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Paarl newsletter 2008_vol2

  1. 1. Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians Newsletter Rm. 301 The National Library Building, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita 1000 Manila Philippines No. 2 April – June 2008 ISSN – 0116 – 014 PAARL Summer Conference in Palawan Lourdes d.C. Roman INSIDE THIS ISSUE The Philippine Association of Academic and 1 PAARL Summer Conference in Palawan Research Librarians (PAARL) sponsored its first major activity for the year at the city within a 4 Puerto Princesa City Tour forest– Puerto Princesa, Palawan last April 23- 6 25, 2008 dubbed as “Finding the Library’s Place in The Underground River Experience the 2.0 Environment: providing for interactive, 7 Balangue Shares Acquisition Expertise collaborative, and web-based technologies, services and resources”. 8 PAARL Fellowship Luau Ms. Lourdes Rodriduez, Librarian V of Palawan State 8 Lapuz Talks on Web 2.0 University welcomed the participants. The keynote address was delivered by the University Librarian of 9 List of PAARL Paid Members April – June 2008 Jose Rizal University and 2008 PAARL President, Mrs. Loreto Garcia. Ms. Snooky Ignacio of Electronic Individual Members Information Solution, Inc. presented their software Destiny. The mechanics of the conference were 11 Institutional Members presented by the energetic Conference Chair and Vice- President of PAARL, Ms. Elvie Lapuz. The vibrant Ms. 12 Upcoming Events Christine Arellano emceed the opening ceremonies. You’re all invited to a Conference proper started with the talk of Ms. Fe Seminar – Workshop on Angela Verzosa, an expert in the field of libraries. She Leadership and Management tackled “Information Literacy and Digital Literacy life- long learning initiatives with Librarians in the Frontline”. to be held in Davao City According to her lecture, Library 2.0 is a model for on October 22-24, 2008. library service that reflects a transition in the way Details to be announced services are delivered to library users. Her talk was in PAARL YahooGroup & next issue! Continued on page 2 April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 1
  2. 2. PAARL Summer… from p.1 managing subscriptions. Ms. Wrapping it up, the two days Danielle Tseng also shared the conference tackled Web 2.0, how followed by the product features of EBSCONET. it influenced Library 2.0. The presentation of Ms. Charmaine product presentations included a Teodoro of CE Logic who The last session with Ms. Sonia software, online databases, discussed CE Logic’s Online Gementiza, Director of Libraries, subscriptions management and Database. De La Salle University security device. These products Dasmariñas, Cavite, focused on may assist the librarian in coming Mrs. Marietta Molina, the gracious “Information Commons: Creating out with services geared toward ex-officio of PAARL, emceed the new library spaces, enhancing Library 2.0 nd 2 day of the conference. It access to digital sources and started with the lecture of Mr. deskless reference model. It was Borrowing the idea of Mr. Robert Mathew Romero on “Web followed by the presentation of Romero, as a way of addressing 2.0, Library 2.0, Librarian 2.0: Mr. Josef Halos on EBSCOHost these changes and changing Information Networks and the 2.0 which focused on online patron needs, the librarian must Academic Library: Collaborating databases. also improve in order to become for Enhanced access and the Librarian 2.0. production of information”. This A fellowship night with a luau session was followed by the theme was held after dinner. All product presentation of Mr. Jay participants enjoyed the games Below: Registration during the Landicho of 3M Philippines who and prizes and some even PAARL Summer Conference; presented a library security showcased their talents in singing participants after the sessions. system. and dancing. Opposite Page: Ms. Verzosa; Mrs. Garcia & Mr. Romero; Mrs. Garcia & The afternoon session started The next day, participants had a Mrs. Gementiza; Ms. Lapuz; Mrs. with the presentation of Mr. Wim chance to visit various tourist Molina; Mrs. Roman; PAARL Board; van der Putten of SWETS. destinations through a half-day conference participants. Swetswise subscriptions is a tool city tour. in acquiring, accessing and April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 2
