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Inquiry questions


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Inquiry questions

  1. 1. Inquiry Questions A Look Into Farming
  2. 2. Where and When Did The First Farming Occur?The first farming in China. It also is said to havehappened at the same time in the fertile crescents ofIndia, Egypt, and western Asia. This is thought to havehappened ten thousand years ago. There are manydifferent theories that I got I thought this one wasthe best. Other theories proved that it wasdeveloped 23 thousand years ago.
  3. 3. What Were The First Crops That Were Grown? The first crops that were ever cultivated were Wheat and Barley. There was also peas that were harvested at the same time. Though it did depend were you were. It is also said that squash was grown near the same time. This all happened about ten thousand years ago.
  4. 4. What Were the First Animals Ever Domesticated? The first animals that were domesticated were the dogs. They were used to help them hunt and to protect the tribe. Sometimes a tribe of people would have dogs for protection. If you were not aware dogs are a domesticated wolf. Dogs are a growing sub-species of wolves. With over 200 species of only purebred dogs. It is quite fair to say they are a mans best friend.
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