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Futureofmobiletaggingslideshareversion 110110113929-phpapp01

  1. 1. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING A REPORTwww.PSFK.COM n s u lti n g Co ii
  2. 2. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING AWARENESS FOREWORD Co n s u lti n gMobile tags offer a unique opportunity for brands and their agencies to Beyond the purchase, marketers can use the technology to enhanceinteract with potential and existing customers. These two dimensional customer service. For example, how-to instructions can be madebarcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information easily accessible with the simple capture of a mobile tag.contained within them can be leveraged to create incentives and driversthat lead consumers along the purchase path. Mobile tags provide an exciting opportunity to interact with customers in ways not previously available to marketers. This reportBy bridging the online-offline divide with a click of a mobile phone shines a light on to the work of other marketers to both inspire youbutton, mobile tags can drive a brand or product’s awareness. In this and present some mobile tagging options as you consider yourreport we look at how companies are using competitions and gaming next campaign.to engage a new audience.When a shopper scans a mobile tag, they can also gather a deeper levelof information that will help them decide about the purchase of aproduct. Marketers are using the technology to provide an insider’s viewabout a brand—and they are also using the mobile tag to provide Piers Fawkes Founder & Presidentimmediate status updates sent directly to a customer’s phone. PSFKMobile tags can support the purchase stage. Opportunities beingexplored by brands and their agencies include the ability to scan-to-pay and also the offering of loyalty rewards. This report is kindly sponsored byPSFK.COM ii
  3. 3. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING AWARENESSCONTENTS TABLE OF Co n s u lti n g introduCtion 1 CrEAtiVE usEs 3 AWArEnEss Instant Lottery 5 Mobile Arcade 11 Travel By Tag 17 inForMAtion gAtHEring Product Preview 26 Content Sampling 32 Behind The Scenes 38 Scan-Triggered Updates 44 ACtion/PurCHAsE Scan-To-Pay 53 Unlockable Rewards 59 Post-PurCHAsE Feedback Loop 68 Mobile How-To 74 HoW to MobilE tAg Introduction to Tagging, Benefits and Uses 83 Reporting and Measurement 85 Custom Tag Marketing Execution Showcase 86PSFK.COM
  4. 4. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INTRODUCTION Co n s u lti n gPSFK’s Future Of Mobile Tagging PSFK PROCESS PSFK conducted a research cycle during which our SPONSORreport presents key trends in the researchers searched for signs of change and spoke The publication of this report is kindlymobile tagging space, so as to to opinion leaders about shifts in the mobile tagging supported by Microsoft Tag ®inspire marketers and their creative landscape. Our researchers gathered hundreds of piecesagencies about their future use of of data that provided signals of change in usage ofthe technology in their branding mobile tags. At the end of the research period, PSFK’s team conducted pattern recognition to identify trends,activity and communication the strongest of these are featured in this report.campaigns. ABOUT PSFK is the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration for creative business. The New York City based trends research and innovation company publishes a daily Throughout this report you will see news site, provides research and business consultancy, tags that take the reader to additional manages a network of experts and hosts idea generating information, including videos. events. PSFK aims to inspire its readers, clients and guests to make things better—whether that’s better products, better services, better lives or a better world. CONTACT Piers Fawkes - Project Lead piers.fawkes@psfk.com Jeff Weiner - Business Development jeff.weiner@psfk.com Get your free tag reader in your smartphone’s app store by searching For copies of this report, scan the mobile tag on this for ‘Microsoft Tag,’ or at the URL: page or visit: www.gettag.mobi www.psfk.com/future-of-mobile-taggingPSFK.COM 1
  5. 5. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING AWARENESS INTRODUCTION Co n s u lti n gABOUT MOBILE TAGSA mobile tag is a two-dimensional image encoded with information. It is decoded using a cameraphone application. These tag reader applicationsare able to scan tags and react accordingly based on the patterns within the image. Based on the information contained within the tag, the tagreading software can perform a variety of functions including the display of text or images, hyperlinking to specific URLs, linking to videocontent and providing contact information.VARIATIONSInformation can be encoded into two-dimensional images in multiple ways. There have been upwards of 70 different types of tags developedover the past decade, each with associated applications built to identify their specific method of encoding. Many of these application designsare used for logistical purposes in industrial verticals. For the purposes of this report, it is important to consider three key consumer-facingmethods for capturing information through a cameraphone.MICROSOFT TAG QR BARCODESMicrosoft Tag® is a barcode Originally used as a method for Various mobile phonedesigned to deliver encoded tracking vehicle part inventory, applications are using theinformation to a phone from a the Quick Response code is an barcodes found on products toserver. When the Microsoft Tag is open source platform now used serve up information andscanned by a mobile phone’s as a form of scannable barcode. services. When a user scans thereader, it gathers information QR is a not a proprietary barcode with their phone’sloaded on a server and sends it medium, so there are a number camera, services like Stickybits,back to the phone. This feature of disparate formats available for RedScan and eMoby will identifyallows the tag to be used use. The design of this type of the product and provide pricingdifferently over time as the mobile tag contains the entirety information, user reviews andinformation can be updated on of the information being other product data.the backend without changing transmitted and therefore doesn’tthe design of the encoded image. need online access to decode theMicrosoft Tag offers an array of information held within it. Eachtracking metrics including code can contain over 4,000location data. alpha numeric characters.Learn more about creating mobile tags for business and marketing in a special How To Tag section beginning on page 81, brought to you with help from our sponsor Microsoft Tag.PSFK.COM 2
  7. 7. CHAPTER 1 AWARENESS Mobile tags can be used to capture people’s attention and draw them into an experience. Marketers can use them to raise awareness, build brand perception and engage an audience that is on the go. 1. instant lottery 6 2. Mobile Arcade 3. Travel By Tagwww.PSFK.COM 4 4
  8. 8. INSTANTLOTTERYRapid entry into contests and competitions AWARENESS
