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InTech50 Finalists pitching their products to global CIOs in Bangalore on 15th and 16th April


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InTech50 is a showcase of some of the most promising software products created by entrepreneurs from India. A panel of Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Venture Capitalists, and Product Leaders from previous successes will decide the fifty companies that make the cut to InTech50 selection criteria. These chosen companies will receive advice, on-going mentoring, product marketing support, and funding to scale their offering to the global markets.

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InTech50 Finalists pitching their products to global CIOs in Bangalore on 15th and 16th April

  1. 1. Fi StreamN E T W O R K S
  2. 2. Dear Troublemakers, We welcome you all to InTech50 - 2015 edition. We believe that the human civilisation has continued to evolve and progress, as a result of innovation and thinking outside the norm. Else, we would still be in caves. Entrepreneurship is almost always about innovation. A new or different (always better in both cases) way to do things or get things done. It is about continual innovation and it applies to all fields. This year again, innovation will be recognised, rewarded, validated and provided the exposure of possibilities. The Global Advisory Board selected the innovators - based on the unique and differentiating ideas and most importantly the possibilities of how they can be game changers for existing corporations and product companies. We have managed to put together a fantastic event with an eco-system that is focused on innovation - putting these innovators on the global map for possibilities - be the ‘best product companies.” Meet the troublemakers - the ‘fantastic fifty’ startups/ global CIO’s & Technology executives, Indian CIO’s and Technology executives, VC’s and investors, experienced Advisors/Mentors - all under one roof, right here in Bangalore, India. We intend to do use this platform to take everyone’s companies and corporations forward - on the innovation trajectory!
  3. 3. INDEX Company Name Head Quarters Main- Category Sub- Category Vertical Geographic Focus Website Page No. AccelPro Technologies Altizon Systems Analyttica Datalab Anunta Technology Management Aujas Networks Cnergys / ZingHR Crayon Data CustomerXPs Software DataWeave DeepBiz Technologies Drishti-Soft Solutions Druva Framebench Freshdesk FixStream Germinait GoDB Tech Ideal Analytics Solutions Delhi-NCR Pune Bangalore Mumbai Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Gurgaon Sunnyvale Pune Chennai Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Kolkata Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Applications Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Applications Applications Infrastructure Applications Applications Infrastructure Applications Tools Tools Security Big data / analytics Big data / analytics Management Security HCM Big data / analytics Big data / analytics Big data / analytics Vertical CRM Storage Collaboration CRM Data center Marketing automation Enterprise Mobility Big data / analytics Horizontal Manufacturing Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Financial servic Retail Transportation Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Telecom, ITES Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal India India Global India India India Global India Global India Global USA Global Global India Global India Global 06 08 09 11 13 15 17 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 33 35 37
  4. 4. Company Name Head Quarters Main- Category Sub- Category Vertical Geographic Focus Website Page No. Indix Indusface InspireOne i-exceed technology ILANTUS Technologies Julia Computing KeyPoint Technologies KiSSFLOW kPoint Technologies NanoBI Data and Analytics NowFloats Olivo India Qubole Quintype QuickoLabs / Whatfix RateGain Reverie Language RobusTest Big data / analytics Security HCM Enterprise Mobility Security Numerical Computing Marketing automation BPM Collaboration Big data / analytics Marketing automation Vertical Big data / analytics Content management CRM Vertical Language Testing Retail Financial servic Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Financial servic Retail Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Healthcare Horizontal Media Horizontal Travel Horizontal IT/ITES/BPO USA India India Global Global Global India Global India India Global India Global India Global Global India India 40 41 43 45 47 49 51 53 54 56 58 59 60 62 64 65 67 69 Chennai Vadodara New Delhi Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Hyderabad Chennai Pune Bangalore Hyderabad Hyderabad Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore New Delhi Bengaluru Hyderabad Infrastructure Infrastructure Applications Tools Infrastructure Tools Applications Tools Applications Infrastructure Applications Applicaton Infrastructure Applications Applications Applications Tools Tools
  5. 5. 70 72 74 76 78 79 81 83 85 87 88 90 92 Company Name Head Quarters Main- Category Sub- Category Vertical Geographic Focus Website Page No. Seclore SirionLabs Storefront Display Talview Trampoline Tech ToneTag tydy Uniken Vymo Webaroo / Teamchat Xurmo Zenatix Solutions 42Gears Mobility Systems Security Governance Marketing automation Human capital manag HCM Payments Collaboration Security CRM Collaboration Big data / analytics Asset management Enterprise Mobility Financial servic Horizontal Retail Horizontal Horizontal Financial servic Horizontal Financial servic Financial servic Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Global USA Global Global India India Global Global India Global India India USA Mumbai Gurgaon Bangalore Bangalore Mumbai Bangalore Bangalore Pune Bangalore Mumbai Bangalore Gurgaon Bangalore Infrastructure Applications Applications Applications Applications Infrastructure Infrastructure Infrastructure Applications Applications Infrastructure Applications Tools
  6. 6. Product Name : AccelPro SSL VPN Website : Twitter : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 25 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Volvo Eicher, Honda Cars, Luminous, Reliance Communications, Tulip Telecom, Omaxe Constructions, Toyo Ink, Minda Group, Lanco Group, Sarda Plywood, C&C Constructions, India Glycols, TDI Group, WHO, DGH, ACME, Karad Urban Bank, Grifin Coal, Enfield etc. USE CASES Secure Remote Access, Secure Cloud Access, Managed SSL VPN Service, Virtual SSL VPN Appliance, Faster Application Access, Network Security and Stronger User Authentication, High Scalability For Private Clouds FOCUS VERTICALS Manufacturing, Automobile, Telcos, Service Providers, Construction, Govt, Retail, BFSI FUNDING STATUS Self-Funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Aditya Malhotra, Co-Founder & CEO City: New Delhi Company Name : ACCELPRO TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PVT. LTD.
  7. 7. ABOUT ACCELPRO AccelPro develops Advanced-Technology Operating Systems which helps customers to Securely Access their Enterprise Applications and Corporate Network Resources in the Fastest Way Ever along with complete Suit of Security Features. AccelPro Products are powered with HPAA Technology, which results in 2 Seconds Client Login Time (Best in Industry) and 30 X Faster Application Access (Best in Industry) over a WAN Connection providing “LAN Like” User Experience, resulting in Unmatched End-User Experience. AccelPro Products are Unified Secure Access Platforms which provides Complete Network Security Solutions without Performance Degradation, having SSL based VPN, Strong User Authentication, Supporting MFA Platforms, Network Access Controls till Application Layer, WAN Acceleration, TCP Optimization, Data Compression, Application Firewall, Data Leakage Controls, Split Tunneling and Full Tunneling, Complete User and Admin Logs and Unique SSL based Site To Site VPN as a Single Product Offering. AccelPro Advanced CloudSecure Access Gateways are the Industry First to enable ISP’s & SP’s to launch Cloud based Managed SSL VPN Service. CAG Platforms which are powered with HPAA Technology, Enable Secure Access to Clouds along with Extremely High Performance and Highest Scalability. CAG Platforms come with VMware Virtualization Platforms Inbuilt, having Unique kind of offering putting AccelPro ahead of competitions and becomes the default choice for ISP’s and SP’s. AccelPro is a fast growing company into Secure Remote Access Solutions with Innovative Approach, which is transforming better Technology Ideas into Business Growth and Better Economies while addressing much needed requirement for Faster Secure Remote Access Solution. AccelPro delivers next generation of SSL VPN solution which has revolutionized mobility VPN market. Additional information can be found at www.accelpro. net.
  8. 8. Product Name : Datonis Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud, On Premises CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Smart Factory, Smart Grid, Smart City, Industrial Equipment Vendors USE CASES Condition Monitoring, Operational Dashboards, Predictive Applications and Customer Insight CO-ORDINATES Vinay Nathan, CEO +91 95525 00449 Pune ABOUT ALTIZON Altizon is the world’s first Industrial Internet platform company focussed on making enterprises Internet of Things(IoT) ready. Our flagship product, the Datonis™ platform, helps launch new IoT products and solutions in a matter of weeks using the industry’s best self service layer and BigData analytics platform. Enterprises utilize Datonis™ to rapidly build solutions for Condition Monitoring, Operational Dashboards, Predictive Applications and Customer Insight. These solutions are used to enable today’s smart factory, city, grid and health initiatives both on-premise and on-cloud. Datonis™ is built to get a million devices connected that drive a billion events a day. Company Name : ALTIZON SYSTEMS PVT. LTD.
