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177 - Team-Based Innovation


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Attendees learn about and discuss topics in product management and product marketing, product discovery, product development & design, go-to-market, product strategy and lifecycle management, and product management 101, startups, and career development.

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177 - Team-Based Innovation

  1. 1. Team-Based Innovation: A Collaborative Approach to Visioning CHRISTINE PERFETTI PERFETTI MEDIA @CPERFETTI
  2. 2. The Product Visioning Workshop What is success? Create team alignment on a 3-5 year vision 
 of the experience users will have with your 
 product or service
  3. 3. The Importance of a Vision • Drives product decisions
 • Provides a destination for the team • Gets the entire team on the same page • Inspires and motivates
  4. 4. THE USER RESEARCH AND PRODUCTVISIONING PROCESS 1. Understand the business goals and problems to solve • Interviews with internal team members • Prioritize user research questions
 THE USER RESEARCH AND PRODUCTVISIONING PROCESS 2. Understand the user • Conduct user interviews to understand the goals, motivations, intent, and experience gaps • Synthesize data: user journey and personas
  5. 5. THE USER RESEARCH AND PRODUCTVISIONING PROCESS 3. Brainstorm and ideate on solutions/vision • Diverge and converge on a long-term vision • Iterate on potential solutions to address user needs • Create an Envisionment THE USER RESEARCH AND PRODUCTVISIONING PROCESS 
 4. Evaluate product approaches • Low and high-fidelity prototyping • Concept testing • Usability testing • Experiments
  6. 6. Involve your stakeholders • Senior management • Product • UX • Engineering • Marketing • Sales • Support What do they know today? The Problems • What are the business challenges? • What are the current user challenges? The Goals • Short and long-term business goals • User goals User research Competitive research
  7. 7. Collaborative user research • Observe users in their natural environment • Understand users’ pain points • Get the team immersed
  8. 8. What we learn • User frustration and problems • How technology fits into users’ life • Domain knowledge • Level of technical expertise • User goals and most important tasks • User preferences and attitudes
  9. 9. Creating personas It’s about the collaboration, not the deliverable
  10. 10. Product Visioning and Ideation Goals of the visioning workshop • Establish a vision of the future experience • Align roadmap or sprint investment with user needs and business goals • Enables the product team to say “no” to features that don’t align with the vision • Brainstorm and prioritize the requirements and strategies for delivering on the product vision
  11. 11. The logistics • Invite all product stakeholders • Schedule a minimum of one day to conduct the workshop • Set expectations for workshop attendees • Assign homework • What are the business goals? • What do you currently know about the target audience? • What are the pain points with the product? The workshop agenda Set the context Establish the product vision Identify opportunities to achieve the vision
  12. 12. Set the context • Review 3-5 year strategic objectives • Present the competitive landscape • Summarize the user research Establish the vision • Converge on a 3-year product vision • Prioritize opportunities to improve the user 
  13. 13. Ideating on a product vision Brainstorming technique modeled after the design studio methodology Teams ideate in short time boxes to generate a product vision with rapid rounds of sketching and critique • Sketch • Present • Critique • Iterate The instructions • Break group into cross- functional teams of 5-6 people • Distribute 8-up to each member of the team • Instruct each attendee to sketch their vision of the product in 3 years Source: Todd Zaki Warfel .. in only 10 minutes!
  14. 14. Pitch and critique • Each member of the team has 3 minutes to present their vision with no interruptions • Team critiques for 2 minutes • What do you like? • What would you like to see improved? Iterate
  15. 15. The Result: Convergence of teams Team-based product visioning • Aligns the team around a shared vision • Gains consensus on user needs and goals for the product • Prioritizes the requirements for delivering on the product vision • Aligns the product priorities with the vision for the ideal user experience
  16. 16. QUESTIONS?
  17. 17.