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Running a start-up within a large business - A Market Expansion Case Study (ProductCamp Boston 2016)

This session will cover a recent real life example of how a project was conceived, pitched to executive leadership and then turned into a funded strategic initiative withing a large business. The speaker will go into the process used, critical elements that made the initiative successful and pitfalls to avoid.

About Beatriz Santin

"Beatriz Santin is Vice President of Global Product Marketing at Experian Data Quality (EDQ). Passionate about results, she loves to put go-to-market strategies to work. Starting as the marketing director in 2008, Beatriz had a progressive career at EDQ in North America before shifting to her current global strategic role. Her experience managing talent and leading a variety of disciplines such as marketing, product management, business development and ecommerce has prepared her to lead the expansion of the business into new geographies.

Beatriz earned a BA in Business Administration from Mississippi State University, where she was a golfer on full scholarship, and an MBA in International Business from the University of South Carolina. Beatriz started her career in enterprise software at Kenan Systems in 2000. A native of Brazil, she speaks fluently Portuguese and Spanish in addition to English. Beatriz lives in Milton, MA with her husband and children."

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Running a start-up within a large business - A Market Expansion Case Study (ProductCamp Boston 2016)

  1. 1.
  2. 2. This is a true story
  3. 3. Context
  4. 4. Steps to scale Courage to get started Selling your idea Testing Getting through corporate inertia Celebrating wins Scaling
  5. 5. Steps to scale Courage to get started
  6. 6. Steps to scale Selling your idea
  7. 7. Steps to scale Testing
  8. 8. Steps to scale Getting through corporate inertia
  9. 9. Steps to scale Celebrating wins
  10. 10. Steps to scale Scale
  11. 11. Few takeaways • Courage to get started – What is the worse think that can happen? – Choose something that you really love and can persist when things get tough • Selling your idea – Conviction in your plan – Pre-meetings – Project charter defined, widely shared • Testing – Start small, start simple, change course as needed, add complexity later – Prioritization, what will we not do • Getting through corporate inertia – Sponsorship – Project management – Internal marketing – Persistence • Celebrate wins – Celebrate, celebrate – Engaged team – more than work • Scaling – Hiring – creative of structure, mix of ready to go (move resources from other parts of the business) and market expertise – Getting the business model right