  9. 9. Product Name : Analyttica TreasureHunt™ (ATH) [patent pending] Website : Twitter : @analyttica PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud and/or On-Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS Soft-Launch Mode currently CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Paid POCs completed with large global companies (Confidential) USE CASES 50%-100% immediate improvement in Analyst Productivity, Application of Analytics to create Business Impact, Leverage of Knowledge, and Expertise Institutionalization. FOCUS VERTICALS Horizontal integration, with business layer; currently BFSI FUNDING STATUS Self-funded, and friends/family CO-ORDINATES Rajeev Baphna, Founder & CEO; +91.80.4112 9766/9767, +1.917.300.3325 / 3289 Bangalore, India / New York, USA Company Name : ANALYTTICA DATALAB
  10. 10. ABOUT ANALYTTICA DATALABS Analyttica TreasureHunt™ makes investments in analytics pay great returns. It makes learning analytics exponentially faster, building models easy and collaborative, and provides tested solutions to specific business analytics problems. Powered by a proprietary analytics engine, Analyttica TreasureHuntTM integrates with multiple statistical packages, such as R and SAS, allowing point and click user operations instead of coding. This innovative platform supports learning and workflow of analytics at a single place and ensures that your analysts are seamlessly learning new methods through intelligent guidance, techniques and approaches, and collaborate and share knowledge with ease. The knowledge is institutionalized given its auto-recording of all analyses. All this at a cost much lesser than overpriced close source technologies.
  11. 11. Company Name : ANUNTA TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT SERVICES LIMITED Product Name : EuVantage Website : Twitter : @anuntatech PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud & On Premise CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Bajaj Electricals Limited, Fullerton India Credit Company USE CASES End-user centric visibility & control of desktop virtualization-based application delivery, Cross-domain correlation for effective root-cause analysis, Incident life cycle management through single platform, Pro-active end-user experience tracking and resolution. FOCUS VERTICALS Across Industries FUNDING STATUS Self-funding & by Bessemer Venture Partners NO OF CUSTOMERS 2 CO-ORDINATES Contact person: Vinod Jeyachandran (CTO) E-mail:
  12. 12. ABOUT EUVANTAGE EuVantage is a software solution that provides end-to-end visibility and control of desktop virtualization based application delivery environments in a manner not provided by any of the current tools or platforms available. EuVantage takes an end-user centric approach to help IT Operations & Management teams to ensure delivery of applications with high availability, reliability. The product’s cross-domain analytics and automation functionality allows for a highly standardized operations environment with minimum reliance on individual skills and technology and device level specialization. The platform is being built to be offered either as a standalone software platform available to customers to subscribe on a SaaS model or bundled with Anunta’s IMS offering.
  13. 13. Product Name : SAVP (Security Analytics and Visualization Platform) Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud, On Premises CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS BFSI, Telecom, Health Care, SAAS Cloud platform USE CASES Make critical security decision, Actionable alerts, State of security, Dashboard, Vulnerability management, SOC operation, Automated Compliance, Third party compliance. CO-ORDINATES Ajay Semwal, Business Manager, +91 9686577097 Company Name : AUJAS NETWORKS PVT. LTD.
  14. 14. ABOUT AUJAS Aujas is a Global Information Risk Management (IRM) services company. We help clients mitigate risk and enhance information value and today partner with over 370 clients in 23 countries. Aujas’ service portfolio includes Risk Advisory, Identity & Access Management, Threat Management, Data Protection, Secure Development Life-cycle, Privacy Services and Mobile & Cloud security. Aujas has been ranked the fastest growing information risk management services company in India for last 4 years.
  15. 15. Product Name : ZingHR Website : Twitter : @ripplehire Company Name : CNERGYIS INFOTECH INDIA PVT. LTD. PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud On-Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 300+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS HDFC AMC, HDFC Securities, CIBIL, CRISIL, Bajaj Finserv, Capillary Technologies, Housing, Essel Propack, SRL Diagnostics, Locuz, Cipla… USE CASES End-to-end Employee Lifecycle Management Platform Quick Implementation Lean HR and Best Practices built-in Mobile Apps HR Analytics FOCUS VERTICALS BFSI, Retail, IT-ITES, Manufacturing, Plharma, Services FUNDING STATUS 1 round (Accel Partners & Mumbai Angels) + part of Microsoft Accelerator programme CO-ORDINATES Prasad Rajappan, Founder +91 93224 00762 Mumbai, India.
  16. 16. ABOUT ZINGHR No longer organisations have to depend on multiple-systems to effectively manage all their Employee Life Cycle Processes. Right from the time a potential candidate is called for an interview till he retires, all processes seamlessly integrated: Manpower Budgeting, eRecruitment, On-boarding, Time & Attendance, Expense, Payroll, Statutory Compliance, Performance Management, Training, eSeparation Centralised Employee Database, Employee Portal, Mobile Apps, HR Analytics, Social, Geo-fencing, Digital Locker are value-added features that an organisation benefits from by using ZingHR
  17. 17. Product Name : MAYA Website : ABOUT CRAYON DATA Crayon Data is one of the fastest growing big data companies in Asia, on a mission to simplify the world’s choices with its proprietary platform, called SimplerChoices™. SimplerChoices™ currently has data that covers 1 billion tastes, 25 million products, 15 lifestyle categories and 15 million enterprises. MAYA Crayon’s flagship product,is a personal concierge, powered by the SimplerChoices™ platform. Crayon’s taste graph maps affinities based on taste (from review sites, social networks), influence (from social networks), context (from public data, location-based data), and behavior (from internal enterprise data).This enables MAYA to deliver highly personalised choices to consumers, directly through an app or through an enterprise. MAYA is currently available for the banking, retail, hospitality, telecom and media verticals. MAYA - transforms the misery of choosing, to the magic of choice! Crayon Data has been consistently awarded on various global platforms, including: • Top 5 in IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge 2014 • Winner at TiE Silicon Valley’s TiE50 Awards in the software vertical • Finalist at Code_n 2014 @ CEBIT, Hannover: the only big data company from Asia • Part of interesting start-ups selected from the START track at Web Summit, Dublin Company Name : CRAYON DATA
  18. 18. Product Name : Clari5 Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud, On Premises CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Banking USE CASES Multi channel fraud management, Case management, AML reporting and compliance, real time fraud prevention, Next best product offer, contextual cross sell CO-ORDINATES Ratnesh Pandey, Head of Marketing +91 9980017545 Bangalore Company Name : CUSTOMERXPS SOFTWARE PVT LTD
  19. 19. ABOUT CUSTOMERXPS CustomerXPs is a Bangalore based software Product Company, creates real-time, intelligent products that empower Banking, Retail and Telecom Enterprises with instant insights enabling influenced outcomes of deeper customer engagement and fraud-free transactions. With a vision to provide ammunition to its clients to proactively sense their customers’ needs/wants, CustomerXPs software identifies and solves, in real-time, complex problems in the areas of customer experience management, contextual right-sell, fraud monitoring, compliance, accurately predicting risk and automating targeted treatments. About Clari5 Clari5 Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) is a real-time Enterprise Wide Fraud Detection, Monitoring and prevention solution that monitors suspicious patterns across transactions, events, users, accounts, systems in real-time and responds with the right action to pass or block transaction, or generate real-time alerts for manual investigation. Clari5 Customer Experience Management (CEM) helps banks in maximizing revenue through their customers by way of increasing the CLTV, reduction in customer acquisition costs, better contextual cross sell and upsell offers and reduction in turnaround times. It helps banks to convert each customer interaction into a meaningful dialogue.
  20. 20. Product Name : PriceWeave Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud, APIs NO OF CUSTOMERS 35 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS eBay, Nokia, Puma, Unilever India, Lazada among others. USE CASES Price Optimization, Assortment & Gap Analysis, Fashion & Trend Analysis and Promotion Optimization. FOCUS VERTICALS CPG, Retail FUNDING STATUS Seed Funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Karthik B. R., Co-Founder Email: City: Bangalore, India. Company Name : DATAWEAVE
  21. 21. ABOUT DATAWEAVE DataWeave provides actionable insights to businesses by leveraging data that is publicly available through creation, aggregation and analysis of millions of data points available across the Web. DataWeave’s flagship product, PriceWeave, provides competitive intelligence to Manufacturers and Retailers around products, pricing, promotion and placements. Using PriceWeave, businesses can execute efficient price monitoring & optimization, assortment planning and improving marketing effectiveness. This results in customer retention, margin increase and differentiate against competition effectively.
  22. 22. Product Name : ICareU Website : | PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud. On Enterprise. NO OF CUSTOMERS 150+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Myntra, Vector eCommerce, Coffee Day, Fast Track Call Taxi, Friends Track Call Taxi, Intuit, Conti, Private/public and Govt sectors USE CASES • Connected Commerce for eCommerce. • Drivers Behavior Analysis for Motor Sports Competitors. • Smart Schools Connected with campus, students and parents. • Theft recovery system for vehicle insurance companies. • Integrated emergency and breakdown system for city taxi and public transports. • Connected RTO system for tours and travel, cargo services. • Two way communication system along with video conferencing for Ambulances. FOCUS VERTICALS Automobile. FUNDING STATUS Self-Funded. CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Muthu Swamy S / Founder & CEO, Bangalore. Company Name : DEEPBIZ TECHNOLOGIES
  23. 23. ABOUT DEEPBIZ iGateway is cloud based smart IoT platform for Telematics ecosystem, with 25+ industry vertical features for private, public and Government sectors . A Platform that connect more than 15+ type of devices including Sensors, RFID, Photo electric Sensors, Wifi, Bluetooth and surveillance cameras to provide better global positioning and location based services. SaaS based licensing model improves customer acquisitions from small to large enterprise level. Integrated ecall/bcall services along with theft recovery system saves asset and human life for long. History Monitoring, nearby landmark, Geofencing, Toll Charges, Parking Zone information, Live Traffic, weather report uses effective Operation Management to our clients. Localization and easy customization saves 15% to 30% operating expenses and become happy customer forever. More than 15+ awards and recognition evidences that iGateway as a Top level enterprise application in the connected cloud IoT space.