  3. 3. April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 3
  4. 4. Puerto Princesa City Tour Purita P. Uson As a final treat to participants of the two-day PAARL is a mini-zoo where some of Palawan’s endemic National Summer Conference held in Palawan, a city animals can be seen. One example is an ostrich that tour of Puerto Princesa was organized by the officers can be found in the grounds. We even posed for a of the Association. In the morning of April 25, 2008, souvenir shot holding a young crocodile for only thirty five (5) vans carrying the excited tourists left the pesos. conference venue and a tour guide was assigned to Another place that we visited was the Butterfly each vehicle. The half-day city tour covered the Garden. This fine garden is home to different butterfly following interesting places: species not only those native in Palawan, but also Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm – Situated in a 37- those from other parts of Southeast Asia. It was hectare picturesque farm, this colony houses some constructed to attract tourists and make them aware of 4,000 inmates who live in dormitories. The place is the beautiful butterflies that are natural to Palawan. more of a farming community rather than a prison. The The garden is full of flower-bearing plants where inmates are involved in agricultural work and their butterflies fly around hopping from one plant to families are allowed to live and stay with them. The another. One can find various pupae and cocoons coconut trees, rice, and other crops planted in the vast where caterpillars transform into butterflies. If you are land area are cultivated by the prisoners as well as patient enough to wait, you can witness two butterflies their families. The preoccupation helps them earn a mating at the garden. In a small shop that sells living. Another source of income for them is souvenir items and house decors, I spotted and handicraft-making and carving items made of bought a beautiful butterfly artwork in a ceramic tile as mahogany wood. Their products are a good buy for remembrance of my visit. tourists. It was starting to rain when we reached our next Next in the itinerary was the Palawan Wildlife Rescue destination which was Mitra’s Ranch in Sta. Monica and Conservation Center. Its former name was (owned by the late Senator Ramon Mitra). The ranch is Crocodile Farming Institute, more popularly known as one of the favorite picnic places that is open to the the Crocodile Farm. It is both a tourist attraction and a public. It offers a spectacular view of Palawan’s research institute devoted to crocodiles. It aims to different islands, specifically the Honda Bay and its preserve and conduct further research studies on various islets with beautiful beaches. endangered species of crocodiles. One of its We also passed by Baker’s Hill which sells delicious attractions is a skeleton of a large crocodile encased in pastries, sweetened cashew nuts, etc. Their “hopia glass. A crocodile’s skin can be seen hanging on the ube” tastes so good. They have a playground for wall. Some of us in the Board and other participants children where one can enjoy eating their delicacies had our picture taken beside the amazing fossilized while enjoying the beautiful landscape. remains. The place has a hatchling house for crocodiles. One of its structures is a “hospital” for sick We took a side trip to the city’s Baywalk. The place is and disabled crocodiles. Another feature of the center very scenic and clean, and is comparable to Baywalk L-R: Mrs. Molina, Mrs. Roman & Mrs. Jose @ Iwahig Souvenir Shop; PAARL Board @ Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center. April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 4