  9. 9. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INSTANT LOTTERY Co n s u lti n giNSTANT lOTTERYThe organizers behind promotionalcompetitions are leveraging mobile bEAutY Pointtags as a platform for instant entry ProduCt oF sAlEinto contests. With the ability to giVEAWAY ContEstquickly access information througha personal phone, people are ableto enter contests with less frictionaround signup and registration.OPPORTUNiTiES• Turns static media into a “live” experience where the shopper may sCAn turning win instant prizes. EntErs ProduCt• Information like location and FAns into bArCodE contact details can be easily tiCKEt sCAns into captured from the phone, making it a one-click, opt-in process to giVEAWAY rEWArds enter sweepstakes.• Promotions that can be updated through mobile tags give print media a longer shelf life. “Brands are doing a number of things to drive people to sweepstakes. From the consumers’ point of• Downloadable content including view, they just want to scan, sign up and have a chance to win. It is simply a more convenient way for contest details can be shared somebody to start interacting with them at the beginning of the experience.” among friends. Aaron Getz Product Unit Manager, Microsoft TagPSFK.COM 6
  10. 10. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INSTANT LOTTERY Co n s u lti n gBEAUTY PROdUCT givEAwAYFor the August 2010 issue of Allure Magazine, readers were given a to-tal of $725,000 in free beauty products through a series of mini-sweep-stakes. Readers who had signed up for the US fashion publication’scontests were notified by text message 15 minutes before new give-aways were about to take place. At this point, they opened the maga-zine and entered by simply scanning a Microsoft Tag on a specifiedpage. The use of mobile tags reportedly attributed to a 28% increase inentries over the previous year’s issue.PSFK.COM 7
  11. 11. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INSTANT LOTTERY Co n s u lti n gPOiNT OF SAlE CONTESTWhen Wilkinson Sword launched their new Hydro Razor 5 in the UK,they featured mobile tags alongside the retail product displays. Byscanning a QR code on a POS promotional flyer, shoppers were able tovisit a site where they could view videos highlighting the razor’s newfeatures and enter a competition.PSFK.COM 8
  12. 12. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INSTANT LOTTERY Co n s u lti n gSCAN ENTERS FANS iNTO TiCKET givEAwAYIndependent record label Fearless Records published Microsoft Tags tohelp fans win tickets for their bands’ shows. Printed fliers and websitesadvertising upcoming shows invited fans to scan the tags to receive afree track download and also get entered into a drawing for tickets.PSFK.COM 9
  13. 13. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING INSTANT LOTTERY Co n s u lti n gTURNiNg PROdUCT BARCOdE SCANS iNTO REwARdSTo promote their newly launched fair trade ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s partneredwith Stickybits in November 2010 to reward the first 500 users to scan thenew flavors. Upon scanning, consumers had the chance to win free Ben &Jerry’s products, and were able to win a branded T-shirt after scanning twoseparate pints.PSFK.COM 10
  14. 14. MOBILEARCADEPlayful experiences fuse physical with digital AWARENESS 11
  15. 15. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING MOBILE ARCADE Co n s u lti n gMOBilE ARCAdEMobile tags are being used as aplatform to initiate social games tEAM-bAsEd PHonE As gAMEand group-based challenges. Tags MobilE gAME ControllErthat are tied to one another can be EnCourAgEsspread across physical and digital CAMPusspaces to encourage discovery andplayful experiences. intErACtionOPPORTUNiTiES• Team and group affiliations can be facilitated through the use of mobile tags, giving people the option to scan different mobile loCAtion- riddlEs tags to show their support for bAsEd gAME EnCourAgE groups and brands. tHrougH CitY• Promotions can deliver an CEntrAl PArK EXPlorAtion incentive to drive people to particular locations and bring them together for shared experiences.• Tags can be used to turn the phone into a console, launching experiences that use a “We work with a mainstream audience, and we know they’re playing games on their phones. If we can smartphone’s camera to react to incorporate gaming into a brand’s advertising and make it fun with value to the consumer, it becomes a win/win. There’s the potential for these games to add something that people don’t already have on the physical world. their phone.” Carlos Lamadrid Senior Vice President & Chief Brand Officer, Woman’s Day Brand GroupPSFK.COM 12
  16. 16. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING MOBILE ARCADE Co n s u lti n gTEAM-BASEd MOBilE gAME ENCOURAgES CAMPUS iNTERACTiONSA student team at Boulder Digital Works, the creative technology program atColorado University, developed the on-campus game Zombies vs. Hippies through theuse of posters embedded with a Microsoft Tag. By scanning different posters,participants were entered into various group missions and hunts that took place oncampus between groups of students, guided by instructions delivered through each tag.By completing missions for their team, participants added to their team’s overall score.PSFK.COM 13
  17. 17. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING MOBILE ARCADE Co n s u lti n gPhONE AS gAME CONTROllERPirata is a multi-player, augmented reality boat racing game that usesiPhones as controllers. When standing in front of a computer screenloaded with the game’s website, each player is able to choose a sideby scanning one of two tags. Once enough players sign up for a team,the players compete by making a rowing motion with their phone andpropelling their boat forward.PSFK.COM 14
  18. 18. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING MOBILE ARCADE Co n s u lti n glOCATiON-BASEd gAME ThROUgh CENTRAl PARKTo promote New York City parks during Arbor Day weekend, Agency Magmadevised a game played using mobile tags scattered throughout CentralPark. Participants moved along a map to various points in the park wherethey could scan QR codes to learn more about the immediate area. Thisinformation came in the form of a trivia-based game, where players were ableto move along different paths as a strategy to potentially earn more points.PSFK.COM 15
  19. 19. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING MOBILE ARCADE Co n s u lti n gRiddlES ENCOURAgE CiTY ExPlORATiONRussian beverage company Red Energy staged a hunt through Moscow thatled participants from one tag to another, using riddles as clues to the nextlocation. The game began each week at a large mobile tagged billboard atone of Moscow’s central metro stations. By scanning the QR code on theadvertisement, participants were sent to specific street corners and bus stops.The winner was the fastest to crack all seven clues. The game and prizes wereupdated each week, providing new challenges for returning players.PSFK.COM 16
  20. 20. TRAVELBY TAGdistant experiences in the palm of your hand AWARENESS 17