  24. 24. Product Name : Ameyo Website : Twitter : @AmeyoCIM PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-premise, On-cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 1500+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS, Indiabulls, DHL, Indigo, Fortis hospitals,, OLA, Meru Cabs. USE CASES Customer Help Desk, Customer Service, lead generation, telemarketing and collections. FOCUS VERTICALS Ecommerce, Banking and Finance, Real Estate, BPO & outsourcing, Telecommunications. FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Sachin Bhatia, Vice president Gurgaon – 122018. Company Name : DRISHTI-SOFT SOLUTIONS
  25. 25. ABOUT AMEYO Ameyo contact center software is a one-stop solution for Customer Interaction Management (CIM). It has been designed to add value to businesses and pave way for structured growth. Ameyo are domain experts in providing CIM, real-time collaboration, contact center software, networking and related services to companies. Ameyo is software based all-in-one solution powering even the most complex inbound, outbound and blended customer interactions processes. Ameyo customers enjoy significant increase in efficiency levels, reduction in operational costs, flexibility, consistent user experience and a demonstrable ROI. With presence in over 40 countries and spanning multiple verticals, Ameyo has been recognised and nominated for the best contact center technology by numerous enterprises and grandees of the industry. Ameyo’s customers are benefited with dedicated 24/7 support and award winning product suites based on innovative methodologies.
  26. 26. Product Name : Druva inSync Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Premises and Cloud based NO OF CUSTOMERS 3000+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS PwC, Dell, Pfizer, Tech Mahindra, Aditya Birla, ZEE Entertainment, Glenmark Pharma, NASA, Tesla, Xerox, Siemens, Booz Allen, DHL USE CASES Endpoint Backup - Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, and Tablet Server Backup - Targeted for Remote Office and Branch Office Recover and securely access your data from anywhere. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Secure File Sharing Governance and eDiscovery FOCUS VERTICALS Healthcare/Pharma, Manufacturing, Consulting, Education, BFSI. Applies to almost any. FUNDING STATUS Sequoia Capital, EMC, Tenaya Capital, and Nexus Venture Partners CO-ORDINATES Srinath Canumalla, Director of Sales, India +91 (0) 20 672 63 300 Sunnyvale, CA (HQ); Pune, Singapore, London, Melbourne, Tokyo Company Name : DRUVA
  27. 27. ABOUT DRUVA Druva is the leader in data protection and governance at the edge, bringing visibility and control to business information in the increasingly mobile and distributed enterprise. Built for public and private clouds, Druva’s award-winning inSync and Phoenix solutions prevent data loss and address governance, compliance, and eDiscovery needs on laptops, smart-devices and remote servers. As the industry’s fastest growing edge data protection provider, Druva is trusted by over 3,000 global organizations on over 3 million devices. Learn more at and join the conversation at
  28. 28. Product Name : Framebench Website : Twitter : @framebench PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Online Web application NO OF CUSTOMERS 23 companies CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Customers: HBO, Unilever, OHROC (Republican Party of Ohio), Star TV, Isentia, Distinctive Games. Parners: Yammer, Prime Focus. USE CASES Online file sharing and management, review and approvals, file collaboration. FOCUS VERTICALS Advertising and Marketing, Architecture and Design, Legal, Finance, Consulting. FUNDING STATUS Blume Ventures, Angel funded CO-ORDINATES Rohit Agarwal /CEO /Co-founder Company Name : FRAMEBENCH
  29. 29. ABOUT FRAMEBENCH Framebench is the simplest way to view and review documents with cross office teams; be it a marketing brochure, a sales presentation, a news article, or even a video. The basic premise is that people around the world have billions of files online and we still have to go through the process of downloading, reviewing and re-uploading. Framebench condenses these 3 steps to 1, with considerable time saving! Framebench has 2 products under its umbrella: Web App The web application lets users upload their files and invite their teams or clients to collaborate together to review these files. Cloud storage, version management, in-app chat, and real time note taking make it the one stop solution to review files with remote teams and clients. Gmail Extension Without disrupting the conventional way of sharing files, Mail Markup extension lets Gmail users review files even without downloading them. Users can view, annotate and comment on attachments and send it back with no hassle.
  30. 30. Product Name : v and Freshservice Website : Twitter : @freshdesk PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud & On Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 40,000 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS 3M, Hugo Boss, Honda, Goodreads, Clear Channel, UNICEF, Petronas, Sony Pictures, University of Pennsylvania, Movember, Dandelion Chocolate, QuizUp, PosterGully, Pearson, Freeman USE CASES Email ticketing, social media customer support and engagement, phone support, chat-based support, multichannel support, etc. FOCUS VERTICALS Our customers are spread across the board - tech startups, eCommerce, education, healthcare, media, publishing, FUNDING STATUS $44m in total funding Series A $1m Accel Partners Series B $5m Tiger Global & Accel Partners Series C $7m Tiger Global & Accel Partners Series D - $31m Google Capital, Tiger Global and Accel Partners Company Name : FRESHDESK
  31. 31. ABOUT FRESHDESK Freshdesk is one of India’s hottest startups and one of the fastest growing product companies in the world. Backed by some of the world’s best investors - Tiger Global, Accel Partners and Google Capital - Freshdesk has more than 350 employees working in offices across India, US and the UK. Built with an emphasis on usability, their flagship customer support software helps more than 30,000 businesses engage with their customers over email, Facebook, Twitter, chat and phone. Freshservice, an IT Service Desk, launched last year, has also been quickly adopted by more than 2,500 businesses worldwide for internal IT support. The company was founded with the mission of enabling companies of all sizes deliver great customer service. Born in 2010 after a Hacker News comment called out for usable, affordable solutions in this space, Freshdesk has since then received over $44m in funding, and its product has been consistently rated as one of the best in this market. Very recently, Inc. Magazine named Freshdesk as one of the world’s top 10 most innovative companies in India. The company is led by Girish Mathrubootham (CEO) and Shan Krishnasamy (CTO). CO-ORDINATES Girish Mathrubootham, CEO. Chennai. 98407 18042 Shankar Ganesh. PR. Chennai. 94429 60803
  32. 32. Fi StreamN E T W O R K S Product Name : Meridian Website : ABOUT FIXSTREAM FixStream gives IT the ability to see, troubleshoot and plan complex cloud and data center environments in ways not possible before. Our operational analytics platform provides near real time correlation, analytics and visualization across legacy and modern NFV, SDN and OpenStack environments. FixStream auto discovers all application services and physical and virtual infrastructure elements in the environment and builds an interactive map which zooms from the highest global view to the lowest level in just a few clicks. It shows how and where each application service is running, pinpoints traps and blind spots and provides the baseline for more advanced infrastructure optimization, performance monitoring and machine learning capabilities. Company Name : FIXSTREAM INC.
  33. 33. Product Name : Explic8 Website : Twitter : @germin8 PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 130+ Brands CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Customer: ICICI Bank, Godrej Group, ICICI Prudential, J&J, GroupM and others Partners: Zensar, HCL, Brillio, Pragmatix, Hansa Cequity and others USE CASES Social Customer Care Online Reputation Management Social Media measurements Campaign Analytics Brand Monitoring FOCUS VERTICALS Any B2C vertical with strong customer engagement FUNDING STATUS Series a by kalaari Capital CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Ranjit Nair Email: Company Name : GERMINAIT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD
  34. 34. ABOUT GERMINAIT SOLUTIONS About Germin8 Social Intelligence: Germin8 Social Intelligence is a social media analytics and engagement suite that helps brands become more customer centric in tees of their customer engagement, products and serves and marketing communication. Brands use Germin8 Social Intelligence to: • Listen and understand what consumers are saying abut their brand, campaigns, products & services, competitors, and product categories • Manage customer interactions across social media in near real time t ensure high customer satisfaction and low turn-around-time • Measure the effectiveness of social media marketing on key metrics within their own channels, benchmarked against their competitors Germin8 Social Media Intelligence is a SaaS-based product that is in use by the marketing, customer care and corporate communications teams across more than 130 paying brands in India. Its is build on a Big Data platform that supports real time data fetching, analysis and visualisation. Germin8 Social Media Intelligence can be easily integrated with CRM system, data visualisation systems and other 3rd party Big Data solutions.
  35. 35. Product Name : Xlapp Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS Paid 7 and 100+ in Freemium model USE CASES Financial and Insurance Calculators, Mobile Data Entry Forms like Surveys, Feedback, Leads etc Mobile Catalogues, Price list Complex reporting apps that use pivot tables. FOCUS VERTICALS Banking, Insurance, Capital Markets, Retail and Distribution, Media, Construction FUNDING STATUS Self Funding CO-ORDINATES New York, Dubai, Mumbai & Chennai Company Name : GODB TECH PVT. LTD.
