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Introduction to BDD


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Introduction to BDD

Published in: Software
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Introduction to BDD

  1. 1. @gil_zilberfeld Introduction to BDD
  2. 2. @gil_zilberfeld Hello! I AM GIL ZILBERFELD @gil_zilberfeld
  3. 3. @gil_zilberfeld A history lesson…
  4. 4. @gil_zilberfeld eXtreme Programming ◉User stories ◉System metaphor (and DDD’s ubiquitous language) ◉Customer is always available ◉Unit-test first ◉Acceptance tests
  5. 5. @gil_zilberfeld What are the benefits of test-first?
  6. 6. @gil_zilberfeld
  7. 7. @gil_zilberfeld The Three Amigos George Dinwiddie Developer Tester Business analyst
  8. 8. @gil_zilberfeld Behavior driven development Dan North AKA: Acceptance test DD Specification by example Example DD
  9. 9. @gil_zilberfeld It’s all about the conversations!
  10. 10. @gil_zilberfeld
  11. 11. @gil_zilberfeld Where do stories come from?
  12. 12. @gil_zilberfeld Give me an example!
  13. 13. @gil_zilberfeld Ambiguous requirements The Movie
  14. 14. @gil_zilberfeld BDD/ATDD frameworks Fit Fitnesse JBehave Cucumber SpecFlow
  15. 15. @gil_zilberfeld The Gherkin language
  16. 16. @gil_zilberfeld Steps Scenarios Narratives/Features
  17. 17. @gil_zilberfeld Scenario Given I’m driving a Formula 1 car When I start accelerating from 0km/h Then I get to 100km/h in 2 seconds
  18. 18. @gil_zilberfeld The Story (or Narrative) In order to drive faster As a driver I want a better engine
  19. 19. @gil_zilberfeld What is the acceptance criteria?
  20. 20. @gil_zilberfeld How’s this story? In order to approve a transaction As a user I want to press the “Approve” button
  21. 21. @gil_zilberfeld And this one? In order to transfer money As a user I want to login to the app
  22. 22. @gil_zilberfeld BDD/ATDD frameworks Fit Fitnesse Concordion JBehave Cucumber SpecFlow
  23. 23. @gil_zilberfeld Demo
  24. 24. @gil_zilberfeld Good user stories Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimable Small Testable Bill Wake, 2003
  25. 25. @gil_zilberfeld Good user stories Independent Negotiable Valuable Estimable Small Testable
  26. 26. @gil_zilberfeld Ron Jeffries said As an author of the Agile Manifesto I want that stupid story format to go away So that people can get to the essence of user stories
  27. 27. @gil_zilberfeld Better user stories ◉ Drop the template ◉ Tell the story in a sentence ◉ Anchor it ◉ Unveil the motive
  28. 28. @gil_zilberfeld Better user stories ◉ Imagine the demo ◉ Give context ◉ The general rules ◉ Exception to the rules
  29. 29. @gil_zilberfeld Thanks! ANY QUESTIONS? You can find me at: @gil_zilberfeld