  21. 21. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING TRAVEL BY TAGTRAvEl BY TAgBy delivering rich video experiencesand location-specific content, mobile liVE PrEViEW rEgionAltags can help potential travelers get oF VACAtion inForMAtiona better understanding of unfamiliar dEstinAtions EnCodEdplaces. Regional information can be in PostAgEinstantly available anywhere, espe-cially via tags on promotional flyers, stAMPspostcards and travel material.OPPORTUNiTiES• Destination experiences can be brought to life through point- bringing tAggEd CitY of-view videos and live webcam previews of actual locations. tourist giVEs tourists• Mobile tags can give people dEsitinAtions HistoriCAl the opportunity to purchase to liFE WitH ContEXt tickets directly while previewing VidEo destinations, at a time when travel is most actively on their mind.• Tags can include supplementary information that lives on location- relevant items like mail, buildings, “The storytelling ability we have today is so much more advanced than it was even five years ago and regional marketing collateral. because of the ability to immediately link people to content. This is a great boon to products and ser- vices that are promoted best through demonstrations. Mobile tags are the tool to enable these expe- riences, quickly changing a static two-dimensional communication piece into a very rich experience. Marty Yaskowich Managing Director, Tribal DDB VancouverPSFK.COM 18
  22. 22. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING TRAVEL BY TAG Co n s u lti n glivE PREviEw OF vACATiON dESTiNATiONSBy adding Microsoft Tags to print advertisements, the Fort LauderdaleConvention and Visitors Bureau was able to deliver live views of beachdestinations. Posters were distributed through Manhattan to attract touriststo vacations in the state; when scanned, users were directed to live webcamswhich showed various areas in real time. In addition, tagged brochures sentreaders to descriptive videos of Fort Lauderdale resorts.PSFK.COM 19
  23. 23. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING TRAVEL BY TAG Co n s u lti n gREgiONAl iNFORMATiON ENCOdEd iN POSTAgE STAMPSCorreos, Spain’s postal authority, in conjunction with the mobile marketingcompany Macanudos, has released a QR-coded stamp that when scannedwill pull up additional information about a particular product or place. Themobile tag on the first release of stamps directed a phone’s browser toinformation and videos about the Alhambra of Granada region.PSFK.COM 20
  24. 24. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING TRAVEL BY TAG Co n s u lti n gBRiNgiNg TOURiST dESTiNATiONS TO liFE wiTh vidEOThe Canadian Tourism Board has used mobile tags in a print campaign aimedat attracting travelers from the US. QR codes appeared in ads designed tolook like blog posts that were featured in publications including the NewYork Times. When scanned, people were able to find out more about varioustravel destinations through interactive videos that brought to life experienceslike riding down a mountain zipline at 90mph or taking a horse carriage ridethrough old Quebec City.PSFK.COM 21
  25. 25. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING TRAVEL BY TAG Co n s u lti n gTAggEd CiTY givES TOURiSTS hiSTORiCAl CONTExTIn the Italian city of Turin, web agency mediaKi.it placed Microsoft Tagsin parks, museums, and monuments, so that visitors could scan them as theywalked past important landmarks. When scanned, the tags provide informa-tion about the history of the location as well as maps to help tourists navigatenew areas.PSFK.COM 22
  26. 26. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gMagazine publisher Carlos Lamadrid explains howtags can bring innovation to print advertising• When utilizing a tag in any campaign, it’s important to go through • Combining reader familiarity and the reliability of Microsoft Tag, a magazine certain steps. You have to train the consumer, and give them a reason to can easily sell the platform to advertisers as a tool that works and delivers take action. Alongside this, the actual tag itself has to offer something the intended experience. of true value to the consumer. • Brands should help consumers understand mobile tagging. One of the most• Tags tied to print can add deeper information or how-tos, but another important ways to do that is to make sure it is easy to understand what will stand-out use is giving alternative information to different types of be the specific value of scanning a tag. The best examples of this are tools readers. A recipe published in print may be useful for the main audience, that add to the content with which consumers are already engaging. So, if but there’s the opportunity to provide information for readers with the product is food, the consumer needs to know that by scanning they’re alternative diets. going to be receiving related information, such as a recipe, that will add to their experience.• Brands that use tags as a platform to launch games need to keep the experience fast and simple, and somehow unique from what these • One challenge is effectively demonstrating product benefits on the small people might already be playing on their mobile phone. One way to do screen of a mobile device. With Woman’s Day, brands are using print to this is by establishing some element in the print context that users can communicate the benefits and Microsoft Tag to deliver incentives, rather draw from while in the game. If an advertiser can incorporate this into than the other way around. their branding and create a fun experience, it offers real value to the consumer, making the interaction a win/win for both parties. Carlos Lamadrid SVP & Chief Brand Officer, Woman’s Day Brand Group Carlos Lamadrid is the Senior Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of the Woman’s Day Brand Group. Carlos brings years of leadership experience in publishing and a passion for great brands to help to steward the Woman’s Day suite of platforms to a new level. Since May 2010 Woman’s Day has been using Microsoft Tag in both their advertising and their editorial content to bring richer experiences to readers. PSFK.COM 23
  27. 27. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gAgency Founder Michael Ferrare shares his thoughtson the uses of mobile tags in advertising campaigns• Mobile tags like QR codes are an emerging technology that people are • When people have the opportunity to more easily capture information, and definitely going to use because it’s a really efficient means of accessing they can intuitively understand how they are supposed to use it, they want information. to bring their friends in to have the same experience.• Right now mobile tags are best used for allowing people to initiate a • Tags allow for a new strategy of creating content around specific events process, rather than to just deliver a coupon or content. Every ad today and locations to complement print media. The key idea is to use the mobile can have some type of mobile tag in the corner that makes transactions device to unlock digital content from something in a physical space. easy for consumers. • Great tag design makes dealing with change easier—most mobile tags are• The general concept of scanning an advertisement to connect with unmemorable and similar; it’s surprising that in a branded world, everyone a brand allows for a new path to the consumer, with potentially new is using basically the same image. Brands need to differentiate themselves experiences. With that, comes an opportunity to create original, and based on thoughtful use of design. uniquely memorable consumer content that offers more than just coupons. Michael Ferrare Founder, Agency Magma Michael Ferrare is the founder of Agency Magma, a creative content agency that helps brands explore new and innovative marketing approaches. The agency is made up of young creatives with expertise in emerging media. Specializing in premium brands and interactive experiences, Ferrare is formerly of Crispin, Porter + Bogusky, where he executed integrated creative work for Virgin Atlantic, Method Home, MINI, Burger King, Borders, and Volkswagen. PSFK.COM 24
