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Website Persuasion Optimization


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Your website should be the most powerful promotion tool in your arsenal. It can be structured to deliver your value proposition in a unique and consistent matter. Once the persuasive capability of your website you will see a big difference in conversion ration and bottom line profits.

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Website Persuasion Optimization

  1. 1. Website Persuasion Optimization
  2. 2. Marketing is a form of communication with the intent to persuade.
  3. 3. An optimized online sales process will clearly communicate your unique value proposition in a consistent fashion.
  4. 4. “Data trumps intuition…” Matt Round Director of Personalization
  5. 5. .
  6. 6. Ask Yourself Does your website highlight your unique benefit?
  7. 7. Ask Yourself Is it customer-centric, does it appeal to a diverse audience?
  8. 8. Ask yourself Is the design clean and is the journey clear and simple?
  9. 9. Ask Yourself Does it have clear navigation, a focused message and compelling visuals?
  10. 10. Ask Yourself Are you delivering a meaningful interactive experience? Does your website stand above the competitions?