Ancient Celts Interactive Map


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By Anna H., in fulfillment of middle school humanities course requirements.

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Ancient Celts Interactive Map

  1. 1. Interactive Map Ancient Celtic’s By: Anna H.
  2. 2. Location• The ancient Celtic’s were never in one place for a long period of time. The Ancient Celtic’s occupied land in Greece, Spain, Northern Italy, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. They were mostly in Ireland.• In this paper I will be talking about 4 places that the Celtic’s lived, the 4 places are Greece, Northern Italy, England, and Scotland!• Image Courtesy of Times Books as found at
  3. 3. LocationImage courtesy of graphic maps as found at
  4. 4. Scotland• The Celts arrived in Scotland from many different places in 700 B.C. when they arrived they agreed to settle in Northern Ireland and the West of Scotland. In the North of Scotland the Celts biggest enemies were the Picts, who reined Scotland before the Celts. The Picts were the rulers of Scotland and then the Celts started to dominate them. After a period of time the Celts became the dominant culture of Scotland. The civilization that kept records of the Celts wars and battles were the Romans (Maybe because the Celts impressed the Romans with their powerful appearance).
  5. 5. Northern Italy (Rome)• In 390, the Celts sacked Rome. Many of the Celts stayed in Northern Italy. The Celts and the Romans battled for many years. Many people had to choose a side, the Romans or the Celts. Eventually the Celts were defeated by the Romans. At one of their fights the Celts asked to meet the Romans at the Allia River and the Celts brutally beat the Romans. Some of the Roman soldiers drowned in the Water while trying to escape from the crazed Celts.
  6. 6. England• England (These group of Celts were called the Iron Age Celts, they were alive in the Iron Age)• The Britain’s were one of the 3 major Celtic groups. The period of time in Britain immediately before the Roman period is known as the Iron Age. The Iron Age got its name from the discovery of Iron, which the Celts found out how to make tools and weapons out of Iron. Over several of years, the Celts kept coming over to Britain.
  7. 7. Greece• The Celts impressed the Greeks with their bold dress and powerful appearance. The Greeks introduced the Celtics to the Chariot and Writing. After that the Celtics modified the chariot. In 279 BCE the Greeks and Celtics had a fight. In 323 BC Celtic tribes invaded Europe. In 280 BC Celtic tribes sacked many Greek cities. In 230 BC Celtic tribes defeated in battle by Greek troops in Turkey.
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