  5. 5. in Roxas Boulevard, Manila (which, unfortunately, is forty-three (143) American soldiers were burned inside now a thing of the past). a tunnel here during World War II. It serves as a Memorial Park in honor of local heroes and American The final stretch of our journey was at the Immaculate soldiers. The names of those who died in the tunnel Concepcion Cathedral. In 1872, the Immaculate are on the memorial. Concepcion was proclaimed as the Patroness of Puerto Princesa. The first mass was celebrated in the Puerto Princesa City, indeed, is beautiful. It has so same place where the present cathedral now stands. much to offer to its visitors. There is certainly It has an angular structure, different from most something for everyone – nature lovers, diving churches, that amazes visitors. enthusiasts, and adventure seekers. The wonderful Not far from the cathedral is Plaza Cuartel. This was journey that we had will surely linger in our memories. the former site of a Japanese garrison. One hundred I Clockwise from top: PAARL Conference Participants @ the Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center; Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral; Ms. David, Mrs. Roman, Mrs. Balangue, Sr. Gloria; Mrs. Jose; Ms. Arellano & Mrs. Molina with a baby crocodile. Renew your membership to PAARL for 2008 and get your PAARL ID! Avail discounts in PAARL activities and purchases from all branches of Bridges / Goodwill Bookstore! Contact Mr. Christopher C. Paras – PAARL Secretary Watch out for the release of PAARL Directory 2007 - 2008 Update your membership profile today! Contact Mrs. Veronica M. Jose – PAARL Membership Committee Chair April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 5
  6. 6. The Underground River Experience Purita P. Uson PAARL President Despite our hectic schedule, we (the PAARL Board) To while away time, we watched a short film (inside a saw to it that we see the world famous 8-kilometer makeshift room made of native materials) about the Underground River that opens out to the South China Underground River which served as a short Sea. We have heard many accounts of amazing trips introduction about the national park. As it was dark to this popular attraction of Palawan. inside the room, we worried about contracting malaria, so we applied Off lotion lavishly on our exposed skins. So, on the fifth day of our stay in Palawan, after the After the film showing, we had an early lunch at a grueling 2-day seminar and half-day city tour, off we nearby beach. Waiting time was far from over so we went to Sabang Village, to see the Underground River, decided to stay under the comforts of a vacant cottage also known as St. Paul’s Subterranean National Park. which gave us a good view of the sandy white beach and the swimmers frolicking in the waters. To fight off Aboard a van, we left the St. Ezekiel Moreno boredom, we did all sorts of things like picture-taking, Spirituality and Development Center at around 8:00 listening to music, strolling, taking a nap, telling stories, am. We brought with us snacks, packed lunches, cracking jokes, and munching junk foods. Three of the drinks, walking slippers and sandals, insect repellents, Board members swam in the beach. swimwear, etc. Most of the trip from Puerto Princesa to Sabang is over well-paved roads but as we got At past 3 pm, we were told that we were ready to nearer to Sabang, the ride was bumpy. However, the board the boat that will take us to the Underground wonderful scenery made up for the little discomforts. River. At last, the long wait was over! Excitement We could only marvel at the lush greenery, marble enveloped us as we rode on the boat wearing our mountains, and dense forests that surrounded us lifejackets. Cameras flashed as our boat traveled past throughout the trip. It was drizzling along the way but the pristine waters of the bay leading to the cave. After thank God, it did not rain hard, lest we would get stuck a 20-minute journey, the boat dropped us on a beach in the muddy rough roads. near the entrance to the cave. From there, we walked a few more yards until we got to the actual entrance. The road to Sabang from Puerto Princesa is One of the Board members managed to go to the impassable during heavy rains. It took us about 2 Monkey Trail where she saw some species of birds, hours to reach Sabang. As we disembarked at the and animals, including monkeys, of course. Ranger Station, we were told that we will have to wait for long hours ( 5 hours at that!) before we get to our The entrance to the cave is a small, jagged limestone destination because around nine hundred (900) people cliff just enough for a small boat to go through. We have arrived ahead of us, all wanting to have a cruise were given lifejackets and helmets before before of the river. We had no choice but to wait. We could cruising the river. As we inched our way inside the not afford to miss the opportunity of seeing for cave, our tour guide, who also paddled our boat, ourselves the must-see tourist destination. April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 6
