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Theory u-in-practice


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Theory u-in-practice

  1. 1. Step  1.       You  face  a  design,   ? Theory  U  in  Practice   strategic   or  innova2on   challenge   Step  9.     Scale  up  and  co-­‐evolve   the  projects  and  ini2a2ves  Step  2.    Convene  a  core  team,  a   Step  8.  strategic   Test  pilots  with  strategic    microcosm  of   stakeholders  and  users  the  whole  system.  Step  3.     immerse  Explore  the  issue  in  depth…   experience   inspire   Step  7.     discover   rapid  prototyping  of  several  new  visit  places   designs  or  ini2a2ves   learn   sense   Step  6.     Step  4.   Brainstorm  new  solu2ons   Synthesize  insights  and  discover   &  ini2a2ves   the  deeper  pa@ern   Step  5.     Find  deeper  meaning  and   purpose    see  the  whole