  28. 28. CHAPTER 2 INFORMATION GATHERING Mobile tags can guide potential customers towards purchase by providing more information about products, services, retail and more. The quick access to additional information can create personal experiences that can be tailored for each shopper. 1. Product Preview 6 2. Content Sampling 3. Behind The Sceneswww.PSFK.COM 25 25 4. Scan-Triggered Updates
  29. 29. PRODUCTPREVIEWgiving consumers a sneak peek while with the product INFORMATION GATHERING 26 26
  30. 30. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING PRODUCT PREVIEW Co n s u lti n gPROdUCT PREviEwMobile tags can give people theinformation they need to make lEArning sCAn Fordecisions about products they About nAturAl ProduCts tHAtare considering. With additional Food bEForE MAtCH HEAltHYtechnical information, people PurCHAsE diEtscan understand how productswill fit their wants and needs andthey can also understand whatto expect from an experiencebefore they commit to making thepurchase. WinE bottlEs giVing rEAl-OPPORTUNiTiES WitH tAsting liFE obJECts A• Scanning can direct shoppers notEs FroM to product specifications that digitAl MEMorY provide them with a deeper tHE ProPriEtor understanding of potential benefits.• Mobile tags can be linked to product reviews and side-by-side comparisons to help influence a customer’s decisions “We see a lot of good uses of tags around recipes. People can scan for additional information, such• For customizable products such as nutritional content, before they make a dish. If you’re looking at a dish with pork but you don’t eat as automobiles, shoppers can be pork, you can scan to find a recipe with alternatives.” connected to a site that enables them to add or subtract options, Carlos Lamadrid allowing them to see how their Senior Vice President & Chief Brand Officer, Woman’s Day Brand Group selections influence price and/or design.PSFK.COM 27
  31. 31. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING PRODUCT PREVIEW Co n s u lti n glEARNiNg ABOUT NATURAl FOOd BEFORE PURChASEMeyer Natural Beef produces meat without additional hormones orantibiotics, selling to consumers who are highly interested in knowing howtheir food is sourced and about the farms that produce it. By scanning aMicrosoft Tag on the packaging, shoppers can capture in-depth informationabout these practices while they’re standing in the grocery aisle.PSFK.COM 28
  32. 32. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING PRODUCT PREVIEW Co n s u lti n gSCAN FOR PROdUCTS ThAT MATCh hEAlThY diETSShopwell is a platform that helps people manage their diet and nutritionneeds. Users build an online profile noting information such as gender, ageand goals, which the service uses to offer personalized food shopping advice.When visiting retail locations, shoppers can scan product barcodes throughthe Shopwell mobile app, instantly pulling up highlighted ingredients andnutrition labels. It will also tap into a user’s dashboard in order to generatecustomized food scores and provide suggested alternatives.PSFK.COM 29
  33. 33. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING PRODUCT PREVIEW Co n s u lti n gwiNE BOTTlES wiTh TASTiNg NOTES FROM ThE PROPRiETORCalifornia’s wine focused marketing group, Sevencamp, is aiming tostandardize the use of mobile tags on wine bottles through their offshootQR4Wine. When the bottles’ labels are scanned, wine tasting notes andextensive information about the vineyard are provided.PSFK.COM 30
  34. 34. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING PRODUCT PREVIEW Co n s u lti n ggiviNg REAl-liFE OBjECTS A digiTAl MEMORYTales of Things is a collaborative project that makes it easy for people toadd digital memories to any physical object by attaching a QR code. Thecodes are associated with online video, audio or text that tells the ‘tale’ ofthat object. The idea behind the project is that the addition of narrativecreates a deeper connection between people and their physical objects.PSFK.COM 31
  35. 35. CONTENTSAMPLINGdelivering experiential media INFORMATIONwww.PSFK.COM GATHERING 32 32
  36. 36. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING CONTENT SAMPLING Co n s u lti n gCONTENT SAMPliNgMobile tags placed in relevant EnCoding sAMPlE MusiClocations offer people the ability to An AutHor’s bEForEquickly experience content that AdditionAl PurCHAsEilluminates whatever they are in-volved with at that moment. This WorK intocontent can give people more infor- booKsmation when engaged with physicaldisplays or print media, as well asuseful contextual information aboutthe world immediately around them.OPPORTUNiTiES tAggEd PAgEs PlAnEtAriuM• Interviews with artists, producers, giVE MorE dEliVErs riCH and directors can be included ContEXt to inForMAtion along with information about booK ContEnt WitH MobilE upcoming shows. tAg• Digital information can be mapped to match physical displays embedded with mobile tags, delivering the experience of exploring the real world with video content. “Right now people can be taken to straightforward content like video, and we’ll see that develop into a wider range of options. People will be able to interact with a rich mobile-optimized microsite to get more• Books can be kept up-to-date information on the spot.” with revised contextual information that accompanies Aaron Getz the content. Product Unit Manager, Microsoft TagPSFK.COM 33
  37. 37. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING CONTENT SAMPLING Co n s u lti n gENCOdiNg AN AUThOR’S AddiTiONAl wORK iNTO BOOKSAtria Books has been experimenting with giving authors an additionalplatform through which to add content to their printed works, by addingMicrosoft Tags onto advertisements and book covers. The tags displaycontent such as videos of the author and their body of work, or detailedexplanations about scenes and characters delivered directly by the author.PSFK.COM 34
  38. 38. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING CONTENT SAMPLING Co n s u lti n gSAMPlE MUSiC BEFORE PURChASEDisplayed in the windows of music, film and theatre venues, theWindowposter presents a Microsoft Tag that helps users to get moreinformation about upcoming events. When scanned, the tag sends people tomusic track previews and trailers for upcoming shows.PSFK.COM 35