  7. 7. pointed out various limestone formations (stalactites). The cave was huge and long (that makes it the longest He named them as mushroom, carrot, cucumber, corn, river in the world) and the water was quite murky. It Sharon Stone’s sexy body, Jesus Christ’s shroud, and was eerie inside but the journey was awesome. Our a lot more. The superb limestone formations elicited round trip to the river took about 45 minutes only. So “Oooh”s and “Aaah”s from the group. short a time compared to the long hours of waiting that we had to endure but it was all worth it. After coming As it was dark inside the cave, our boat carried a out from the cave, we were led to a small floating powerful lamp. Normal flash photography was not barge where we posed for souvenir shots with the cave possible. Our cellphones’ cameras proved useless. It entrance as the background. It was a wonderful was quite cold inside the cave with occasional journey and we left with cherished memories of the drippings from above the cave and bats flew over our remarkable place. I bet most of us are yearning to go heads every now and then. That’s what the helmets back to this extremely interesting and unique river that were for. At times, we would cross paths with boats is Palawan’s foremost pride. carrying other explorers and we would say His and Hellos to one another. Balangue Shares Acquisition Expertise Christine B. Arellano Mrs. Jocelyn T. Balangue of DLSU-Manila and PAARL She was also invited by the Cavite Librarians Treasurer is one of the most sought-after resource Association, Inc. (CLASS) in coordination with Cavite speakers in the field of Library Acquisition today. She Provincial Library to a three-day Seminar-Workshop on was invited in the two-day seminar sponsored by the Basic Library Management held on May 26-28, 2008 at University of Santo Tomas Library Science Association the Old Session Hall of Cavite Provincial Capitol, Trece (USTLSAA) in cooperation with De La Salle University Martirez City. 182 attended the said seminar mostly Library entitled “Acquisition and Organization of teacher librarians from the province of Cavite. Electronic Resources in Library Services" held last April 16-17, 2008 at CSB Hotel, 2nd Floor, Angelo King Her topic in both seminars aided the participants in Building, corner Arellano Avenue, Estrada Street, acquiring library materials thru online ordering services Malate, Manila. She presented her paper on "Online of online vendors that help to facilitate the efficient and Ordering and Acquisitions." effective purchasing and delivery of library materials. April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 7
  8. 8. PAARL Fellowship Luau Christine B. Arellano Mrs. Loreto Garcia, PAARL President, welcomed groups with their respective leaders who pre-assigned everybody to the PAARL’s Fellowship Luau. The side the game contestants. PAARL Board and Committee garden was arranged by the Sisters and staff of St. Members surprised everyone with a hula dance. Ezekiel Moreno Spirituality and Development Center and cocktail pineapples were prepared. Games, raffle prizes and special awards followed. Talented librarians also showcased their talents in Mr. Johann Frederick Cabbab of the UP School of singing and dancing. Library and Information Studies had a poi exhibition at the start of the event. Participants in their Hawaiian It was a fun-filled night for everyone! costumes trooped the venue and were seated in Lapuz Talks on Web 2.0 Christine B. Arellano PAARL Vice President Miss. Elvira B. Lapuz, College She was also invited in the seminar on Collection Librarian III of UP Diliman Main Library, was the Development and Management in Web 2.0 dubbed as resource person in the seminar on Collection "Learning and Re-learning Technical Services in Development and Management Practices Using the Libraries" on May 28-29, 2008 at the Multi_purpose Library 2.0 Mode for the staff of the Angeles University Hall of University of the Assumption, Del Pilar, City of Foundation held on May 22, 2008 at the Angeles San Fernando, Pampanga sponsored by the PLAI – University Foundation Library. Central Luzon Librarians' Association. April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 8
