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Free presentation creation sites


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Free presentation creation sites

  1. 1. 20 Free Sites that Will Help You Create Amazing Content
  2. 2. Free Presentation Creation Sites (PowerPoint Alternatives): : If you haven’t tried Google Docs yet you may be in for a surprise. They are attempting to compete with the entire suite of Microsoft Office and are doing a respectable job. They have a PowerPoint like web based platform with customized backgrounds and easy editing. Fully functional web based presentation creation platform. They present themselves as a more powerful easier to use version of Microsoft Powerpoint. They are currently in Beta and charge nothing for their services. Another online presentation platform. They have pre-built themes and clipart that are much better than what Microsoft PowerPoint offers. : The most innovative presentation software available. It has the ability to zoom in, pan for a truly unique and one of a kind presentation. It is very easy to learn to use and you can be up and running in minutes. They offer a free service and will remove logos for a small yearly fee. 5 Sites for PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds : Wide array of free PowerPoint templates. There are many categories and they are easy to download. 345 Free PowerPoint templates. : Over 700 free PowerPoint templates. : 120 Free PowerPoint templates available in jpg and ppt. : Free PowerPoint Templates. Many to choose from Places to share Your Presentation : The most trafficked out of all of the presentation sharing sites. If you are only going to upload your presentation to one site, Slideshare would be the place where it will get the most attention. Not only can you upload presentations and PDF’s but you can turn it into a business. Scribd allows you to upload share and even charge for your eBooks and presentations. For embedding onto presentation onto webpages, we recommend Scribd because they have an option to not show “additional presentations in the same category” which might drive people away from your site.
  3. 3. : Authorstream is great for uploading and sharing presentations. They also have the added bonus of being able to upload presentations with voiceover and converting them to videos free of charge. With the appropriate tags, Authorstream presentations can rank very high on search engines for keywords giving you additional visibility and portals to your site. : Here you can create and share presentations. The service is free of charge and is a decent resource. They are not a ver heavily trafficked site but they are growing in popularity. : Another tool which will allow you to create and display your presentations to the world free of charge. Very easy to learn and use. The presentations can be of any length but they limit total file size to 250MB. : This site has a consistent stream of unique visitors of close to 200k every month. Displaying your presentation here will get you some additional traffic to your site. There is no cost and uploading presentations is fast an easy. 2 Best Free Alternatives to PhotoShop : Gimp is very close to Photoshop in functionality and options. The complexity is similar but there are many tutorials available online free of charge. Does not have quite all of the features that Photoshop has but for most customization needs it will offer you more than enough juice. There are also many plug-ins and add-ons available free of charge. Not as powerful as Gimp but it is slightly easier to use. Not quite as popular so it does not have as many extra downloads and plug-ins available. Overall this program runs a bit smoother and is less likely to crash but for intense customization Gimp may be the best Choice. Thank You! We hope you found the information in this download valuable. MyBusinessMarketing has devised the most powerful online marketing strategies available to businesses today. Please visit our site to learn more about what we offer. Direct 786-512-4354 Phone: 888-228-0766