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EMYH Funding | $1,000,000 Cash Advance


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Merchants are free to use cash advances for anything they desire. Unlike other financing options available to through banks and private lenders, we do not require a plan for the funding and we don’t require that it be used for any specific purposes. The money can be used for expansion, renovations, payroll, equipment, general cash flow, or anything that you decide.

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EMYH Funding | $1,000,000 Cash Advance

  1. 1. Get a $5,000 to $1,000,000 AdvanceAgainst Your Future Credit Card Sales About Us How it Works Now is the TimeGet a $5,000 to $1,000,000 Banks often protect their assets The economy may be slow, butadvance against your future by saying "no" to loan requests. your EMYH merchant cashcredit card sales from your But at EMYH, we say "yes" to advance could arrivecustomers in as little as one qualified small businesses 90% surprisingly fast. In fact, an advance of $5,000 to $1,000,000week. A merchant cash advance of the time. Thats because we could be approved in as little asfrom EMYH offers easy see a big future for small 24 hours - and be in your bankaccess to business capital with businesses. And that is because account in as little as one fixed monthly payments or we allow your business topayback period. leverage an asset that banks All of which means that in no dont even take into account - time at all, you could be using your future credit card your merchant cash advance to buy new equipment, expand or renovate, advertise, open new Basic Requirements: locations, pay off past debt, or Your advance can be To take advantage of all that do whatever else you can think approved in as little as 24 a EMYH merchant cash of to help your business succeed. hours. advance has to offer, you must: No time limits, No interest payments. Have a history of No monthly minimum processing customer credit For more information on payments. cards from your business obtaining working capital for for at least 60 days. your business, please contact: Our alternative funding program is simply an Process at least advance against your future credit card receipts. $5,000/month in credit Andres Garcia cards from your customers. 2445 SW 18th Terrace Ste. 1009 Ft. Lauderdale FL EMYH 305-924-6200 Funding * This is a business cash advance and NOT a loan product. 2 4 4 5 S W 1 8 t h Te r r a c e S t e . 1 0 0 9 | F t . L a u d e r d a l e F L | 3 0 5 - 9 2 4 - 6 2 0 0