  9. 9. List of PAARL Paid Members – April to June 2008 Prepared by Veronica M. Jose I n d i v i d u a l M e m b e r s NAME INSTITUTION ADDRESS Adriano, Lucila UST Library España, Manila Alavanza, Fe A Jose Rizal Memorial State College JRMSC Main Campus, Dapitan City Alonzo, Madonna Remedios UST Library España, Manila Avorque, Necita S. Manresa School BF Homes, Paranaque City Bagtas, Erlinda G UPEP Library Clarkfields, Pampanga City Balangue, Jocelyn T De La Salle University - Taft Taft Ave., Manila Balenbin, Gabriel L Don Bosco Technical Institute -Makati Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City Balenbin, Shandee C Don Bosco School Sta. Mesa Manila Baron, Mae Lyn Q. De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Bernales, Grecel E St. Paul University - Manila P. Gil St. Ermita, Manila Bolire, Aleili T University of Rizal System-Murong Sumulong St. Morong Rizal Bombales, Carmela Ateneo Professional School Rockwell Center, Makati City Boneo, Percida A St. Paul University - Manila Pedro Gil St. Ermita, Manila Cabantog, Joanne T. Manresa School BF Homes, Parañaque City Cabbab, Johann Frederick A UP SLIS UP Diliman, Quezon City Calingasan, Lourdes Fatima UST Library España, Manila Cambay, Ludivima De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Cana, Mercy B. Manresa School BF Homes, Parañaque City Capule, Jenneth Gomez UST Library España, Manila Cardenas, Rossana G. TIP Cubao, Quezon City Celestial, Libi B Palawan State University Puerto Princesa City, Palawan Chua, Marissa A Don Bosco Technical Institute -Makati Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City Clemente, Nora V. Northeastern University Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Laoag City Cruz, Angelica UST Library España, Manila Dahilog, Emeliana A Liceo De Cagayan University RNP Blvd. Carmen, Cagayan De Oro City Dalimot, Olivia N Nortwestern University Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Laoag City David, Ma. Luz UST Library España, Manila David, Sonia Lourdes L Ateneo Professional School Rockwell Center, Makati City De Guzman, Paulita Ateneo Professional School Rockwell Center, Makati City De La Cruz, Lerma T Northeastern University Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Laoag City de Paz, Joebert A. De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Dela Torre Aisa Ateneo Professional School Rockwell Center, Makati City Dolendo, Russel Battad Benguet State University BSU, La Trinidad, Benguet Dorado, Rafaelyn P Colegio Dela Purisima Concepcion Arzobispo St., Rozas City Empeynado, Florence Zamora Jose Rizal Memorial State College Katipunan Campus, Zamboanga del Norte Enem. Noli Phil. Military Academy Fort Del Pilar, Baguio City Espiritu, Rhodora De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmarinas, Cavite Estoya, Ma. Teresa UST Library Espana, Manila Estudillo,Mary Ann D. De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmarinas, Cavite Fabella, Eden De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmarinas, Cavite Faustino, Leticia Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Ferre, Maria Fe V Assumption College San Lorenzo Village, Makati City Fontalba, Rowena D. The Philippine Women's Univ. Taft Avenue, Manila Fuchigami, Kaori UST Library España, Manila Garcia, Antonio Fernandez College Baliuag, Bulacan Gervacio, Irma Fe Emilio Aguinaldo College Dasmarinas, Cavite Gomez, Neria Bicol University Legazpi City Gomez, Nida T Western Visayas College of Sci & Tech Burgos St. La Paz, Iloilo City Gonzales, Ofelia Mapua Institute ofTechnology Muralla, Intramuros, Manila Hubilla, Ana Mae Kristine Urcia Don Bosco Technical Institute -Makati Brgy. San Lorenzo, Makati City April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 9
