E bay at_the_applied_ergonomics_conference_-_march_2008___mar_01_2008


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E bay at_the_applied_ergonomics_conference_-_march_2008___mar_01_2008

  1. 1. eBay Inc: Reducing Global InjuryRisk with Web-based ErgonomicsJim Fussell Anna SiebelinkSr. Manager, Global EH&S Global Ergonomics Consultant/eBay Inc. Physical TherapistBalanced ImageApplied Ergonomics ConferenceOrlando, FloridaMarch 13, 2008
  2. 2. 2Agenda• About eBay Inc.• Situation• Driving Needs• Approach• Measuring Success• Rollout Lessons• Q&A
  3. 3. 3About eBay Inc.• Founded in 1995• HQ in San Jose, California• ≈15K+ employees• 68 offices in 26 countries• Operate in multiple languages
  4. 4. 4• Leading global internetcommunications company• In Q4-07, Skype added 30M users– for a total of 276M users.• Available in over 28 languages andis used in almost every countryaround the world.• 4.4% of world’s long distanceminutes3• 11 million concurrent users at peaktimes• Milestone: Recently celebrated100 billion minutes worth Skype-to-Skype calls• Leading global online payment company• Available in 190 markets• 141 million total accounts• Supports payments in 17 currencies• 8% share of global ecommerce• $1,806 in total payments transacted everysecond• Net total payment volume, the total valueof transactions, was $47B in 2007• Global online marketplace wherepractically anyone can trade anything• Global presence in 39 markets• 276M registered users worldwide• No. 1 eCommerce brand with a 15%share of global eCommerce1• $2,039 worth of goods traded everysecond• Total gross merchandise volume was$59B in 2007• At any given time, there are 113 millionlistings worldwide and 6.7 listings addedper day.• Users trade in more than 50,000categories.• 1.3 million people around the worldmake all or part of their living by sellingon eBay21 Source: comScore, Media Metrix, Dec 2006, company estimates2 Source: ACNielsen International Research, June 20063 Source: TeleGeography, Dec. 2006
  5. 5. 5Situation• Ergonomic risks are one of the most far reaching occupational risksemployees faced at eBay Inc., worldwide• Rapidly expanding business operations• Growing global workforce• Limited ability to track and measure results• Reactive when employees experience pain or discomfort• Prohibitive to scale across enterprise• Wanted to maintain consistent safety programs, and measure theeffectiveness of those programs
  6. 6. 6Business Needs: Overall• EH&S Policy: Commitment to a safe workplace, employee training andsafe work practices• Cost-effective method that “moves” employee ergonomic issuesthrough a four phase strategy:• Reduce the cost of office ergonomic program development and delivery• Centralize method for verification of:– Domestic and international regulations– Global ergonomic metrics1) identification 2) prioritization 3) tracking 4) closure
  7. 7. 7Business Needs: Risk AssessmentMust provideVALIDATED RISK-BASED RESULTS that:1. Prioritize risks2. Establish riskbaseline forfollow-up3. ArepersonalizedMust identifycommonlyacceptedergonomic,postural andwork practicerisk factorsMust identifyeBay Inc. specificrisk factors, e.g.:• Sharedworkstations• Home office• Mobileworkforce
  8. 8. 8Business Needs: Training1. Must teach employeesabout the varioushazards in their workenvironment, including:• Ergonomic• Behavioral / postural• Work practice2. Must provide relevantrisk-reducingrecommendations thatfocus on posturalimprovements3. Must emphasizeearly reporting ofdiscomfort4. Must satisfy globalregulatory demandsRequirement: 24/7 - DesksideMustKeep it human!
  9. 9. 9Business Needs: Automated Follow-up• Must focus on high and moderate risk employees• Must be personalized• Must prioritize ergonomic, postural and work practicerecommendations• Must automatically notify appropriate support personnel whenemployee is in need of one-on-one assistance and method foremployee to request assistance“Moderate” to “high” risk defined as constant or frequent pain and/or observable risk factors.
  10. 10. 10Approach• Implement a system that can scale across the enterprise while reducingcosts associated with injuries• Increase percentage of employees completing ergonomics training andassessment while reducing the need for costly hands-on treatment• Standardize ergonomic training and risk assessment• Establish measurable performance objectives and provide a system tomeasure against such objectives• Identify and reduce ergonomic risks• Collaborate with claims management process and return-to-workprograms• Improve ergonomic issue tracking and resolution
  11. 11. 11Approach (cont’d)• Establish reporting tools to measure progress for defined groups andindividuals at pre-determined stages• Central repository to track recommendations to closure• Real-time data to direct proactive policies• Measure employees’ current risk and track progress in lowering that riskover time• Make accessible to employees globally 24x7x365• Streamline ergonomic assessment process by eliminating logistical andgeographical hurdles• Achieve and/or exceed regulatory compliance• Promote blended approach to ergonomics by integrating with existingteam of Physical Therapists, ergonomists, etc.