  36. 36. ABOUT XLAPP XLApp allows you to create apps from Excel files. Xlapp supports 300+ features of Excel, 20 custom widgets and special functions for Video, camera, Audio, GPS capture etc. The app runs on all smart phones/ tablet and PC platform. All the application logic development, validation, formatting and configuration happens in the Excel so you don’t have to learn any new technology. For any changes to the app/data can be done on same excel and re-uploaded. The app can be distributed via email, facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc and mobile app stores. The business model is Freemium - Pay for Support, Analytics and reports only. XLApp is from GoDB Tech - Three times winner of ‘CIO CHOICE AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE MOBILITY SERVICE’ (2013, 2014 & 2015)
  37. 37. Company Name : IDEAL ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED Product Name : Ideal Analytics Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-cloud, On-premise and OEM NO OF CUSTOMERS Enterprise – 25 OnCloud – 2000+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Allianz, Euler Hermes, Vmware, Salesforce, Adobe, Serco, NKCPL, Lilavati Hospital, Medicode, Expand Technologies, Ingram Micro, AMRI Hospitals, Atmio, National Bank of Malawi among others. USE CASES Sales and Marketing Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Big Data Analysis, Predictive Analysis, Operations and HR Data Trend Analysis, Inventory Forecast and What-if analysis. FOCUS VERTICALS BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, IT/ITes, Education, Retail and Hospitality. FUNDING STATUS Self-Funded CO-ORDINATES Sanjoy Chatterjee, Co-founder and CTO
  38. 38. ABOUT IDEAL ANALYTICS Ideal Analytics Solutions Private Limited is formed by a close-knit niche group of technologists whose vision is to provide the business world a solution to take the business-science and management to the level of saturated optimization. Fishing through various business alternative possible best solution sets, measuring and quantifying the best ROI through changes of the factor inputs and to offer the most durable growth path of increasing value achievement, Ideal Analytics wants to empower the on-the-floor business analysts by offering them the freedom from the intricacies of the onus of programming and data storage. Free from data size, agnostic across platforms and systems- business would be driven by only business considerations. Business needs to be conducted at the speed of the data. The future is that of analytics where people will speak numbers in their business parlance, we are the technology-assistant to smart business and business leaders. The Team: Armed with 3 decade long experience in product development and solution providing for across-sized clients the team has now leveraged its entire gamut of expertise in creating analytic solutions through product- service and enterprise level solutions. The Product: Smart data intelligence fathoming Ideal Analytics enables business users to frame their questions and receive immediate answers, anytime, anywhere through any platform Proactive business suggestions Ideal Analytics monitors user interactions continuously providing business insights & exceptions and proactively offers business guidance
  39. 39. Plug ‘n’ play Ideal Analytics has ready connectors to heterogeneous data sources - internal and external [public, social and market] and works with large volumes of data Ready-to-go Ideal Analytics has flexible deployment options [on-premise / in-house, private / public cloud] and can go- live in minutes & hours with minimal or no IT intervention Ideal Analytics triumphs over competitors through: • On-Demand Self-Service Analytics with proactive business suggestions • Big Data Handling, Enterprise Scalability • Mobility and Externalization • Vertical Framework for lines of Business • Implementation Time and Cost • Extending Salesforce, other OEMs and Social Media Ideal Analytics is all set in steaming to tame the unknown of the future into its planned road-map and take the product-innovation prestige of our country to the international stage of creativity, innovation and standard! The Road-ahead: From the fully configurable and templatized input, process and output rendering- our path is laid out to provide the business the best possible predictive, prescriptive and innovative analytics so that a decision maker would sift her options through probabilistic what-if analysis weighing explicit and articulate to industry intelligent alternatives, strike the most comprehensive and convincing outcome.
  40. 40. Company Name : INDIX CORPORATION Product Name : Indix App and Indix API Website : ABOUT INDIX Indix is building the world’s largest product database and Product Intelligence Platform that helps businesses boost productivity, drive innovation, and accelerate growth. Leading brands and retailers use Indix apps and APIs to make smart decisions on assortment and price, analyze the market and competitors, improve product search, enrich product catalog, and accelerate time to market. Indix also provides machine learning services using proprietary data science algorithms. Indix currently tracks over 700 million products across more than 7,000 categories.
  41. 41. Product Name : IndusGuard Total Application Security (TAS) Website : Twitter : @indusface PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On Cloud, On Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 700 USE CASES Public-facing Web and Mobile Application Protection FOCUS VERTICALS BFSI, Telecom, Government, Online Retail, and Large Enterprises, FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Mr. Ashish Tandon, CEO Company Name : INDUSFACE PVT. LTD
  42. 42. ABOUT INDUSFACE Indusface is an award-winning SaaS-based total application security company with more than 700 enterprise customers spread across 17 countries who trust us with their web and mobile application security. We are industry’s first truly integrated ‘Total Application Security’ provider that ‘Detects, Protects & Monitors’ our customers’ applications on a continuous basis backed with Zero False positive promise. Our suite of products includes: IndusGuard Web- Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution for Web Applications IndusGuard WAF- Fully managed WAF and DDoS protection solution IndusGuard Mobile- Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution for Mobile Applications The prestigious Gartner group has positioned Indusface in the Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing. We are also partner to Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, recognized as Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) by Payment Card Industry (PCI), and empanelled by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN). We’ve won NASSCOM-DSCI Excellence Awards for Information Security Product Company, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India and 500 Asia, NASSCOM Emerge 50, Red Herring Top 100 Asia, and Channel World 100 awards.
  43. 43. Product Name : Master-0 Website : Company Name : INSPIREONE PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-cloud via mobile NO OF CUSTOMERS 250+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Tata Consultancy Services, lnduslnd Bank, Unilever, Nestle, HDFC Life, among others USE CASES After any training intervention such as classroom training, webinars, elearning, et al FOCUS VERTICALS Banks & Financial Services, Telecom & Media, IT &ITeS, FMCG, Hospitality & Retail, Pharma& Healthcare FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person - Kartik Mohla New Delhi, India
  44. 44. ABOUT INSPIREONE Master-0 (pronounced as “Mastero”) is a scalable, yet customized mobile app that delivers an ongoing learning experience which is engaging, fun and novel. Unlike traditional learning solutions such as classroom training, elearning, webinars, et al which are discreet events, Master-0 enables participants to reinforce and apply their learning at the workplace in a continuous I ongoing manner. By combining globally acclaimed content with behavioral science and gaming elements, Master-0 puts the focus on the learner and also enables both HR and line managers to demystify how their employees apply their learning at the workplace. Master-0 can be customized and integrated with the existing HR infrastructure of an organization such as LMS, LCMS, et alto provide a smooth and engaging learning experience.
  45. 45. Product Name : Appzillon Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud & On-premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 18 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS DBS Singapore, Tier 1 Bank (US) FUNDING STATUS Self-Funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Aditya Malhotra, Co-Founder & CEO City: New Delhi ABOUT APPZILLON Appzillon is an agile and flexible unified development suite to build device, OS, browser and channel agnostic applications. It supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets, feature phones, laptops and desktops, operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry, browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and channels such as 2G/3G/4G, GPRS, J2ME, USSD and SMS. It includes a world class IDE that is built on open technologies and enables rapid development of end-to-end apps. It offers a host of innovative features such as Embedded comprehensive widget portfolio, rich chart gallery and animations to offer superior user experience. Company Name : I-EXCEED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED
  46. 46. Appzillon is an agile and flexible unified development suite to build device, OS, browser and channel agnostic applications. It supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets, feature phones, laptops and desktops, operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry, browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari, and channels such as 2G/3G/4G, GPRS, J2ME, USSD and SMS. It includes a world class IDE that is built on open technologies and enables rapid development of end-to-end apps. It offers a host of innovative features such as Embedded comprehensive widget portfolio, rich chart gallery and animations to offer superior user experience. • Patent-pending approach to seamlessly extend enterprise services to channels by automatically creating screens and even integrating the screens with the underlying with almost zero development effort • Template driven approach to easily comply with styling and layout requirements • Ability to record and automatically execute test cases across operating systems • Robust in-built multi-layer security features to cater to various security requirements Comprehensive application administration and management capabilities These innovative capabilities have helped our clients in their digital initiatives by bringing down the time to market significantly and reducing their total cost of ownership. They are able to mobilize the entire enterprise and launch new initiatives in a matter of weeks.
  47. 47. Product Name : IDaaS Express Website : Twitter : @ILANTUS_Tech PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Cloud and on-premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 20+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Select India Customers (ING Vysya, Titan, Pantaloons, Mahindra & Mahindra, Magma Fincorp), Select US Customers (California Edison, Allied Buildings, Stephens Inc, Coach, FBL) USE CASES User administration and provisioning Single Sign-on & Access Management Secured cloud applications Identity Governance & Compliance Password Management FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Anshu Hazari, PM, Products +91.9481086042 Bangalore, India. FOCUS VERTICALS Vertical agnostic (focusing on mid-market and enterprise market) Company Name : ILANTUS
  48. 48. ABOUT IDAAS IDaaS express is cloud based Identity and Access Management solution that offers enterprises the ability to address identity lifecycle management challenges such as user provisioning/de-provisioning, access governance, single sign-on, federation, password management and security intelligence – without any need for costly and complex on-premise infrastructure. It offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable organizations to take control over its Identity and Access Management challenges cost-effectively, quickly, and with ease.