  39. 39. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING CONTENT SAMPLING Co n s u lti n gTAggEd PAgES givE MORE CONTExT TO BOOK CONTENTAn edition of Jules Vernes “Around The World In 80 Days” featuresmobile tags in place of footnotes to provide more information. Byscanning the tag, readers are taken to relevant sites that providecontextual information such as historical context and other commentaryabout the content they are currently reading.PSFK.COM 36
  40. 40. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING CONTENT SAMPLING Co n s u lti n gPlANETARiUM dElivERS RiCh iNFORMATiON wiTh MOBilE TAgThe Adler Planetarium in Chicago leveraged Microsoft Tag technology when theyhosted a photo exhibit called “From Earth to the Universe.” The exhibition showcasedimages from space that included various star constellations, nebulae, and galaxies.By scanning a Microsoft Tag, visitors were able to explore rich video versions of eachinstallation while following along within the physical display.PSFK.COM 37
  41. 41. BEHIND THESCENESMaking hidden content available INFORMATION GATHERING 38 38
  42. 42. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING BEHIND THE SCENES Co n s u lti n gBEhiNd ThE SCENESMobile tags are acting as the gate-way for behind-the-scenes experi- sEE tHE FuturE outdoor sCAnences and content. These links pro- oF buildings in giVEs insidErvide additional information about dEVEloPMEnt ViEW oF HoMEsphysical objects, and allow content For sAlEthat is otherwise undeliverable in apublic space to live on a personalscreen instead.OPPORTUNiTiES• By scanning mobile tags, customers can be shown stories about how products are made nEWsPAPEr rEstAurAnts from material sourcing to dEliVErs rEVEAl MEnu production processes, adding value to the final purchase. rACE CoursE PrEPArAtion• For retail store openings, EXPEriEnCE real estate and new building bEForE tHE development, people can be given glimpses into construction rACE progress, and tours of what the interior spaces will look like.• Mobile tags related to large “Tags can be used to create a more interactive and personal shopping experience for consumers. By events like concerts and festivals can resolve to interactive maps scanning a Tag at an auto dealership, the customer can get an in-depth look at the car they want to and guides, providing visitors buy with the options of their choosing, without it having to be physically in the dealership.” with information about what to expect before they attend. Daniele Romeo CEO, mediaKi.itPSFK.COM 39
  43. 43. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING BEHIND THE SCENES Co n s u lti n gSEE ThE FUTURE OF BUildiNgS iN dEvElOPMENTParts of the Gatwick Airport in London are under redevelopment,potentially creating some inconvenience for travellers. Airportmanagement is attempting to alleviate the situation by providinginformation about the project to visitors. People can scan codes placedaround the airport that deliver a guided tour of areas under constructionthrough maps and video.PSFK.COM 40
  44. 44. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING BEHIND THE SCENES Co n s u lti n gOUTdOOR SCAN givES iNSidER viEw OF hOMES FOR SAlEWindermere is a real estate group that uses Microsoft Tags to provide moreinformation about properties for sale. When a prospective buyer scans amobile tag placed on a property’s ‘For Sale’ sign or a realtor’s print collateral,they are led to an inside tour of the particular home including additionalimagery, pricing and access to contact information.PSFK.COM 41
  45. 45. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING BEHIND THE SCENES Co n s u lti n gNEwSPAPER dElivERS RACE COURSE ExPERiENCEBEFORE ThE RACEIn October 2010, the New York Daily News used Microsoft Tagsthroughout the newspaper to add additional information to their coverageof the 40th New York City Marathon. Readers who scanned the tag beforethe race were able to see maps of the course, as well as a video showing itfrom a runner’s perspective.PSFK.COM 42
  46. 46. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING BEHIND THE SCENES Co n s u lti n gRESTAURANTS REvEAl MENU PREPARATiONMesob, a New Jersey-based Ethiopian restaurant, has placed QR codes ontheir tables that take diners to instructional videos when scanned. In additionto detailing the production of the restaurant’s coffee, the videos showcustomers how the restaurant makes Injera, a traditional Ethiopian breadthat is used instead of cutlery for eating. The additional information preparespeople for the dining experience, while also offering cultural insight into thecountry’s practices.PSFK.COM 43
  47. 47. SCAN-TRIGGEREDUPDATESinstantly capturing status information INFORMATION GATHERING 44 44
  48. 48. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TRIGGERED UPDATES Co n s u lti n gSCAN-TRiggEREdUPdATES dEliVEring bus trACK tHEMobile tags are being used toquickly capture up-to-date status sCHEdulE inFo JournEY oFinformation, whether from personal in rEAl-tiME A ProduCt’sitems or from public transportation. PACKAgingTags with information that can beupdated without changing the physi-cal design are being used to quicklyrelay changes, often including a layerof information about location.OPPORTUNiTiES dEtErMinE instAnt• Mobile tags can link to the latest WHEtHEr An trACKing oF press, news or social buzz around a product or release, allowing itEM is stolEn CurrEnCY interested consumers to stay up or not EXCHAngE to date and/or participate in the excitement being generated. rAtEs• At events or conferences, informational tags can provide attendees with the latest schedules, speakers and/or performances, ensuring that they “The more our lives are connected, the more we want to make everything we do shareable. Mobile don’t miss out on any of tags give people the tools to do that. If someone sees something on the street, they can actually the experience. bookmark it right away or share a link to it immediately.”• Mobile tags can be used to create histories and/or up-to- Vincent Jansen the-minute statuses of physical Co-Founder, Likify objects and/or places. This adds deeper meaning and relevancy to people’s interactions with these properties.PSFK.COM 45
  49. 49. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TRIGGERED UPDATES Co n s u lti n gdElivERiNg BUS SChEdUlE iNFO iN REAl-TiMEA pilot program developed in a partnership between GVB, Sparked BV,and MINIbar at Amsterdam’s Central Station provides information andentertainment about the city’s transportation system to travelers who scana Microsoft Tag. By snapping the Tags located on tram and bus stops at theStation Square, riders receive free access to specific arrival and departureinformation, the latest news on public transportation, a mobile movie seriesand art of the day. Also three randomly selected people who snap the Tag willwin a €100 euro (about $140) credit to their transportation subscription.PSFK.COM 46
  50. 50. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TRIGGERED UPDATES Co n s u lti n gTRACK ThE jOURNEY OF A PROdUCT’S PACKAgiNgColumbia Sportswear has launched a new aspect of its online shipping servicecalled A Box Life, which allows its customers to choose a previously usedcardboard box for delivering their purchase. A QR code on the outside ofeach used box allows the customer to track where the box has been and alsoenables pictures to be uploaded to create a history of the box’s journey. 60%of customers have taken up the option when buying goods from the website.PSFK.COM 47
