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Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians

                              Newsletter              Rm. 30...
PAARL’s 35 … from p.1
Second part of the program was the Induction /
Awarding Ceremonies. Mr. Christopher C. Paras,
Excerpts of The    Essence of Service Commitment in Quality Education
Inspirational Message of Dr. Vincent K. Fabella
Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia’s Acceptance Speech
                                               PAARL President 2008

July 2008 – Forum on Collection Management in                2.       Creation of membership ID
coordination with the Asso...
PAARL Awardees for 2007
                                                     FChristine B. Arellano
Outstanding Library Award was given to SILLIMAN                      cultural heritage; and for its continued support of P...
Report of the Outgoing President 2007
                                                    Mrs. Marietta D. Molina

Monograph formats. The Board took charge of promoting              were well managed; Miss Purita Uson, Chairman of Ways
PAARL Financial Statement
                                         January to December 2007

                   Prepared a...
Love: the Foundational Virtue of Service and Commitment
                                                          Purita P...
List of PAARL Paid Members – January to March 2008
                                           Prepared by Veronica M. Jose...
Lubaton, Annielyn D.                University of Mindanao                     Bolton St.., Davao City
      Mallari, Flor...
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                          STAFF BOX
   APRIL 23-25, 2008   ...
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Paarl newsletter 2008 vol1