  49. 49. Product Name : Julia – A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On premise, Public cloud, Private cloud CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS 50,000+ users, growing rapidly 300+ contributors 500+ packages [Under NDA with most customers; names incl. hedge funds, companies in asset & risk mngt, insurance, healthcare, hi-tech, a top CAE company, Govt Labs ] USE CASES • Numerical Computing • Data Science • Analytics FOCUS VERTICALS BFSI, Aerospace, Mfg / Engineering, Biotech, Semiconductor, Research & Academia FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Bangalore, Boston, New York Company Name : JULIA COMPUTING
  50. 50. ABOUT JULIA COMPUTING Julia Computing is a company founded by the creators of Julia in order to make it easy for enterprises to leverage the power of Julia. The founding team of Julia Computing consists of some of the best minds in the world of computing as well as experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs. Julia Computing provides support and training for Julia, public and private cloud deployments for enterprises, and consulting services to work closely with businesses for customized solutions.
  51. 51. Product Name : Xploree Website : Twitter : @KeyPointTech PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Google Playstore NO OF CUSTOMERS Free app. CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS • Café Coffee Day • • • • Yahoo! India • Many others… USE CASES • Brand Visibility and Awareness • Content and Services Discovery • App Discovery and Download • App Re-engagement • Location Specific Information • Mobile Search FOCUS VERTICALS • Retail, Apparel / Fashion, • Gifts, Electronics • Entertainment • Food / Beverages, Dining • Travel • Hospitality • Banking • Healthcare • Insurance • Media • Technology / Telecommunications FUNDING STATUS Privately held CO-ORDINATES • Sumit Goswami, CEO. Hyderabad. • Prima Dona, Vice President, Product Innovation, IP & Business Strategy. Hyderabad. Company Name : KEYPOINT TECHNOLOGIES
  52. 52. ABOUT KEYPOINT KeyPoint Technologies (KPT), is the leader in innovative language technology offerings for mobile consumers. KPT has redefined the mobile consumer engagement & experience across platforms, devices by leveraging the core strengths in artificial intelligence & natural language processing. KPT’s innovative product range includes the industry’s first user-initiated and multi-lingual search and discovery platform Xploree, revolutionary text input technology Adaptxt, and India’s first Indic keyboard Lipi. The key offerings have a high focus on immediacy & extensibility and are spread across iOS, Android, Tizen, Linux, WebOS, Fire OS platforms and connected devices like Smart TVs, Smartphones, Tablets, IVIs, and Smartwears. Our global leadership is established through the consumption of our products by OEMs, Operators, 3rd party apps, brands and consumers in 120+ global languages, including 30+ indic, complex languages for MEA and SEA countries. Successful partnerships with tier-1 & tier-2 global businesses, partners by KeyPoint Technologies have helped the company to move into a rapid growth stage phase. Xploree is a unique Search & Discovery platform created by KeyPoint Technologies. It is the industry’s first user-initiated, hyper-contextual, platform with language intelligence that conveniently connects mobile device users with brands offers and services in the exact moment of need. Xploree predicts a user’s needs and delights them through their journey across applications as they discover most relevant content, apps, deals and services. Leveraging KPTs expertise in linguistics, Xploree is the innovative solution to help consumer re-engagement, stickiness and conversations with content, apps, brands and services.
  53. 53. Product Name : KiSSFLOW Website : ABOUT KISSFLOW KiSSFLOW is ‘Workflow on the cloud’. KiSSFLOW is the first of its kind that enables normal users to build workflow automation on their own, on a self-service basis, without requiring them to have any technical knowledge. Using the KiSSFLOW workflow management software you can design your organization’s workflow process in a matter of minutes. The automated workflow can then be used by members of your organizations immediately. The workflow tool’s simple 5 step wizard, will help you achieve in no time, what you would partially achieve, spending thousands of dollars and months of your time, by using an on-premise BPM software. KiSSFLOW was launched in Google I/O 2012 and today is being used by over 10,000 customers across 110 countries. KiSSFLOW is rated #1 on the Google Apps Marketplace. KiSSFLOW is used by department heads of I.T, finance, operations and human resources to streamline their functions. KiSSFLOW has marquee customers like Sysco Logistics, Pepsi, Carvajal and Saint Gobain cutting across all industry segments. Company Name : KiSSFLOW
  54. 54. Product Name : kPoint Website : Twitter : @teamkpoint PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud and On-Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 50+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS 150000+ USE CASES Cognizant, Mercedes Benz, RBEI, Tata Technologies, Bajaj Finserv, Hero MotoCorp, Bajaj Auto. FOCUS VERTICALS IT/ITES, Manufacturing, BFSI. FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: Aditya Malhotra, Co-Founder & CEO City: New Delhi. Company Name : KPOINT TECHNOLOGIES
  55. 55. ABOUT KPOINT kPoint videofies business. The kPoint enterprise video platform enables implementation of video as a means of communication, collaboration, broadcast messaging, training, and knowledge capture within organizations. kPoint is a one-stop-shop for video creation, consumption, engagement, and interactivity. • Content creators do not need IT skills to create and share videos, promote and socialize them, and analyze viewership patterns. • Viewers quickly search through video archives and find the precise point within a video that matches a search keyword. • Viewers view videos on mobile even when offline. • Viewers can add comments to the video timeline and participate in embedded interactive quizzes. kPoint is creating a video culture within the extended enterprise.
  56. 56. Product Name : nanobi LiquiData Platform Website : ABOUT NANOBI The emergence of the cloud infrastructure along with several newer technologies, are enabling several organizations to not only cope with, but also dynamically build deeper insights. The benefits of such remain secluded within boundaries of organizations with organized teams and skills required to obtain, organize, mine and understand the data. With a view to democratizing insights to a larger cross-section of industries In today’s data rich world, organizations are sprinting towards coping with ever expanding boundaries of data, contextual to their understanding of the business and their customers. And with the amount of public data that is being made available for use, organizations are finding it more and more difficult to manage these data and make effective use of the information as it is hidden in the huge volumes of data. Further, over the past several years large enterprises across all domains have made significant investments in DWH/BI/Analytics. However typical users of these investments have been the management or the power users with a significant majority of users who can benefit from these insights are not in the loop yet. Also, SME’s have never had an opportunity to experience the power of analytics which can help validate the gut with data. We at nanobi have tried answering the challenges faced by organizations to derive value out of information, through a next generation analytics platform called “liquiData” which is designed as an open platform using Company Name : NANOBI DATA AND ANALYTICS PRIVATE LIMITED
  57. 57. REST (Representation State Transfer) architecture and HTML5. Simplicity and agility are the key design principles. The platform thus enables organizations to start small, change rapidly and scale up with ease on a highly scalable cloud based architecture. And to enable adoption of analytics across the spectrum of businesses, nanobi analytics offers pre-built domain rich analytical apps that are crafted for various areas such as Financial Performance, Sales & Distribution Analytics, CRM Analytics, HR Analytics integrated with a variety of applications used by businesses. We this aim to make information a strategic asset in the decision making process and democratize the flow of information in the organization.
