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Open House on iSPIRT Balloon Volunteering

We held a somewhat impromptu Open Session on Balloon Volunteering yesterday. Watch this to learn if iSPIRT volunteering is right for you. This session will cover some of the available volunteer opportunities and tell you how to engage with us.

In case you want to explore Balloon Volunteering with iSPIRT, do fill out the form here:

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Open House on iSPIRT Balloon Volunteering

  1. 1. 11 Open House Session #1 “Balloon Volunteering” 20th Sep 2020
  2. 2. 30 yr Architects 10 yr Planners 5 yr Doers • Think Tanks • Universities • Research Labs • VCs • Policy Makers • Incumbents • Challengers iSPIRT Foundation: a non-profit Tech Think-and-Do Tank Driving 30-year Orbit Shifts Powered by no-greed and no-glory volunteering!
  3. 3. Starting as a “Balloon Volunteer” Volunteer Handbook lays out how iSPIRT Volunteer Model works Triggers (Why Volunteer?) - iSPIRT Mission - iSPIRT Team - iSPIRT Credo Experience (Why stay a Volunteer?) - Flow (i.e. fun) - Impact - Self-growth 3
  4. 4. 1. Services Innings to Product innings Orbit-Shift for India (Overall) 2. Product Entrepreneur Orbit-Shift (Playbooks) a. gSaaS Panga Entrepreneur b. Bharat Panga Entrepreneur 3. M&A Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts) 4. Financial Inclusion Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts) a. Payments b. Savings c. Asset Lending to Flow-based Lending 5. Banking Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts) a. Transaction Engine b. Data Engine c. Bill Pay 6. Health Inclusion Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts) 4 Many Orbit-Shifts: Focus is on two in this session iSPIRT is a collection of Orbit-Shifts and “Rooms” 7. Innovate Successfully for Bharat (Market Catalysts) a. SIs Innovate Successfully for Bharat b. VCs Innovate Successfully for Bharat c. Startups Innovate Successfully for Bharat 8. India as gSaaS Hub Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts) 9. Type-3 Policy Orbit-Shift (Policy) 10. Software as Soft Power of India Orbit-Shift (Policy) 11. Value-Chain Orbit-Shift (Platforms) a. API-fication of value-chain orbit-shift b. Public Platforms orbit-shift c. Push to Pull Logistics orbit-shift 12. Tradebody to SRO Orbit-Shift (Market Catalysts)
  5. 5. Builders, Not Program Managers Volunteer Qualities from Volunteer Handbook 5 We Think and Do, We Build and Amplify. Build - Digital Public Platforms - Standards - Policy - Playbooks - Market Rules (SROs) - VC Narrative - Airgame (Public Narrative) - Academic Working Papers - and more... “Whole of society” approach
  6. 6. Some Challenges Pick your first choice! 1. Underwriting Models for Cash Flow Lending a. Shift from underwriting an entity to underwriting a business transaction 2. Open Credit Enablement Network (Performance) a. High Availability & Performance across multiple parties 3. Real-Time Pledge Registry a. Preventing Double Financing & Over-indebtedness 4. Capital Allocation for Cash Flow Loans a. Growing a Cash Flow Loan Book 6
  7. 7. Some Challenges Pick your first choice! 5. Multi-Party Dispute Resolution a. Real-Time resolution of disputes across multiple parties 6. Economic Framework for Digital Public Infrastructure a. Designing incentive-aligned business models (Data Sharing, Payments) 7. Paperless & Presenceless Digital Public Infrastructure for Entities a. Enabling Digital KYC & Digital Signatures for Sole Props, Partnerships, and Pvt Ltds 7
  8. 8. Interested in Volunteering? Reach out to us through this form! What happens after you fill out the form? - Prathibha Sastry will connect with you - Will ask you to read Volunteer Handbook and Playgrounds Coda - Address Questions - Ask you to do Knowledge Quiz - Will connect you to Anchor Volunteer to discuss potential Balloon Volunteer challenge(s) - Go/no-go discussion - Get started! This is a 3-4 week process. 8
  9. 9. 9 Thank you