  10. 10. I n d i v i d u a l M e m b e r s NAME INSTITUTION ADDRESS Irinco, Reina R UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Jimenes, Emelita University of Rizal System-Morong Sumulong St. Morong Rizal Jimenez-Salvador, Mary Ann De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Letran, Abigael Amor B. St. Benedict College Alabang, Muntinlupa City Libalib, Jennifer B Adventist Int’l Inst of Advanced Studies Lalaan I, Silang, Cavite Linartes, Viloria M. Institute for Labor Studies Intramuros, Manila Lobo, Ma. Cecilia D. UST Library España, Manila Lomong-oy, Abugay Karen Aisa St. Mary's School of Sagada Sagada, Mountain Province Lontoc, Raquel UST Library España, Manila Lopez, Ma. Czarina UST Library España, Manila Magsino, Martha University of Batangas Batangas City Manalo, Leona Rica T. Manresa School BF Homes, Parañaque City Manguilin, Chona UST Library España, Manila Manuel, Leonila UST Library España, Manila Manzo,Arlene De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Marcelino, Jannelyn St. Benedict College Alabang, Muntinlupa City Matawaran, Nora UST Library España, Manila Matias, Arlene UST Library España, Manila Mendoza, Ethel De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmañinas, Cavite Mojados, Almasita Ateneo Professional School Rockwell Center, Makati City Monteclaro, Mildred L NORMISIST Cabadbaran Campus Curato St., Cabadbaran City 8605 Olaguer, Ma. Ictoria M Bicol University College of Nursing Lib., Legazpi City Olamet, Narcelita Lane UST Library España, Manila Oloteo-Monterola, Mapua Institute of Technology Intramuros, Manila Oñate, Ivanhoe Sarmiento Mindanao Polytechnic State College Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City Oñate, Lourdes Salinas Xavier University Corrales Ave. Cagayan de Oro City Padilla, Diana UST Library España, Manila Pascual, Marween Terry San Jose City Library Nueva Ecija Patayan, Bernadette B LGU-Pudtol, Apayao Poblacion, Pudtol, Apayao Paya, Grace Emilio Aguinaldo College Dasmariñas, Cavite Piores,Leslieann C. De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Ramos, Mila M. International Rice Research Institute DAPO Box 7777, Metro Manila Ruado, Maphella A Western Philippine University San Juan, Aborlan, Palawan Saile, Teresita Chavez Jose Rizal Memorial State College Turno, Dipolog City Salazar, Herminigilda H University of Northeastern Philippines San Roque, Iriga City Salting, Marilou B St. Paul University - Manila Pedro Gil St. Ermita, Manila Samaniego, Sharon De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmarinas, Cavite Samson, Cecilia E. Holy Name University Tagbilaran, Bohol San Gabriel, Michelle UST Library España, Manila Sangil, Maria Lourdes B. St. Benedict College Alabang, Muntinlupa City Sanidad, Naicy Guardian Adventist University of the Philippines Puting Kahoy, Silang Cavite Sebil, Rialene R Jose Rizal University 80 Shaw Blvd., Mandaluyong City Selencio, Marivic G. St. Benedict College Alabang, Muntinlupa City Sotabinto, Santisima P Western Philippines University San Juan, Aborlan, Palawan Suaque, Rovie Western Philippines University Sufronio Española, Palawan Subaldo, Juanita UST Library España, Manila Tacderan, Evelyn E Northeastern University Don Mariano Marcos Ave., Laoag City Tavora, Hazel Ann Mapua Institute of Technology Buendia Ext. Makati City Timbangcaya, Angelita UST Library España, Manila Tined, Raquel S. De La Salle University - Dasma Dasmariñas, Cavite Usita, Marivic UST Library España, Manila Vesperas, Letty St. Benedict College Alabang, Muntinlupa City Viernes, Sabina UST Library España, Manila April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 10
  11. 11. Paid Members from January – March 2008 (Continued from 1st Issue) NAME INSTITUTION ADDRESS Mont, Everest G. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Murillo, Regina N. CAL Library CAL New Bldg., UP Diliman, Quezon City Nabor, Jeojilyn G. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Brgy. Bucal, Calamba City Nicdao, Siena Blanca Mapua Institute of Technology Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila Paran, Maria Honarata Saint Rita College Manila Patacsil, Perla C. NCPAG Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Perez, Freya Faye L. