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Risk Management Software


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Risk Management Software - An essential guide on why enterprise risk needs to be identified, monitored and managed.

Download the Risk Management PPT to understand:

1. What is risk?
2. How to manage risk?
3. Why you should automate the risk management process using a software?
4. What do you get by integrating risk management to business performance management?

You can also learn the key functions of a Risk Management Software and the benefits you gain from adopting a risk management software into your organization. Also, learn about the Corporater Risk Management Software. The PPT also contains demo screenshots of a sample risk profile.

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Risk Management Software

  1. 1. RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Monitor, Quantify And Manage Operational Risks
  2. 2. Risks exist everywhere in organizations… RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE WARNING!
  3. 3. • Risk can be either internal risks or external risks • Internal risks include non-compliance or information breaches, employee attrition rate, among several others • Few of the external risks include impact of global recession, increasing cost from suppliers and vendors, and so on RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE What is risk?
  4. 4. 4 RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE 1 Define the need and align risk management with overall business strategy 2 Identify the risk controls for your organization 3 Set thresholds for acceptable risks and monitor for changes in status 4 Analyze the risk factors or registers pertaining to your organization 5 Create risk reports, and share corrective actions across your organization How to manage risks?
  5. 5. RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Automating the risk management process: Automating the risk management process assists you in having a clear understanding of the potential impact of the risks, and the effectiveness of risk reduction activities!
  6. 6. RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE The Corporater Business Management Platform links management disciplines, such as risk, strategy, operations, quality, projects, processes, HR, and finance in a single interface to provide the right business context to make the right decisions. Software vendors like Corporater can help you to automate your risk management process effectively by integrating it with your business management platform. Corporater Risk is a software solution that organizations use to assess risks and monitor the effectiveness of risk reduction activities.
  7. 7. Integrate risk with strategic and operational management Evaluate and treat risks within their business context Link risks to goals and objectives, project risks, and daily business processes. Create flexible business apps that manage risks RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE What do you get by integrating risk management to business performance management: Embed risk focus within the business management platform
  8. 8.  Monitor, quantify and manage operational risks  Capture risks and streamline risk assessment  Promote strategic alignment  Risk dashboards  Significantly reduce potential disruptive business events RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Key Functions of a Risk Management Software:  Analyze the impact of potential risks vis-à- vis mitigation actions as part of forecasts and long-term planning
  9. 9. RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE Key Benefits:  Improve business value  Risk modeling and impact analysis  Issue management and action planning  Comprehensive risk reporting  Improve business productivity by incorporating your risk framework
  10. 10. What risks and compliance requirements affect your company? The Corporater Business Management Platform helps you to establish a central library of risk or compliance items. We can even integrate with external libraries, such as legal databases. You can also map risks to employees or business units and visualize the evolution of your risks over time– as well as the risk reduction plans or compliance controls you have in place. What is your risk profile? SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  11. 11. Creating awareness and monitoring your risks is not enough. Businesses need plans to reduce risks and to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Tune your plans to fit your level of acceptance and cost. Whether your risks are internally or externally defined, we help you manage risk by automating notifications, alerts and workflow. Drill into risk dashboards to identify problem areas, and take proactive control. Reduce your risk SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  12. 12. Manage your risk and compliance activities directly within their business context. Corporater provides easy to use risk dashboards that can aggregate or escalate risk to provide the transparency management needs. Monitor the effectiveness of your risk mitigation plans and compliance controls. Start saving time by automating your risk reporting system – with notifications and alerts. Take control of your risk profile SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS RISK MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE
  13. 13. To know more about how Corporater can help you with your risk management, you can also request a free trial! REQUEST TRIAL You can also download the GRC brochure