  51. 51. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TRIGGERED UPDATES Co n s u lti n gdETERMiNE whEThER AN iTEM iS STOlEN OR NOTThe Kryptonite Bike Revolution ID Kit includes a bike frame with a tamper-proof QR code called PulseID that links to an online site, providing thebicycle’s current status. If the bike is stolen, the owner can update the codeat the website bikerevolution.com. The PulseID tag located on each bike canbe scanned by any passerby to determine whether or not it has been stolen.If it is, users can click the ‘Contact Us’ button and provide location details,automatically alerting the police, local clubs, shops and the site’s army of BikeDetectives.PSFK.COM 48
  52. 52. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TRIGGERED UPDATES Co n s u lti n giNSTANT TRACKiNg OF CURRENCY ExChANgE RATESA concept design for paper currency developed by QR Arts proposesusing QR codes printed directly onto paper notes that would containinformation on current exchange rates. By updating the code on a dailybasis, international travelers would be able to quickly access the value oftheir currency at the time of exchange, ensuring that theyare receiving the correct rate.PSFK.COM 49
  53. 53. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gMarty Yaskowich talks about creating customerexperiences through mobile tagging• As the market matures and evolves, digital becomes a more and • The storytelling ability that we have today is so much more advanced more important piece for brands who want to create an immersive, than it was even five or ten years ago, because of the ability to quickly link entertaining, and shareable experience for their customers. people to this content.• Mobile tags are a useful tool for transferring a consumer from a • When including mobile tags in any marketing message, not only does the somewhat static two-dimensional communication piece, like print, into a content have to be very high-value, but the setup for the content also really very rich experiential piece. has to sell consumers on the notion that participating in the experience is something they really want to do.• Video allows people to dive deep into experiential content. Something like tourism marketing tends to be all things to everyone, so it’s much • The best examples of using mobile tags we’ve seen combine a physical more powerful to show those experiences than simply tell somebody space along with information regarding where that person is. People are about them. now able to get a deeper experience because they are able to interact with content through both the mobile device and the scannable tag. Marty Yaskowich Managing Director, Tribal DDB Vancouver Marty Yaskowich is an accomplished strategist and integrated marketer with experience leading some of Canada’s marketing powerhouses and the world’s largest brands. Through his role with Tribal DDB Vancouver, Marty has overseen the work done around using mobile tags to inspire tourists to visit Canadian destinations. PSFK.COM 50
  54. 54. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gRoger Marquis describes how marketers canuse mobile tagging• The use of mobile tags requires companies to ask themselves how to • Tracking is an important feature of mobile tags, so agencies should be best move customers and prospects from the print/physical world to thinking about whether to generate and track the tag in-house or through the digital world, or even from the digital world back out to the physical an outside vendor. It’s important to ensure that the scan will resolve to a world. The basic question to ask is how to find new and interesting ways place that’s been optimized for mobile, and to determine how the creative to enhance the overall brand/product/service experience with little or design elements will be assembled and presented, taking into consideration no interruption. the tag itself.• Most any content (i.e., URL address, vCard information, location map, • Mainstream consumers today need some explanation to help understand video, audio, SMS, phone dial, etc.) can be linked to a tag, regardless mobile tags, but it’s important for companies and agencies to do their of format or platform. What makes content live best on the various homework on the details of the core technology as well. There are many platforms is that it is optimized for mobile viewing in general, as well as facets to tagging technology and its use, so it makes sense to spend some the particular device that was used to scan that tag. When these issues time upfront researching, studying and asking some questions. aren’t considered by the brand or agency, the result is often a less than optimal user experience and/or poor response rates. • When companies execute a mobile tag campaign, it’s important that they not lose sight of the fact that the tag merely serves as a tactical element, not the strategy for the entire campaign. Roger Marquis Founder, 2D Barcode Strategy Roger Marquis is founder of 2D Barcode Strategy, a marketing consultancy that focuses on the use and strategy of 2D barcode technology for marketing, advertising and general business purposes. Prior to this, Mr. Marquis has held senior level marketing management positions at leading global organizations within the financial services, technology and publishing industries, and he conceived and managed True Wind, his own travel accessories company. Experienced in all aspects of the marketing mix and knowledgeable about digital and traditional marketing practices, Mr. Marquis is considered a thought leader in the growing mobile tag industry and is known for providing insightful analysis on the subject PSFK.COM 51
  55. 55. CHAPTER 3 ACTION/ PURCHASE Mobile tags provide a strong opportunity to convert a potential sale. Coupled with the existing profile information often held on phones, these mobile tags can encourage swift purchase. 1. Scan-To-Pay 6 2. Unlockable Rewardswww.PSFK.COM 52 52
  56. 56. SCAN-TO-PAYinstant transactions and payments ACTION/PURCHASE 53 53
  57. 57. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TO-PAY Co n s u lti n gSCAN-TO-PAYShoppers can pay for items with thesimple scan of a mobile tag. Systems sCAn to sKiP guMbAllare available that handle significant tHE linEs MACHinEaspects of the payment process, PAYMEntshelping people make swift purchases triggErEd bYwhen they want, where they want. sCAnOPPORTUNiTiES• The inclusion of mobile tags on products can give customers the option of making purchases directly from their phone, lowering barriers to transactions APP EnAblEs buYing MoViE and turning any interaction with sElF-CHECKout tiCKEts a product into a point-of-sale At rEtAil tHougH opportunity. storEs onlinE gAME• Enabling customers to scan tags for purchasing can bring a level PlAtForM of exclusivity to their shopping experience, allowing them to skip lines and expedite their store visit.• Scan-to-pay services encourage customers to enter their personal “There’s a unique opportunity to turn impressions into point-of-sales. If you’re at a bus stop looking at details, enabling retailers to a movie poster, you can scan that poster’s tag. It can bring you to a mobile-optimized website with a gather data about, and better trailer of the movie. If you like it, you can use your map to find the closest movie theater in the closest track their purchasing habits. half-mile radius and then buy tickets through your phone.” Patrick Donnelly Founder, QR ArtsPSFK.COM 54