  58. 58. Product Name : NowFloats Website : Twitter : @nowfloats ABOUT NOWFLOATS “81% of all consumers go online before heading out to shop” - GE Capital. The right information, at the right time, can change the world. Consumers & businesses are moving to the internet at an unprecedented pace and scale. However, the technology obstacles to getting a meaningful online presence, and the abundance of irrelevant and outdated information is something that hinders SMBs from reaping benef its from this burgeoning opportunity. That’s where NowFloats comes in! NowFloats philosophy is to ensure that existing technology connects the end consumer and the SMBs within a certain proximity of the business. Imagine, rather than finding other e commerce, classified, or listing sites in Google search results your potential customer found the nearest store of your brand which has the appropriate product. E.g. a customer searching for “Fastrack watch in karol Bagh” in Google actually connects to the near by Fastrack store’s website, and then can either buy it from the stores, or pay online and pick it up from the store. At NowFloats, we provide an online identity to all your retail stores which is auto-optimised for hyper-local and mobile searches. Currently over 32,000 customers across india who use our patent pending hyper-local-optimisation technology to attract more local customers online for higher profitability. Company Name : NOWFLOATS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  59. 59. Product Name : Healthcare Platform Website : ABOUT OLIVO Olivo Health A Personalized patient centric healthcare solution platform with cloud, mobility & analytics. Making healthcare affordable, accessible & accurate care to all. Company Overview A collaborative approach delivered through cloud & mobile technologies. A B2B2C model. Many Healthcare providers are isolated with disparate manual systems or Semi Automated Systems. Olivo healthcare operating system connects the cluster to form a virtual tertiary care. A state of art proprietary cloud technology in preventive & predictive analytics for personalised healthcare. We are core team of 10 includes 2 folks with CxO exps, 4 Sr. Architects, 2 Marketing specialists. Together the team has 150+ man years of experience & team together holds 15+ patents on individual names in previous years of work. A equal balance of experienced technical & marketing team. Having a passionate team helps pursue the business & market challenges with vigour & consistency. Team has experience in handling multi- million dollar global products & solutions. Company Name : OLIVO INDIA PVT LTD
  60. 60. Product Name : Qubole Data Service ( QDS) Website : Twitter : @Qubole PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 2 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Pinterest, Quora, Mediamath, DataXu, DataLogix, Capillarytech, Indix, Sokrati Marketshare, TubeMogul, Pubmatic USE CASES Data processing, ETL, Ad-hoc analysis on large datasets, interactive analysis, realtime analysis FOCUS VERTICALS Adtech, Media & Entertainment, Healthcare, Digital marketing, Consumer Tech, Retail Telco & Manufacturing FUNDING STATUS Venture Funded by Charles River Ventures, Norwest Venture Partners, Lightspeed Venture partners CO-ORDINATES Joydeep Sen Sarma Co-founder & CTO Yashwanth Madhusudan Business Development Director - APJ Company Name : QUBOLE
  61. 61. ABOUT QUBOLE Qubole Data Service (QDS) is a self-service platform for big data analytics that runs on the three major public clouds: Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure. QDS provides platorms like Hadoop, Hive. Spark and Presto as a service along with programming interfaces like SQL, Pig, Cascading, Scala and Python - all through an intuitive user interface that that’s built for the data analyst & encourages collaboration. Among its key advantages, QDS automatically sets up and scales up a cluster to match the needs of workloads and then winds down nodes when they’re no longer needed. QDS leverages Open Source technologies - but optimized to take advantage of the elasticity and scalability of the Cloud architecture Qubole can help scale the data infrastructure platform rapidly without having the pains of building out & maintaining one. Qubole provides the best of the open-source bigdata framework, proven at petabyte scale, centered around Hadoop ecosystem in a production ready state. Having data on public cloud makes it a valuable, risk free proposition to evaluate the platform and there is no data movement required.
  62. 62. Product Name : Quintype Website : Twitter : @quitype_inc PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Cloud-based NO OF CUSTOMERS 5 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Quintillion Media, USE CASES Digital Media Publishing & Content Management Content Performance & Predictive Analytics Media Personalization Engine Advertising & E-Commerce Revenue Optimization FOCUS VERTICALS Across Industries FUNDING STATUS Seed-funded (Raghav Bahl, founder Network 18) CO-ORDINATES CEO/Founder: Amit Rathore City: Bangalore, India + San Mateo, CA Company Name : QUINTYPE
  63. 63. ABOUT QUINTYPE Similar to successful e-commerce companies today, modern media companies also need to be technology operations at their core. The technology stack of successful media organisations needs much more than basic CMS. It needs flexible team and project management, configurable workflows, and context-aware collaboration tools. It needs a “create-once, render-anywhere” system to cross-publish content to various devices and form factors. This means thinking beyond mobile devices and responsive design. It must support smart - TVs, smart-watches, in-car infotainment systems, and virtual reality devices. Content must be truly adaptive - automatically rendering the right bits to the right device. The stack needs deep content analytics and performance management, as well as a modern semantic search engine. It needs a cutting edge predictive analytics and personalization engine, and also closed-loop SEO/ SEM optimization. And most of all, it needs an advanced monetization engine that uses real-time predictive analytics and cutting- edge algorithms to optimise revenue across various advertising and e-commerce channels. Quintype is that next-generation solution. It combines modern product design, big data, content data science, and artificial intelligence, to deliver a truly seamless end-to-end SaaS for your digital media organization.
  64. 64. Product Name : WhatFix Website : Twitter : @whatfix PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud & On-Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 25 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Flipkart, MaxWellHealth, Myntra, D’Angers University, Versature etc. USE CASES Reducing support queries. Quick on-boarding of users. Increasing training effectiveness. Quick deployment of new tools and applications. FUNDING STATUS 2 rounds (Angel and Seed) CO-ORDINATES Khadim Batti, Co-Founder +91 96111 05212 Bangalore, India. Company Name : QUICKOLABS
  65. 65. ABOUT WHATFIX It’s very boring to read a verbose product help or go through a screen-cast to learn a new tool. If you feel the same, it’s time to switch over to Whatfix and put an end to traditional style of documentation. With Whatfix anyone can create interactive guides, which provides step by step instructions right inside the applications helping users complete a task, whereby encouraging self-learning and increasing engagement. Interactive guides with Whatfix can be created in just few clicks (under 5 mins) and integrated across all user touch points as slideshow, articles, videos, widgets and links and helping organizations to tremendously improve training and documentation efficiency.
  66. 66. Product Name : RevGain Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud SAAS NO OF CUSTOMERS 5500+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS, Expedia, IHG, Marriott, Accor and more. USE CASES Revenue Management, Price Optimization, Online Reputation, Rate Intelligence CO-ORDINATES Vikram Bahl, Head – Product Marketing +91 98110 55053 ABOUT RATEGAIN RateGain is a leader in the hospitality and travel technology solutions space. A global customer base comprising leading hotels, airlines, cruise lines, car rental companies, online travel agents, tour operators and wholesalers in 72 countries depend upon RateGain’s innovative products for revenue management, rate intelligence, distribution and brand engagement activities. Since its inception in 2004, RateGain as helped travel, tourism and hospitality industry professionals. Our game-changing solutions have super-simplified operations and maximized revenues thereby adding tangible value to their bottom lines. Our customer base of over 5500 clients includes Marriott, Hilton, Expedia and Atlantis among others. Company Name : RATEGAIN
  67. 67. Product Name : Reverie Language Platform Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On the cloud CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS ~30 (Qualcomm, Intel, Micromax, Ola, Karbonn, Spice) USE CASES • Multilingual driver app • Cross-language ad search • Multilingual securities trading portal • Multilingual music and entertainment app • Multilingual, multimodal keypad, Swalekh • Multilingual phone book app with an MAU of 2.2 million (Mar ‘15) FOCUS VERTICALS Consumer Internet, BFSI, Devices, Government FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Arvind Pani, @arvindpani, Co-founder, CEO Bengaluru, New Delhi, Mumbai, Hydeabad, partners globally Company Name : REVERIE LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.
  68. 68. ABOUT REVERIE Reverie’s Language Gateway helps businesses go multilingual across channels – from browse to buy. Reverie’s language localization is real-time, business-domain savvy, has cross-language search, and has multilingual interaction and display giving a complete experience. COMPONENTS OF THE LANGUAGE GATEWAY Reverie solves the local language experience challenge holistically. Here is how: • Business domain intelligent transliteration and localization that are context-aware • Display solutions across complex and linear languages and across all devices • Search and discovery for multilingual content and apps (including cross-language search, phonetic and semantic search, and suggestions) • User interaction technologies with predictive typing in native languages as well as local language phonetic typing through English, and • Analytics giving user behavior, patterns and recommendations This way Reverie looks at localization for enterprises (consumer Internet, telecom, BFSI and more), devices, government, media and entertainment, publishing and more. PAY-AS-YOU-GROW Reverie’s Language Gateway is a cloud-based service and works on a pay-as-you-grow model. New updates to Reverie’s products and features served on the Gateway are made available to our customers on the fly.
  69. 69. Product Name : RobusTesT Website : Twitter : RobusTesT PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud SAAS, private Cloud, and on premise CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS 7 startups and 3 Enterprise () CO-ORDINATES Om Narayan, Co-Founder +91-895-107-1001 ABOUT ROBUSTEST RobusTest, offering a unique approach to mobile performance optimization. RobusTest is the first solution of its kind that allows developers to immediately pinpoint and troubleshoot their mobile quality and performance issues any time. Our flag ship product: Mobile Automation Testing on real Devices, Developers now have an automated solution that provides them with a clear view of their app’s real-world performance across a comprehensive range of real devices, OS configurations, available memory, screen orientations, networks, signal strength and more, before publishing to the app store. Company Name : ROBUSTEST
  70. 70. RobusTest, offering a unique approach to mobile performance optimization. RobusTest is the first solution of its kind that allows developers to immediately pinpoint and troubleshoot their mobile quality and performance issues any time. Our flag ship product: Mobile Automation Testing on real Devices, Developers now have an automated solution that provides them with a clear view of their app’s real-world performance across a comprehensive range of real devices, OS configurations, available memory, screen orientations, networks, signal strength and more, before publishing to the app store. RobusTest address the growing need amongst developers and organisations to identify and address mobile performance issues, early in the development process, enabling faster and higher quality releases. With automated analysis across a comprehensive set of real devices and user conditions in RobusTest’s device lab, dev, QA, ops and management teams can now get the visibility and actionable intelligence they need to shorten dev cycles, maintain brand credibility and build better mobile experiences. Unique features include: 1. Automation on real devices and real user conditions: Visibility on how apps perform across a comprehensive set of devices, carriers, signal strengths, operating systems, memory levels, locations and device orientations. 2. Easily integrates into the development cycle: Quality should be addressed early in the development process, and the RobusTest API allows developers to seamlessly integrate real device testing as part of their existing development process. 3. Depth of data: Identifies the severity and impact of problems that need further research, and track trends over time—this includes network capture details, crash reports, frames per second, CPU/memory data and video.