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba City Perez, Joy De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City Ponseca, Zenaida UP Diliman UP Diliman, Quezon City Pua, Mharlo De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City Purilan, Sarah Jane University of Luzon Perez Blvd., Dagupan City Ramos, Roderick B. PNU Taft Avenue, Manila Recalde, Hipolita R. SOLAIR Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Sasmena, Isabel Nazareth High School Davao del Sur Serrato, Armila A. Polytechnic State College of Antique Sibalom, Antique Simyunor, Johnnie University of Mindanao Bolton St., Davao City Soriano, Rosalina A. EARIST - Cavite GMA, Cavite Sornoza, Merlyn A. College of Architecture Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Tabiendo, Grace B. CSSP Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Tabilog, Michelle D. St. Scholastica Ayala Heights, Silang Cavite Tacad, Thelma Philippine Public Safety College Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City Tagasa, Clarita DLSU-Manila Taft Avenue, Manila Tolentino, Sheryl U. UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Uson, Purita P. PWU - Manila Taft Avenue, Manila Valencia, Ma. Lovella S. Univ. Perpetual Help System Dalta Las Piñas City Villarin, Eliza G. Divine Word College of Laoag Laoag City I n s t i t u t i o n a l M e m b e r s NAME OF INSTITUTION REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS Asian College of Science and Technology Santos, Josielyn R Baliuag, Bulacan DEBEMESMSCAT, Masbate Arevalo, Delia Jamora Masbate Emilio Aguinaldo College Cachuela, Angela Dasmariñas, Cavite Holy Cross of Davao College Bisares, Angelita Sta Ana Ave., 8000 Davao City Holy Name University Library Tagbilaran City Jose Rizal University Garcia, Loreto Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City Manila Central University Salamat, Karen Vanessa EDSA, Monumento, Kaloocan City Philippine Women's University Angeles, Dionisia Taft Avenue, Manila St. Joseph College-Cavite Bawagan, Sr. Maria Paz Cavite City TIP Cubao Cubao, Quezon City TIP Manila Rodriguez, Milagros Quiapo, Manila University of Rizal System-Murong Vibar, Eleanor M Sumulong St. Morong Rizal University of St. Louis - Tuguegarao Pinto, Michael Tuguegarao City UST Miguel de Benavides Library Majuello, Estrella España, Manila Virgen Milagrosa University Foundation San Carlos City, Pangasinan Xavier University Acedera, Annabelle P Corrales Ave. Cagayan De Oro City April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 11
  12. 12. UPCOMING EVENTS STAFF BOX JULY 8, 2008 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CHRISTINE B. ARELLANO Forum on REVIEWING STANDARDS FOR LIBRARY RESOURCES MANAGEMENT – SM MEGAMALL ASSOCIATE EDITOR LOURDES D.C. ROMAN CIRCULATION MANAGERS This event is in cooperation with the Association of Booksellers CHRISTOPHER C. PARAS for the Academe and the Profession (ABAP) on the occasion of MARITA VALERIO th the 12 Philippine Academic Book Fair in SM Megamall. CONTRIBUTORS JOCELYN BALANGUE VERONICA M. JOSE SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 PURITA P. USON FORUM ON PLAGIARISM – MALL OF ASIA PAARL BOARD 2007 President Loreto T. Garcia This event is in cooperation with PrimeTrade Asia, Inc. on the th occasion of the 28 Manila International Book Fair. Vice President Elvira B. Lapuz Secretary Christopher C. Paras OCTOBER 22-24, 2008 – DAVAO CITY Treasurer Jocelyn T. Balangue SEMINAR –WORKSHOP ON LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Auditor Sonia Lourdes L. David P.R.O. Purita P. Uson Directors Erlinda B. Gonzales JOIN PAARL / RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO PAARL TODAY! Veronica M. Jose Sr. Ma. Gloria Pasamba, SPC JOIN THE PAARL YAHOO E-MAIL GROUP: Ex-Officio Marietta D. Molina Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians ENTERED AS THIRD CLASS MAIL (PM) Rm. 301 3/F The National Library Building AT MANILA POST OFFICE T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000 Under Permit no. 1295-00 PHILIPPINES Date Granted: February 15, 2000 Valid until: December 31, 2008 Postage Paid. Subject for postal inspection. TO: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ PAARL Newsletter is published quarterly in print and online ( Subscription is free to all members. Contributions come from Executive Board and Committee Members. For comments and suggestions, please contact Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia, President (JRU 5318031 loc. 15) or email us thru April – June 2008 PAARL Newsletter 12