  58. 58. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TO-PAY Co n s u lti n gSCAN TO SKiP ThE liNESSelect locations of the Ethical Bean Roastery and Ethical Bean Xpress cafés inVancouver are accepting mobile orders via smartphone. The coffee retailer isusing the Mobio payment system, which allows users to scan a mobile tag toplace an order. Once scanned, the person can skip the line and pick up theirselected beverage at the checkout.PSFK.COM 55
  59. 59. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TO-PAY Co n s u lti n ggUMBAll MAChiNE PAYMENTS TRiggEREd BY SCANDevelopers at PayPal Labs have built a prototype system to connect onlinepayment processes to physical purchases. Scanning a QR code links theshopper to a form page to complete the transaction process. Once theprocess is complete, the gumball machine detects that it has received apayment and dispenses candy.PSFK.COM 56
  60. 60. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TO-PAY Co n s u lti n gAPP ENABlES SElF-ChECKOUT AT RETAil STORESMobile applications like AisleBuyer allow users to complete in-storepurchases without the need to pay at the check-out counter. By scanningthe barcode found on the back of products, phone users can get relatedsuggestions, reviews, and the ability to complete a transaction within theapplication. Shoppers can then show their on-screen receipt and leave thestore with the product in hand.PSFK.COM 57
  61. 61. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING SCAN-TO-PAY Co n s u lti n gBUYiNg MOviE TiCKETS ThROUgh ONliNE gAME PlATFORMMicrosoft’s online gaming system Xbox Live has partnered withMovieTickets.com to simplify the purchase process for cinema tickets.When gamers watch a trailer a Microsoft Tag appears. Once scanned, ittakes users to a transaction page with additional information.PSFK.COM 58
  62. 62. UNLOCKABLEREWARDSMobile-enabled loyalty programs ACTION/PURCHASE 59 59
  63. 63. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Co n s u lti n gUNlOCKABlE REwARdSMobile tags allow consumers tobecome members of a brand’s APP rEWArds storEFrontloyalty program by gathering points sHoPPErs For WitHto gain rewards. Programs are being sCAnning sCAnnAblEdeveloped that give shoppers more bArCodEs CouPonsreason to scan mobile tags, some ofwhich feature new thinking aroundplay and the tagging process.OPPORTUNiTiES• By enabling people to collect points by scanning mobile tags that can be redeemed at a later date, people are being EnCodEd turning encouraged to have more brand- CouPons PHYsiCAl toYs led interactions. dEliVErEd into digitAl• Making coupons available tHrougH EMAil CHArACtErs through mobile tags attached to promotional materials or even retail display windows can help drive customers into stores.• Scannable coupons available at the point-of-sale offer an additional incentive to shoppers “On-product tags can be the traditional local coffee shop loyalty program, except without requiring who are considering a potential the actual paper punch card. In this way, the product experience and value transfer are more immedi- purchase. ate, so the rewards are instant.”• Coupons can be added at the end Michael Ferrare of marketing or brand messages Founder, Agency Magma delivered through mobile tags, giving customers a reason to watch all of the directed content.PSFK.COM 60
  64. 64. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Co n s u lti n gAPP REwARdS ShOPPERS FOR SCANNiNg BARCOdESCheckPoints is a mobile shopping and marketing application that combinescheck-ins, barcode scanning and rewards for an all-in-one consumer and brand-friendly platform. The service is designed to encourage shoppers to interactwith brand-sponsored products at offline stores by linking barcode scans withreward points. CheckPoint users check in at participating retailers through aniPhone app to view the current advertised products. When scanning theseproduct barcodes, customers accrue points, which can be instantly redeemed inthe Rewards Store for gift cards, airline miles and gadgets.PSFK.COM 61
  65. 65. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Co n s u lti n gSTOREFRONT wiTh SCANNABlE COUPONSAxis Salon in Washington, D.C. created an artfully designed storefront windowdisplay with the help of QR Arts that included “bubbles” containing individualQR codes. Upon scanning the codes, passersby were taken to YouTube videosfeaturing beauty icons or coupons for discount services such as a free scalpmassage or 10% off hair products. By encouraging this exploration from outsidetheir shop, the salon provided incentives for curious customers to walk inside andlearn more about their services.PSFK.COM 62
  66. 66. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Co n s u lti n gENCOdEd COUPONS dElivEREd ThROUgh EMAilEmail marketing service MailChimp has added a new service called Pyow! thatmakes it easy for business owners to create QR code coupons and send themout to their subscribers. Customers can either print out the code or save iton their smartphones for redemption at the store. An accompanying mobileapplication enables retailers to scan the tag at checkout to verify authenticity.PSFK.COM 63
  67. 67. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING UNLOCKABLE REWARDS Co n s u lti n gTURNiNg PhYSiCAl TOYS iNTO digiTAl ChARACTERSIn conjunction with the launch of the Xbox Kinect gaming system, BurgerKing provided limited edition stuffed animals along with their kids meals.After scanning a tag associated with the physical toy, the Kinectimalsgame uses the Kinect recognition system to translate real-life movementsmade with the toy animal onto the screen. This allows the player to usethe physical toy to interact with other in-game animals.PSFK.COM 64
