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Preparing your event for a live stream


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Attending an event is always more exciting than the process of planning it. Nobody minds going to a party, but who wants to deal with all the little details about cleaning the venue, making sure there is good parking or proofreading invitations before they are sent out. However, even though the activities that take place before an event are not exciting, they lay the groundwork for how enjoyable the actual event will be. As an event planner, if you want to enjoy the event, you must pay attention to planning it. And no aspect of planning is more important than the pre-planning. This is when you decide why you want to have the event, who the audience will be, and if you can pull it off with the resources you have available to you.

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Preparing your event for a live stream

  1. 1. Preparing Your Event for the Live Stream
  2. 2. EVENT GOALS & OBJECTIVES: WHY IS THE EVENT IMPORTANT? The virtual ticket There is nothing worse than an ill-conceived event. It is not uncommon for individuals and businesses to decide on a spur of the moment to have an event. When you are planning an event it’s all about asking the right questions and defining your expectations. It’s important to understand during the pre-planning stages that the event objective will likely change over time
  3. 3. DETERMINE THE BUSINESS PROBLEM, YOUR EVENT WILL SOLVE If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” -Albert Einstein The virtual ticket This is the most important step of any event because it will help to secure the event’s success for yourself and the attendees. The business problem or the need which an event aims to satisfy helps to confine your efforts during the planning stage to only what is valuable for fulfilling that outcome.
  4. 4. The virtual ticket PERHAPS YOUR VIRTUAL TICKET HOLDERS CAN ASK QUESTIONS DURING THE PRESENTATION’S Q&A SESSION You can assume online viewers understand they will not have access to in-person experiences such as networking. But can you compensate them in some ways by providing behind the scenes access to the keynote speaker
  5. 5. To determine if the event will become a successful business, ask the questions to note down their feedback The virtual ticket PERHAPS YOU CAN CREATE A LINKEDIN NETWORKING GROUP TO HELP ENCOURAGE COLLABORATION FOR MEMBERS OF YOUR EVENT.
  6. 6. BUDGETING In establishing a budget, remember that everything has a cost, even if you will use volunteers. The list of your cost items should be comprehensive. It’s better to overestimate than underestimate. However, if costs get too high, the event may stop being feasible. Adding live streaming equipment, operators, and virtual ticket processing to your costs early on is a good idea. The virtual ticket
  7. 7. The virtual ticket BUDGET FOR AUDIOVISUALS Location Description Audio Behringer X32 Producer Digital Console. Wireless Podium Mic. 6 Shu Digital Wireless Microphones. Computer Audio Package. In- House So System Connection. All necessary cabling and adapters. Video Analog Way Quick Vu HD Switcher. Seamless Presentation Switcher. House Display Connection. All necessary cabling and adapters. Lighting Gallery Stage Lighting Package. Front Stage Wash Lighting System Flo from Ceiling, inclusive of 4 Source4 Lekos. Staging 4'x8' Stage Deck (Grey Carpet) 8x20 Stage - 12" High Black Skirting. Power 100amp 3 Phase Power Distro Labor Lighting Technician. AV Specialists. AV Technician. Live Streaming Producer/Technical Director. Video Switcher. HD recorders.
  8. 8. SPONSOR AND PARTNERS Depending on the type of event, it is possible to find organizations that are willing to put their name and money behind your event. This is very commonly a win-win for events and brands who are in similar industries Sponsors will generally like to hear that the event will be live streamed online. You can decide to live stream any portion of your event directly to a sponsor’s social media pages such as Facebook or YouTube to add extra value
  9. 9. 9BEGINNING2018.BUSINESS BEGINNING. IMPORTANT VENUE CONSIDERATIONS The virtual ticket A venue can make or break an event. All your efforts to find sponsors and choose the right dates for the event will mean nothing if your venue is unavailable for your chosen date. Locking down a good venue is one of the most important pieces of your event-planning equation. It allows you to plan out the other elements of the process with some certainty. Factors to take into consideration in deciding if a venue is right • Venue • Cost • Transport and Parking • Required equipment • Internet Connection • Audience Arrangement • Other Considerations • Audio Visuals:
  10. 10. •Event Name: Evocative and easy to recall. •Unique Logo: Distinct and recognizable. •The Tagline: Memorable and communicating what the event is about. •Font/Theme/Colors: In sync with your message and the mood you want to create. •Consistency: The same message and images across all touch-points. •Website: Everything above should be integrated into a clean and consistent website. •Video Production: The images and assets created for your event should make their way into the live stream and video production branding as well. •Social Media: Your social media strategy should incorporate all of your branding initiatives and portray your core messaging properly. •Throwable Microphones: You can now purchase throwable microphones that are perfect for Q&A sessions. These microphones can be branded with your events logo EVENT BRANDING The virtual ticket