  12. 12. 12Solution OptionsIn order to satisfy our business needs and deliver an 80% solution,available 24/7 in multiple languages, we identified an interactiveweb-based solutionSignificantly reduce EH&S resources andadministration devoted to delivering officeergonomics training and assessmentDocument ongoingrisk reduction ofhigh-risk employeesMake available toemployeesanytime,anywhere, inmultiple languagesAchieve regulatorycompliance worldwideWeb-basedprogramautomation
  13. 13. 13Risk Assessment: Rapid Upper LimbAssessment (RULA) Validation ProcessRisk Categories Assessed:1. Ergonomic2. Behavioral/Postural3. Work Practice4. eBay Inc. Custom
  14. 14. 14Training: Personalized, Multi-trackTraining:1. “Assessmentdependent” content2. OS and bandwidthaccommodatingversions3. Graphics intensive andinteractive4. Available in multiplelanguages
  15. 15. 15Ergonomic LifecycleEmployees shall re-take if they:• Move or change workstations• Significantly change job tasks• Experience onset of discomfort• Return to work from workplace injury; or• Every six (6) months.20 45 60+DaysContractors shall be provided reasonableaccommodation. However, if extensive changes to theworkstation and/or custom equipment are required,EH&S will coordinate with the Contract Agency,Contractor, and eBay Inc. HR.EH&S to provide individual consultationvia phone, in-person, digital photos,email or a combination thereof.Email Invite:“Stay Healthy – Learn howwith eBay Inc.’s interactiveergonomics program”(1 every 6 days/3x’s)20 Days - HighHigh and ModerateModerate RiskEmployees will receive an email:“Required 20 Day Ergonomics Profile Update”45 Days - HighHigh RiskEmployees will receive anemail:“Required 45 Day Ergonomics ProfileUpdate”Employee completes onlineTraining and Assessment(approx. 40 min.)Employee receivesErgonomic Assessment andTraining Feedback via email“Your PersonalizedErgonomics Risk Profile”Employee links to information available oniWeb to facilitate ordering of equipment,accessories, and/or workstationadjustments, as needed.Employee Completes online Re-Assessment20 days from initial assessment(approx. 5 min.)Employee receives ErgonomicAssessment and TrainingFeedback via email“Your Personalized ErgonomicsRisk Profile”If EH&S is unable to remedysymptoms or determined as a work-related injury, the employee may bereferred to HR to seek furthermedical evaluation.Employee and Supervisor receivepersonalized profile report for continuedHighHigh risk. EH&S to contact employee toprovide further assistance. Contractors’shall notify their Contract Agency of status.EH&S monitoring employees’ progress –intervention where needed/requested.
  16. 16. 16Personalized Follow-upEmployee personalprofile is highlightedPersonalizedrecommendations,including targetedstretches, are offeredInteractive LinksInteractive Links
  17. 17. 17Reporting Capability: Detailed Employee DataKey ActivitiesCompletedKey ActivitiesCompletedEmployee StatusSummaryEmployee StatusSummaryIssue Trackingand ResolutionIssue Trackingand ResolutionCommunicationsRecordsCommunicationsRecordsTrack InterventionTrack Intervention
  18. 18. 18Risk FactorsIdentifiedRisk FactorsIdentifiedResolutionPercentagesResolutionPercentagesHigh ImpactIssues IdentifiedHigh ImpactIssues IdentifiedReporting Capability: Risk Factor Trends
  19. 19. 19Benchmark:• % highrisk• IssueresolutionrateDetermine:• Which arehighestrisk depts,locations,etc.?• Which aresuccessful(or not) atresolvingproblems?Reporting Capability: Aggregate Summary Data
  20. 20. 20Reporting Capability: Risk Reduction Over Time
  21. 21. 21Measuring Success• Participation• Percentage of population at risk• Risk reduction• Percentage of issue resolution• Employee comfort• User satisfaction• Lost workdays• Workers’ compensation cost• OSHA recordable cases
  22. 22. 22Measuring Success90%87%90%90%for the period 01-Jan-06 through 29-Feb-08 (2,820)Employees whowould recommendto a colleague:Employees whobelieve they will workmore comfortablyEmployees whobelieve they willmake behavioralchangesEmployees whomadeworkstationchanges:
  23. 23. 23Measuring Success88%93% Overallprogramsatisfaction:Employeeusability:for the period 01-Jan-06 through 29-Feb-08 (2,820)
  24. 24. 24Measuring Successfor the period 01-Jan-07 through 31-Dec-07“Everything is great. I really appreciate everything youdid and how fast you did it in! I’m very happy! ☺”“You wouldn’t believe how much difference yoursuggestions made in my life. I no longer have backpains (actually let’s say less pain) and my wrist is muchbetter.”
  25. 25. 25Rollout Lessons• Support/push by local management• Beyond compliance• Multi-tiered communication• Keep people engaged in the process• Integration with procurement of equipment/furniture• Follow-up with management – share success/areas to improve• Keep it human!
  26. 26. 26Questions?eBay Inc.2145 Hamilton AvenueSan Jose, CA 95125Phone: 408-376-8488Jim Fussell Fax: 408-376-5945Sr. Manager, Global Environmental, jfussell@ebay.comHealth, and Safety www.ebay.comBalanced ImageP.O. Box 324Palo Alto, CA 94302Phone: 650-938-1087Anna Siebelink Fax: 650-938-10875Licensed Physical Therapist anna@balancedimage.comwww.balancedimage.com