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Snaky assumptions a creative approach


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False assumptions, false opinions, false expectations and others may lead businesses and lives astray. False assumptions are like snakes; they bite you unexpectedly and may cause great damage. Like we manage snakes, similarly we may manage false myths.

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  • Juao, you are my mind reader. I am finishing a presentation based on your comment. It is entitled 'Unequal Opposites'. It's amazing how virtual friends read each other without having ever met.
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  • In agreement with Rod and King Solomon, David wrote: 'In the abundance of counselors there is where the achievement is”. Great thruth, but sadly we are lacking in serious, wise thinkers and leaders
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  • Great comment, Vincenzo and is extremely relevant. You make me think. The computer example you give is a great one. I concur with your suggestion that'I think the best approach is indeed making assumptions, checking their validity, and prepare to tolerate'.
    The term assumption failure tolerance i exciting and I am proceeding now to read your link.

    Vincenzo, nothing pleases me as an author more than a well-thought comment and I am overly pleased.

    N.B. The link didn't work
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  • Great presentation Ali! Assumptions are very useful and very dangerous at the same time; they are useful provided they are true, and lead to disaster the moment they become false! And they *will* become false, given enough time. This is so close to computer science and so-called system models: certain models (called 'synchronous models') assume that all will be fine. As a consequence, the designer gets his/her job simplified! But the resulting system is very much fragile, 'cause the least unexpected change makes the whole castle of cards go down. At the other extreme we have so-called asynchronous models: you assume too little, and this exacerbates the design tasks... which may lead to introducing bugs... It's a never ending story :)
    (Of course there are mixed models too but this would lead me too much off track ;-))
    I think the best approach is indeed making assumptions, checking their validity, and prepare to tolerate. In other words, building a safe house, but checking regularly for little snakes snaking in, and being ready to get rid of them. In computer science lingo I call this assumption failure tolerance (

    Thank you very much for yet another great presentation Ali!
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  • Neeraj,
    I do appreciate your kind and motivating comment.
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Snaky assumptions a creative approach

  1. 1. Ali Anani, PhD A Creative Approach
  2. 2. I dedicate this presentation gladly to the serious thinker Jeff Washburn His posts on myths inspired the idea of this presentation
  3. 3. I assume
  4. 4. In my opinion
  5. 5. I am worthless I am the best writer
  6. 6. Life is worthless Money is every thing
  7. 7. Myths are everywhere m/creating-myth-part-2/
  8. 8. Myths are everywhere fitness/cardio-myths-debunked
  9. 9. My friend as long as I benefit from him/her
  10. 10. This last one reflects short time-minded people, in emulation of first cost-minded people
  11. 11. Some people believe that short term is ALWAYS more profitable than long term This is wrong
  12. 12. We tend to make more negative assumptions than positive ones
  13. 13. When we say “The best way is….” there is an embedded assumption that we know the best
  14. 14. This entails reluctance to make more efforts since we have the best>>> Costly false assumptions
  15. 15. We have the best customers and no need to look for the best till the snake of assumption bites us
  16. 16. Wrong opinions and/or assumptions are like snakes hiding under our skins
  17. 17. Beware of snaky assumptions and opinions
  18. 18. Like snakes, which can slide by without even the slightest sound… So, are false assumptions they can slide by and make your most sound investments unsound.
  19. 19. Locate the snake first And so, Locate the assumption first
  20. 20. Snakes have a favorable climate to prefer a location And so are assumptions they may locate in favorable business environment
  21. 21. Prepare for surprises of a snake locating you Snaky assumptions might bite you unprepared. Take cautions
  22. 22. Now, you are ready to look for snakes remembering that if you can't see the snake, don’t assume there isn't one there. Snaky assumptions may kill your business
  23. 23. Digging for assumptions in the wrong places such as fallen tree leaves may evoke the snakes to come out and thus risking yourself. Under the dry skin of your business beware of snaky assumptions. Don’t dig there for the snakes would surface out.
  24. 24. Remember that the smallest snakes may be the most troublesome Small false assumptions are the smallest snakes that day endanger your business
  25. 25. Making assumptions means believing things are a certain way no evidence that shows you are correct
  26. 26. We live in the age of rapid changes. What is feasible today might not be feasible tomorrow The risk of snaky assumptions is getting greater
  27. 27. We either prevent snakes from coming in or remove them if they find their way near us
  28. 28. Remove rooted snaky assumptions or prevent them from entering. Keep your business environment unfriendly to snaky assumptions
  29. 29. One way of stopping snakes coming in is using cats who can be predators to snakes. Develop ideas that are snaky assumptions repellent. Be creative
  30. 30. I wish you a snaky assumptions- free organization.