  71. 71. Product Name : Seclore FileSecure Website : ABOUT SECLORE FILESECURE Seclore FileSecure, a data-centric security solution, enables organizations to remotely enforce and audit who can view, edit, copy, screen grab, and re-distribute files. These granular, persistent usage controls stay with the document wherever it travels, both within and outside of the organization’s borders. The document owner can also remotely modify and revoke access to files after distribution. Recipients can access protected documents either using an agent or agentless mode, making it very easy to adopt and extend the power of Seclore FileSecure beyond the perimeter of the organization. The solution is device and transmission agnostic, including support for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Connectors for Mail/Messaging, ECM, ERP, DLP and other systems makes it easy to automatically protect emails/attachments, documents being downloaded from systems, and sensitive information that is discovered by DLP offerings. A robust SDK and APIs make it very easy to add data-centric security to any corporate system or technology. Company Name : SECLORE
  72. 72. Product Name : Sirion Website : Twitter : @SirionLabs Linkedin : /SirionLabs PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 8 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Western Union, BP, Vestas, MasterCard, Bombardier USE CASES Post-signature management of strategic outsourcing engagements. Areas Covered: • Contract Management • Performance Management • Financial Management • Relationship Management • Risk / Compliance Management FOCUS VERTICALS Applicable to all industries involved in strategic sourcing of complex services. FUNDING STATUS Series-A funding of USD 4.7 million from Sequoia Capital in April, 2014. CO-ORDINATES Contact Person: • Ajay Agrawal, Founder and CEO and • Claude Marais, Co-Founder and President Location: USA, Singapore and India Company Name : SIRIONLABS
  73. 73. ABOUT SIRIONLABS SirionLabs, founded by UnitedLex founder Ajay Agrawal and sourcing veteran Claude Marais in 2012, is a pioneering enterprise SaaS provider focusing on post-signature management of strategic supply arrangements based on complex contracts. SirionLabs’ SaaS suite, Sirion, binds together key governance disciplines – contract, performance, financial and relationship management – through embedded workflows which facilitate the intricate real-world interactions of buyers and suppliers in an intuitive manner within the system using contractual obligations as the driving entity. By identifying the critical obligations and linking them with responsible stakeholders at both buyer and supplier side the system drives trust, transparency and authenticity in sourcing transactions leading to strengthened buyer-supplier relationships, reduced value leakage, enhanced obligations and regulatory compliance and deeper insight into performance levels. Sirion significantly reduces the cost of managing governance function by automating complex governance procedures such as performance and invoice validation. It leverages innovative technologies like automatic metadata extraction through structured data, RestAPI, advanced encryption algorithms and predictive and prescriptive analytics to enable decision makers to conduct real-time multi-vendor, multi-region and multi- function performance analysis on the same page in a highly secure environment. Sirion’s highly mobile design allows cell and tablet users to get the same insights, information and intelligence that they get from their desktops.
  74. 74. Product Name : Nifty Window Website : Twitter : @niftywindow PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 15+ brands, 10000+stores CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Domino’s Pizza, Unilever, Harley Davidson, Decathlon, Kansai Nerolac, Future Group, Titan, Madura Garments, Kotak Mahindra Bank. USE CASES Acquire new customers using digital channels. Bridge online to offline and offline to online Omni channel. Consumer experiences Hyperlocal and proximity marketing. FOCUS VERTICALS F&B, FMCG, Retail, Financial Services, Automotive, Home & Garden, Travel. FUNDING STATUS Bootstrapped CO-ORDINATES Rakesh Raghuvanshi Founder & President Company Name : STOREFRONT DISPLAY TECHNOLOGIES (INDIA) PVT LTD
  75. 75. ABOUT NIFTY WINDOW Nifty Window is a hyperlocal discovery and omni-channel conversion (online-to-offline and offline-to-online) driven platform for brands’ offline assets and drives online consumers to near by off-line stores or online store. Today, local results cover more than half of all Google searches driven by mobile usage and hyperlocal buying intent. Also, commerce has reached a tipping point where more than 70% of all consumer purchases are influenced by online information. It has now become inevitable for brands to influence buyers across digital channels. How can brands improve the likelihood that consumers with a related buying need will make a purchase at one of their near by offline stores or online site? Content. Savvy brands incorporate content on the path to purchase that helps shoppers make a decision. Nifty Window is a distributed content marketing platform that helps brick & mortar businesses drive in-store sales across search, social media and mobile channels. How? Nifty Window uses its patent-pending technology to deliver contextual content to likely search queries in the customers’ path to purchase cycle utilising geo-spatial data-driven content, lead and transaction optimisation.
  76. 76. Product Name : Talview Website : Twitter : @talview ABOUT TALVIEW Today consumers are going online to fulfill most of their day-to-day requirement like shopping, dining and traveling. With increasing penetration of internet a similar shift is happening in the way people look for and access services such as banking, insurance, healthcare, job search, and multiple forms of customer service. Today they struggle for an appointment, undertake cumbersome travel, wait in queues and make multiple phone calls for follow-up to avail many of these services. Video communication over the internet is changing the way people avail these services by making them much more convenient and the experience much more pleasant. Talview is an enterprise grade SaaS video interaction platform. It helps businesses and end users to automatically schedule appointments, connect between service provider (eg: relationship manager, sales executive, doctor or employer) and end user on video from the device of choice, automatically queue follow up actions and provide rich analytics. It frees up the end user from cumbersome activities like scheduling, travelling, waiting and follow up while helping businesses to manage their resources efficiently, control quality, gain insights on processes and most importantly make their customers happier & grow the topline faster. Company Name : TALVIEW
  77. 77. • Product Availability- On Cloud • No of Customers- 60+ large enterprises • Customers- ABB, Glaxo SmithKline, Tata Consulting, Cognizant, Avery Dennison, HCL • Use Cases: Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Recruitment, Talent Engagement, Telemedicine • Focus Verticals: BFSI, Technology, Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, BPO/BPM • Funding Status: Funded by Mayfield • Coordinates: Tom Jose, CMO • City: Sunnyvale, US/Bangalore, India
  78. 78. Product Name : RippleHire Website : Twitter : @ripplehire PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud SAAS CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Top global brands with total of 50K employees leverage RippleHire USE CASES Hiring top talent, Applicant tracking, Social Sourcing, Crowdsourcing top talent, Employee referral hiring, Employee engagement, Team building CO-ORDINATES Sudarsan Ravi, Co-Founder +91 96198 10203 Company Name : TRAMPOLINE TECH
  79. 79. ABOUT RIPPLEHIRE As leaders, hiring top talent is key for you to drive business outcomes. RippleHire is a sophisticated talent acquisition platform that helps you hire great talent. We engage the top talent in your current teams and reduce your hiring costs & efforts. RippleHire has helped companies fill 50% of their talent needs by leveraging the power of psychology and crowdsourcing. RippleHire helps you access passive talent, build/measure your employer brand and ultimately distribute wealth within your organization resulting in a Win – Win situation. Game mechanics helps you build and sustain the buzz around referral programs and reap the benefits of employee engagement. RippleHire is a web 2.0 cloud based product built using the latest trends in design, technology, social media and gamification.
  80. 80. Product Name : ToneTag Website : ABOUT TONETAG ToneTag is a patent pending, integrated library (sdk) that allows easy, frictionless, and secure proximity payments using sound (Tone) or NFC (Tag) Depending upon user device and retail pos hardware, mobile application can toggle to initiate in-store purchases using sound or NFC It works on any mobile device and no internet is required on user device at time of initiating payment At present Mobile Payment Industry is missing out on a tech which can enable frictionless payment at the last mile. If we want users to pay using mobile then the whole experience of payment need to be either similar or better than card or cash payments. NFC does enable a good user experience but it has extremely low penetration roughly less than 7% globally. ToneTag fills this gap, it enables a similar user experience without the need of NFC and which work on every phone and bridge the last mile in making mobile transactions a reality for all. Company Name : TONETAG
  81. 81. Product Name : Tydy Website : Twitter : @tydyit PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud NO OF CUSTOMERS 10+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Purna, Davita, Dream A Dream, Kynkyny, Stepathlon, Travel Tours and POCs with 2 Fortune 250 companies USE CASES Sales & Product collateral, Employee Engagement, Trainingm Feedback & Data Capture, On-Boarding FOCUS VERTICALS Large Enterprises & SMBs FUNDING STATUS Angel Funded. CO-ORDINATES Kiran Menon & Nikhil Gurjer Co-Founders, Bangalore Company Name : TYDY
  82. 82. ABOUT TYDY The way we create & share content it the enterprise needs to evolve for a mobile world. However, the content & documents we use today were built for the desktop world. PDF, PPT, XLS and others were not built for mobile consumption. Tydy is the new mobile content format for the enterprise. The Tydy doc harnesses the interactivity & sensors of mobile devices to create a completely new document consumption experience. With tidy, SMBs and Enterprises have a platform that makes it really simple to create, capture & consume content on mobile devices.
