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The ultimate business toolkit


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Here you have the a very comprehensive guide on how to start an online business with my personal recommendations.

Obviously it takes more but this is a great start on your online journey.

Any questions let me know.

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The ultimate business toolkit

  2. 2. Table Of Contents 1 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 5 WELCOME! What's Your Business? Creating Your Own Product Become An Af liate The tools you need The method Subsribe to my free business reports! Make sure you get further training from ... Need more info?
  3. 3. The Business Building Toolkit Reprt WELCOME! Hey there and thanks for downloading your ultimate business toolkit report. � That's me there on the left, a normal Irish guy who wanted a side�hustle and made many mistakes and nally is seeing the fruits of his labour. � There's many sharks out there trying to get you to buy stuff so I decided to prepare this report to help you get the right start. � What's Your Business? Let's ask the rst important question. � What is your business? Do you want to: - Create products? - Be an af liate? � That's the two basic ways you can go. Create your own product or recommend products and earn a commission. � Each has it's advantages and disadvantages. � Over the next few pages I will show you the pros and cons of each type of business. � Then I want to share with you the essential tools that you need to create and run either of these businesses. � # 1
  4. 4. The Business Building Toolkit Reprt Creating Your Own Product This can be the best and most pro table way to build your business, but also can be more dif cult. (Sorry I am going to be honest here so if you're not willing to listen and get an honest opinion then time to go else where!) � Still here? Great! Many people dream of having their own product. � This could be: - A physical product - A digital product (reports or video training) � I would recommend staying away from physical products as it may mean you need to hold an inventory or have to deal with import/export taxes. � Digital products By the far the easiest product to create is a digital product. Why? - There's an unlimited supply of them - They can be updated quickly - There's no stock to be kept Digital products come in many forms, from ebooks and reports, to audios, videos, graphics etc. � Now if you go down the product route you need to think: - What type of product - How long will it take to create - Ongoing support and updates � For example I created a product WPQuickPromote and it was so well programmed that it does not need updating (more on this product later). I think I might have spent a week on support in total. However if you hire the wrong person to program (or if you try to program it yourself) and problems occur, then this could really cause you a huge headache. � Listen you also want to be ethical as I know a lot of products that have been released that don't worry, don't get updated and the owners have simply left them in cyberland to rot. � Personally I would say not to create a product until you have more experience. � So where does that leave you? # 2
  5. 5. The Business Building Toolkit Reprt Become An Af liate The next business model and most recommended one (in my opinion) is the af liate model. � This is where you recommend a product or service using a special link and then get a commission from every product bought via your link. Why is this a better model? For a number of reasons to be honest. Af liate marketing is actually something you do every day! You know when your friend says "Hey Rich, know any good Spanish eateries?" and you reply: "Yeah, Casa Miguel is amazing." Well you just sent business to Casa Miguel and you didn't get one darn cent for it. With af liate marketing you would have had a referral link and would have got paid a % of your friends total bill. � But what do I promote? A great question. �I only promote things that I nd useful, have used, and am happy to recommend. For example this report was created using a program called Sqribble, which I use weekly and am happy to say is a great product. What I normally do is create a review video where I give my honest opinion of the product and a link to it, like in this review video. Now for me it is important that you have really used the product and are giving a fair and honest opinion. However, there are many marketers that will just promote any product because they are making a fat commission. Don't be that marketer! � Where do I nd things to promote? There are a number of websites that allow you to promote products: Jvzoo- �(least recommended) WarriorPlus - great platform Clickbank - now returning to be the best I tend to stay away from JVzoo as in recent times they products that are launched there have been of poorer quality - this may change but in general I have found this. Clickbank fell out of favor with marketers for many years but is now back. As an af liate it has many advantages, for example direct deposit of your commissions into your bank account. Now let's talk about essential tools you need. # 3
  6. 6. The Business Building Toolkit Reprt The tools you need For me these are the essential tools - each tool is linked to a review where necessary: A report builder - to help you promote products in PDFs A website - some say not essential but I think it is An Autoresponder - to build a list so you can market and remarket to others. A bridge page builder -��to allow you to promote on FB and other social media sites� Let's look at each one below Report Builder I think that most people will like if you give them a PDF report either with reviews or as a weekly update on what is happening online. The advantage of a PDF report is it gets shared by people so you never know the full reach that your report will have (also you need a report build to start building your list - more on this later!) A website There are many differing opinions on this, but I do believe it is good to have a website where you can load up content and your reviews. It also allows you to start to build a list. An Autoresponder� You will hear everyone saying it - the money is in the list. �While it is generally true, you�de nitely�need to have a list. The problem is that such systems like getresponse, aweber etc are a monthly cost - anything from $20 up per month. Now this is ne if you are making money from your list, but if you're not it is an extra cost and I know that starting off you want to do this as cost effective as possible. That why I recommend WP Response Pro - it is a self host and self managed autoresponder with a once of payment that provides everything you need in order to start building your list. Finally when you are ready to start to promote af liate products, a lot of times social media is the best place to do this. �But there's a problem. And that problem is that many sites like FB will block af liate links. �Even if you use link cloaking software (where the link is hidden so it looks like FB and other social media sites will follow the redirect link and then stop you from posting your link - bummer!� But that's why you need a... Bridge page builder This software allows you to build a page where you can create a video review and then have a button to send people to the sales page via your af liate link. Now since I could not nd a bridge page builder I liked I decided to create one and I have �to say mine is magic - check out WPQuickPromote # 4
  7. 7. The Business Building Toolkit Reprt Subsribe to my free business reports! Make sure you get further training from me by subscribing to my reports list - just click here Need more info? The method If I were to advise you on what to do, this would be my method: Get a website� - Get some hosting and start building an online presence - be it with your name - or with a business name Decide what products you are going to review�- Are they in the marketing niche? The self help niche? The dating niche? Write reviews - On your site start to write reviews of products that you like, including your af liate link. Create reports - Now that you have the report created copy and paste the content into Sqribble Create a YouTube channel�- You have the reviews you have the reports, now get on camera and talk about the product! Build a list - at the end of each report tell people to join your list in order to get up to date reviews That's it, your full business system in one short report. # 5
  8. 8. NEED LEADS FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Get 100 Leads A Day for just $30 Maybe you have some or all the parts above in place but we always need more leads right?