rest of eternity. Anubis is the hound headed son of Nepthys and Set. Anubis is one of the youngest gods and he is one of the most thought of gods in Ancient Egypt. He also is the He also is the balancer of the heart feather of truth. In courts, there are statues of him. Sometimes it a hound instead.
  17. 17. Pyramids were one of the most amazing arts they ever made. The Egyptians alsoMade amazing sculptures like the sphinx. Literature was also part of Ancient Egyptart. Usually stories were written about gods. Paintings was also a big part of Egyptianart. Usually many paintings were made about pharaohs, tombs, temples, palacesand more. Ancient Egyptians liked percussion instruments and also played the trumpet.ancient Egyptians played folk music and played rhythms. Ancient Egyptians also likedto make bases. Bases were sometimes deposited to tombs of the dead to representsome of the persons body parts like the heart, lungs, liver and other small body parts.This is the sculpture of the sphinx whichwas one of the most famous sculpturesmade by the Ancient Egyptians. Like thesphinx many more similar sculptures likethis were made.
  18. 18. People celebrated when the Nile flooded by having feasts with the food they get from the flood. The people sacrifice a lot of things to get this flood. Sometimes, they even do human sacrifices because they want the flood so badly. The people of Egypt thought that each time the Nile flooded, Isis(goddess of magic) shed a tear from sadness. They would after sacrificelot’s of food and other things to her because they were so happy their crops weregrowing. They would have a massive party with people singing and dancing. Theywere now richer than before and they are too drunk with happiness because theywere wealthy-for a while, before the dry season comes again.
  19. 19. Overall, Ancient Egypt was a historic landmark that will always be rememberedFor the art such as the amazing pyramids they made for the pharaohs tomb andSome of there amazing sculptures like the sphinx. Ancient Egypt was very uniqueFrom other civilizations which makes them be remembered forever.
  20. 20.  (Title Page) (Ancient Egypt Map) (Nile River) (Social Structure) (Family Life) (Childbirth) (Childhood) (Religion) (Anubis) (Nile Festival) (Giza)
  21. 21.  (Title Page) (Ancient Egypt Map) (Nile River) (Ancient Egypt Average House) (food) EE7D8BFD5ED3E38CC&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (Wealthy people) F8BE65B2B12&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (marriage) 9D15624675853&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (marriage) 23A453D94B7EE&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (Childhood) 3F765DEC1DFBA&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (Education) 6591CBF7BB7D&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR (Clothing) F13F4A0A5A975B36&first=0&FORM=IDFRIR(Art)
  22. 22.  (Childbirth) (Education) (Many things) (Art) (Many things) (Pyramids- Art) (Food) (Flooding of the Nile) Ancient Civilization Book – How would you survive as an Ancient Egyptian?