  83. 83. Company Name : UNIKEN Product Name : REL-ID Website : Twitter : @Uniken_Inc PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Both Cloud & On-Premise NO OF CUSTOMERS ~20 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Axis Bank, Bank of India, Bynet (Israel), YES Bank, Bharati AXA Insurance USE CASES Customer Engage, Vendor Engage Employee Engage FOCUS VERTICALS BFSI, Defense, Government, Large Enterprises FUNDING STATUS Venture funded by Nexus VP CO-ORDINATES Sanjay Deshpande CEO & Chief Innovation Officer City- Pune, India
  84. 84. ABOUT UNIKEN Uniken provides a digital access platform REL-ID which provisions mutual trust in the digital relationships and protects digital interactions and data. REL-ID with its break through end-point digital access technology creates a massively scalable digital trust dome – a private digital network which provides secure access to the digital services and authenticates everything - users, apps and devices - to protect digital interactions and data from sophisticated cyber- attacks. REL-ID uniquely blends security and usability without compromising on either. It is an easy to use solution for end users and easy to implement platform for enterprises. It provides a single unified secure digital access solution for varying requirements across users, apps, devices and networks. Uniken is a proven partner of large enterprises and currently has over 2 million users on it. It empowers enterprises for rapid growth by providing the confidence of superior security of digital relationships with their customers, partners and employees.
  85. 85. Product Name : Vymo Sales Force Analytics Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud SAAS CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS 16+ enterprise clients including some of the largest telco, insurance, banking, consumer goods brands USE CASES Lead Management, Franchisee and Channel Management, Sales Mobility, Field Sales Productivity Analytics FOCUS VERTICALS Manufacturing, Automobile, Telcos, Service Providers, Construction, Govt, Retail, BFSI FUNDING STATUS Self-Funded CO-ORDINATES Contact Person : Yamini Natti, Co-Founder Email: Phone : +91 97412 72597 Company Name : VYMO
  86. 86. ABOUT VYMO Your sales teams are the face of your company for your customers. Not only are they guardians or your brand, they define your standards of customer responsiveness. Their productivity drives your business growth and directly impacts bottom line. While you are trying to enable them through automation and mobility, many a times these are perceived as reporting or monitoring tools and fail in getting widely adopted. Vymo is changing the way sales automation is done; by designing mobile-first solutions that take a “what is in it for them” approach. Vymo builds mobile first solutions that have helped some of largest Banks, Insurance Companies, Telcos, Consumer Brands accelerate sales growth by making their field teams On Demand and highly Customer Responsive. Our marquee lead management solution has driven an average 30% higher sales for our clients within 8-10 weeks of launch! Meet us at Intech50 to see how we do it.
  87. 87. Product Name : Teamchat Website : Twitter : @TeamchatApp PRODUCT AVAILABILITY On-Cloud with On Premise option NO OF CUSTOMERS 25+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS To name a few: HDFC, ICICI, Mandiri, Axa, AIG, Airtel, Thomas Cook, Lemontree, Goldmart USE CASES • Team collaboration through instant messaging • Track daily sales performance • Make announcements/ updates • Capture customer feedback • Lookup information • Engage audience at events with surveys/polls/discussions/session feedback FUNDING STATUS Funded CO-ORDINATES Beerud Sheth, Founder & CEO City: Mumbai, India • Conduct contests/ quizzes • Track logistics • Nominate team mates • Share files and photos from the field • Monitor locations/meetings • Track attendance • Set up meetings Company Name : WEBAROO INC
  88. 88. FOCUS VERTICALS Banking and Insurance, FMCG, Telecom, News/Media, Construction, Events, Health, E-commerce, Travel, Education, Hospitality, NGOs ABOUT TEAMCHAT Teamchat is an enterprise-messaging app and platform that enables clutter-free messaging for teams of unlimited size. It is an innovative product with patent-pending smart-messages that summarize responses enabling important message content to stand out. Teamchat is available on all mobile and web platforms and is used by 1000+ orgs worldwide, including some of the largest enterprises in the world. Current messaging apps limit group size and get cluttered in large groups – they are great for consumers, but not for businesses. Teamchat is the first messaging app that solves the clutter and group-size problem substantially improving enterprise communications. A smart message automatically aggregates and summarizes responses and updates itself. So no matter how many users respond to the smart-message, it displays just one aggregate message in the conversation thread. Smart-message templates include poll, survey, sales tracker, location tracker, comment, multi-field form, comment, nominate, location etc. Teamchat offers high degree of security and control over your users, groups, messages and data. It comes with an admin panel offering advanced capabilities, including APIs to integrate with your existing systems or to embed into your apps.
  89. 89. Product Name : Xurmo Website : ABOUT XURMO Xurmo Technologies is a data infrastructure and analytics company, headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company was founded in 2009 by Sridhar Gopalakrishnan in close collaboration with scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. Xurmo is also the name of their Platform for end-to-end Machine-Guided analytics on Big Data. Xurmo solves some of the fundamental design problems with incumbent approaches approaches to Big Data analytics that prevent their mainstream adoption. The Xurmo platform is Core Infrastructure to power mainstream Big Data adoption. The Xurmo platform was launched in early 2014 after five years of R&D in the areas of data modeling, data architecture, machine learning, and personalisation. The company has fifteen patent applications under prosecution at the USPTO and two patents have been awarded. Xurmo has been deployed in production at various top tier companies in India including one of India’s largest private banks; one of India’s top three consumer goods conglomerate and a tier-1 consulting and knowledge process outsourcing company. Xurmo entered the US market in 2014 and has been deployed at Fishbowl Inc., a leading CRM and analytics solutions vendor in the hospitality industry. Company Name : XURMO
  90. 90. Product Name : Smart Energy Optimization System (SEOS) Website : PRODUCT AVAILABILITY Cloud as well as local server NO OF CUSTOMERS ~25 CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS GlaxoSmithKline, NIIT UnitedHealth Group Concentrix, IIT Delhi Motherson Sumi. USE CASES • Alerts when the electrical loads shouldn’t be operating. • Optimum start and stop of air conditioning based on the outside weather and cooling rate of the building. • Optimal set points for air conditioning. • Optimization of night and weekend load of UPS. • Optimal diesel generator (DG) operations and appropriate DG sizing. • Monitoring the power quality (e.g. current imbalance, transformer heating and losses and current harmonics). FUNDING STATUS Self-funded CO-ORDINATES Vishal Bansal - Co-founder 88008 45400 @vishalb Investopad, 18, Sector 32, Gurgaon. FOCUS VERTICALS Commercial Buildings, Manufacturing Units Residential Complexes, Electrical Sub-stations Smart Cities, Smart Grid. Company Name : ZENATIX SOLUTIONS PVT LTD
  91. 91. ABOUT ZENATIX SOLUTIONS Zenatix, co-founded by alumni from IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad and University of California Los Angeles, is an Internet of Things (IoT) company helping commercial/industrial consumers of electricity save upwards of 10% energy. The energy reduction is achieved by collecting high resolution (up to 1 second) energy and related data (e.g., temperature) using sensors deployed at different locations within the facility and interfacing them with Zenatix data logger. Large volumes of collected data is efficiently managed and analyzed using cloud infrastructure. Zenatix closes the energy efficiency loop by developing actionable insights using the collected data and converting these insights either into automated control or by sending prompts (Email/SMS based) for manual control.
  92. 92. Product Name : SureMDM Suite Website : Twitter : @42gears PRODUCT AVAILABILITY SaaS and On-premise NO OF CUSTOMERS 5000+ CUSTOMERS/PARTNERS Datalogic , Banca Compartamos, Beck taxi, ABC Supply Co Inc ,Instacom , CloudTags , Election Administrators LLC,SAMSUNG, Kyocera USE CASES • Securing Field Force devices • Workforce Productivity enhancement • Effective mobile device monitoring & remote maintenance • Device lockdown- Specific purpose device with only authorized applications • Browser lockdown – Allow only authorized websites • Seamless Digital Signage System • Passenger Infotainment • Information kiosks • Customer input terminal FOCUS VERTICALS Field Services, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Construction, Logistics, Retail, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment, Hospitality, Education CO-ORDINATES Onkar Singh: Founder & CEO- Santa Clara, US Abhay Koranne: SVP – Bangalore, India Company Name : 42GEARS MOBILITY SYSTEMS PVT LTD
  93. 93. ABOUT 42GEARS 42Gears Mobility Systems provides Enterprise Mobile Productivity Management Solutions to organisations across the globe. 42Gears products help organisations increase mobile workforce productivity and reduce mobile device maintenance costs. They prevent misuse, ensure security and maximize uptime for mobile devices through their comprehensive lockdown features. Most of the MDM solutions in market today do not focus on mobile device lockdown. They lack features that allow them to configure mobile devices for a secure, specific or single purpose use. 42Gears’ SureMDM suite fills this gap and offers lockdown features along with device management capabilities. It includes device management, device lockdown, browser lockdown and digital content management for mobile devices. 42Gears’ products are designed by industry veterans who are experts in the field of device lockdown and management. SureMDM suite is easy to use and requires almost no training to get started. With SureMDM’s cloud offering, customers can set up and start managing their devices within minutes.
  94. 94. A Joint Initinative by