  68. 68. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gPatrick Donnelly shares insight on howmobile tags can provide measureable value• Mobile tagging is beginning to move people from impression to • It’s important to think about how you can design or theme a tag to ensure interaction with a brand. When a mobile tag can prompt someone to they fit within the graphic identity of the parent brand. Something like watch a video, interact with a mobile site, or book a hair appointment, it a designer QR code is essentially a logo that people can take a picture has gone from just viewing a static ad to actually creating revenue and of with their phone within which, a call to action is built in. So it’s a little, creating a return on investment. It can also raise the profile of a brand or square, beautiful, interactive logo. In general, I think people are more company, which is an intangible return from the tag experience. interested in scanning things that are a bit more colorful, especially if they have some “wow” factors in them.• By adding a mobile tag to a pre-existing print ad or a kiosk in a store, brands have the ability to turn those impressions into a deeper • We find that if you scan a mobile tag like a QR code and there’s nothing of experience that they’ve pre-designed, which can be a very powerful value on the other end, people get frustrated. So, as you’re scanning the additional return on their investment. tag, it’s important to consider whether the experience on the other side makes sense. It also needs to make sense in context, so that the tag has• With the addition of mobile tags, brands have this unique ability to something to do with the ad that on which it is printed . turn impressions into point of sale opportunities, and because of the speed of the technology, this can occur within the span of two minutes. The value lies in the translation of those impressions into financial transactions, or just great experiences for a brand and consumers. Patrick Donnelly Founder, QR Arts Patrick Donnelly is CEO and Founder of QrArts LLC, an integrative media consulting agency that specializes in mobile user experience with respect to mobile tagging and 2D barcodes. QrArts creates brand engagement strategies that help move consumers from impressions to interactions, and specializes in the design and implementation QR code campaigns. PSFK.COM 65
  69. 69. PSFK presents FUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING ExPERT ADVICE Co n s u lti n gDaniele Romeo describes innovative waysconsumers can benefit from mobile tags• We feel that the goal of mobile tags should be to let the users feel • There is also opportunity around the buildup of loyalty points by scanning involved in a link between real life and virtual space. mobile tags. Users can access a merchant’s network through a mobile tag and by joining the community, can use whatever services the network• Mobile tags allow for instant information and interactive content around offers. The build-up of points accumulated while using these services will products and places using just a mobile device. The aim is to bring help them receive discounts and special offers. people into a digital space that makes their experience more interactive, enjoyable and at the same time expands their knowledge. • Simple giveaways can be integrated with tags, providing an intermediary interaction that is both helpful for organizations and informative for the• Mobile tags can be used to create a more interactive and personal people who are scanning. shopping experience for consumers. By scanning a tag at an auto dealership for example, the customer can view the car they want to buy with the options of their choosing, and change these before the final decision. Daniele Romeo CEO, mediaKi.it With a background as a professor at the European Institute of Design, Daniele develops ideas and solutions that empower mediaKi.it Ltd as a web & social media company. Over the last 4 years, he has built a team of professionals who make mediaKi.it an agency leader in the development of digital applications. The team works to build interaction within social networks as well as the development of social media marketing and social community management strategies. PSFK.COM 66
  70. 70. CHAPTER 4 POST-PURCHASE Even after the sale, the mobile tag can drive customer satisfaction by providing extra service and support. This could be as simple as providing a how-to guide or additional content to loyal customers. 1. Feedback loop 6 2. Mobile how-Towww.PSFK.COM 67 67
  71. 71. FEEDBACKLOOPSharing recommendations with others POST-PURCHASE 68 68
  72. 72. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING FEEDBACK LOOP Co n s u lti n gFEEdBACK lOOPBy acting as a vehicle throughwhich consumers can quickly share sCAn tAg to loYAltYthoughts with brands, friends, and FACEbooK liKE MEAsurEMEntothers, mobile tags are emerging as PHYsiCAl itEMs sYstEM WitHa platform for feedback. Tags can tAgsinitiate the customer review process,and can trigger recommendationswithin the customers’ socialnetworks.OPPORTUNiTiES• Mobile tags can provide a quick way for people to share sCAn to lEAVE VotE on products, services or events with their friends on popular social ProduCt Artists networks like Facebook and rEViEWs tHrougH Twitter. tAgs lEFt on• Whether related to products, ArtWorK services or events, mobile tags can provide a channel that takes people to sites where they can leave more personal reviews about their experiences. “We see good uses of tags in art, with the potential to have people leave digital comments with• During campaigns and events, pieces in a gallery. You could also link to things like videos, where you have an artist actually explain tag scans can enable customers their own piece and give personal tours, through the phone that you bring with you everywhere.” to get involved and voice their opinions through simple voting Patrick Donnelly systems or polls. Founder, QR ArtsPSFK.COM 69
  73. 73. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING FEEDBACK ACCESS ExCLUSIVE LOOP Co n s u lti n gSCAN TAg TO FACEBOOK ‘liKE’ PhYSiCAl iTEMSA new service called Likify, created by Belgian company Boondoggle Lifelabs,allows marketers to add mobile tags to products and signage. When peoplescan a QR code with their cell phone, it triggers a Facebook ‘like’ on theassociated brand’s Facebook page. Nike has been using the codes in Belgiumin a campaign to promote their shoes by getting people to “like” differentjogging routes.PSFK.COM 70
  74. 74. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING FEEDBACK LOOP Co n s u lti n glOYAlTY MEASUREMENT SYSTEM wiTh MOBilE TAgSRecommendi is a customer survey system for businesses. Business ownersplace mobile tags in locations where shoppers will easily encounter them,such as dining tables, shop windows and receipts. Scanning these tagslinks the customer to a questionnaire that will collect their feedback andprovide discounts in return.PSFK.COM 71
  75. 75. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING FEEDBACK LOOP Co n s u lti n gSCAN TO lEAvE PROdUCT REviEwSConsumer research consultancy EveryDay Lives is developing aprototype application that will use mobile tags to capture customerfeedback at the point of purchase. Barcodes or mobile tags attached toproducts will resolve to a consumer survey feedback page which, whenscanned, will deliver coupons or reward points in exchange for thoughtson the product or service experience.PSFK.COM 72
  76. 76. PSFK presentsFUTURE OF MOBILE TAGGING FEEDBACK LOOP Co n s u lti n gvOTE ON ARTiSTS ThROUgh TAgS PlACEd NExT TO ARTwORKThe Art Loop Open at Block 37 in Chicago incorporated Microsoft Tags into a recentgroup show to create an interactive experience for visitors. Each piece of artworkfeatured in the exhibition included a Microsoft Tag next to it that enabled attendeesto vote for the artist whom they felt should win the gallery competition. The tags alsoallowed viewers to access additional information about the art piece along with theartist’s bio.PSFK.COM 73
  77. 77. MOBILEHOW-TOdelivering detailed instructions whenthey are needed most POST-PURCHASE 74 74