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Paarl newsletter 2008 vol1

  1. 1. Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians Newsletter Rm. 301 The National Library Building, T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita 1000 Manila Philippines No. 1 January – March 2008 ISSN – 0116 – 014 th PAARL’s 35 Annual General Assembly and Induction / Awarding Ceremonies at JRU Dr. Fabella inducting the PAARL Board 2008 into office. Jose Rizal University (JRU) along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City served as the venue of the 35th PAARL General Assembly and INSIDE THIS ISSUE Induction / Awarding Ceremonies. The much anticipated event was held in the morning of 1 PAARL’s 35th Annual General Assembly and Induction / Awarding January 25, 2008 at the JRU Auditorium. Ceremonies at JRU Librarians, book dealers, publishers and guests attended the event. 3 Excerpts of Dr. Vincent K. Fabella’s Inspirational Message The first part of the program was the General 4 Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia’s Acceptance Speech Assembly. It was called to order at a little past nine in the morning by PAARL 2007 President Mrs. Marietta D. 6 PAARL Awardees for 2007 Molina of CEU-Manila. Fomer Library Director and University Archivist of DLSU - Manila, Ms. Fe Angela 7 Acknowledgment Speech of Ms. Fe Angela Versoza M. Verzosa, discussed the guidelines of the Council of Elders. The President’s Report followed, delivered by 8 Report of the Outgoing President 2007 Mrs. Molina. She highlighted the accomplishments and activities of the previous Board: the 2007 Planning 9 PAARL Board 2008 Planning Seminar in UP Diliman Workshop held in Antipolo City; the seminars, workshops, and fora held in 2007; the outreach project 10 PAARL Financial Statement: January to December 2007 in Rizal; the different committee chairs¸ co-chairs, and members who worked closely for the Association; and 11 Love: the foundational virtue of service and commitment the numerous exhibitors and book sellers that 12 supported the PAARL 2007 activities. The Treasurer’s List of PAARL Paid Members January - March 2008 Financial Report for 2007 was presented by Mrs. 14 Jocelyn T. Balangue of DLSU-Manila and PAARL 2007 Upcoming Events Treasurer. Continued on page 2 January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 1
  2. 2. th PAARL’s 35 … from p.1 Second part of the program was the Induction / Awarding Ceremonies. Mr. Christopher C. Paras, Head Librarian of Southeast Asian College Inc., and PAARL 2007 Secretary, was the Master of Ceremonies. The JRU chorale led the invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. They delighted the audience with their intermission number. Mrs. Wilhelmina I. Neis, Dean of College, JRU, introduced the very distinguished President of JRU, Dr. Vincent K. Fabella. In his inspirational message, Dr. Fabella challenged the new set of PAARL officers to act as facilitators of change. He also discussed the growing use and role of libraries; on-line learning; the declining use of print materials; and the protection of privacy and intellectual freedom. Mrs. Rebecca M. Jocson, Chief Librarian of PLM and PAARL NOMELEC Chair, presented the 2008 PAARL Board of Directors and Officers. The oath-taking ceremony was officiated by Dr. Fabella. Inducted into office were: Loreto T. Garcia (Jose Rizal University), President; Elvira B. Lapuz (University of the Philippines-Diliman), Vice-President; Christopher C. Paras (Southeast Asian College, Inc.), Secretary; Jocelyn T. Balangue (De la Salle University-Manila), Treasurer; Purita P. Uson (The Philippine Women’s University), Public Relations Officer; Erlinda B. Gonzalez (Adamson University), Director; Veronica M. Jose (Mapua Institute of Technology), Director; and Marietta D. Molina (Centro Escolar University), Ex- Officio. Not present during the event were: Sonia Top-Bottom: Registration; the attendees; the officers & awardees. Lourdes L. David (Ateneo Professional Schools), supported all its activities namely Abiva Publishing Auditor; and Sr. Ma. Gloria B. Pasamba, SPC (Saint House, Academic Book Sales, Inc., Association of Paul College-Pasig), Director. Booksellers for the Academe and the Professions (ABAP), Anvil Publishing, A-Z Direct Marketing, Inc., The acceptance speech was delivered PAARL Board CD Books International, Inc., C & E Publishing, Inc., 2008 President Mrs. Garcia. She presented PAARL Design Bytes, Inc., EDCA Publishing & Distributing, Board 2008 plans and activities for the entire year, as Corp., Electronic Information Solutions, Inc., F & J De well as the standing committees. This was followed by Jesus, Inc., Felta Multimedia, Inc.,, the presentation of 2007 PAARL Awardees by Mrs. Golden Books Services, Inc., Goodwill Bookstore, Dionisia M. Angeles (PWU University Librarian), and Great Books Trading, Library Journals Services Corp., Chair, PAARL Committee on Awards. The awardees Linangan Books Trading, Linar Educational Materials, were: Ms. Prudenciana C. Cruz, Outstanding Megatexts Phils., Inc., National Book Store, New Research Librarian Award; Ms. Virginia I. Caintic, Century Books, New Day Publishers, and Reader’s Outstanding Academic Librarian; Sr. Ignatius R. Tal Knowledge Book Store. The very good attendance of Placido, SPC, Professional Service; Ms. Fe Angela M. the representatives of the above-mentioned companies Verzosa, Lifetime Achievement; Silliman University added to the success of the event. Representatives Library, Outstanding Library; and HERDIN (Health from the following were not able to make it to the event Research Development Information Network), but their plaques are just waiting to be picked up : Outstanding Library Program. Belview Co. Inc., Filbar’s International Subscription System, Inc., Forefront Book Co. Inc., Philippine Daily Ms. Verzosa delivered her response in behalf of all the Inquirer, SWETS Information Services, Atty. Ulpiano P. awardees. Sarmiento’s Law Firm, and 3M Philippines. The PAARL Board 2007 also awarded Plaques of The program ended with the closing remarks of Appreciation to the exhibitors and book sellers who PAARL Vice President, Ms. Elvira B. Lapuz. - Purita P. Uson January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 2
  3. 3. Excerpts of The Essence of Service Commitment in Quality Education Inspirational Message of Dr. Vincent K. Fabella President, Jose Rizal University Greetings first to our distinguished guests and the m Library use is growing. Study shows 61% growth from 1995-2004. Print is declining. Electronic media is growing. Library spending from 2004-2006 shows 68% on Electronic Books and 3% print books. In 2004, 58% of children K-12 used other media while reading print (National Endowment for Arts, Nov 2007). 48% of library users go to the library to use the computer facilities (ALA, 2007). People are using the library more. But the value proposition they are asking of libraries is changing. Value Propositions Top Ten Assumptions for the Future of Academic Libraries and Librarians (2006): 1. Improve methods of data storage, retrieval, curation service; 2. Continuous librarian training and development; 3. Increase in the demand to access library resources 5. Focus will shift from the creation and management and services rich digital library presence; of large, on-site library collections to the design 4. Resources and educational programming related and delivery of library services; to intellectual property management will become 6. Tools and techniques of social computing will an important part of library service; provide new opportunities for the design and 5. Evolution of information technology will continue delivery of library resources & services. to grow and will require additional funding; 6. Higher education will be increasingly viewed as a Immediate Challenges business; 7. As part of the “business of higher education,” 1. Standards for digital material and services students will increasingly view themselves as Philippine standards for academic library “customers” of the academic library; service such as LibQual in the United 8. On-line learning will continue to expand as an States option for students and faculty; Stakeholder accountability - what 9. Demands for free, public access to data collected measures do you track to ensure you are and research will continue to grow; meeting your client’s requirements? 10. Protection of privacy and support for intellectual freedom will continue to be defining issues. 2. The National Book Development Board is beginning to form Intellectual Properly rules for ALA’s top emerging issues in the library field (2006) digital publications 1. Broader collaboration between academic, public, 3. ISO : Information and documentation – monitor special, and school librarians on topics of common library performance indicators concern; 4. Consortia pricing for academic resources can be 2. Library facilities and services will become developed increasingly integrated with research, teaching & 5. Review accreditation standards to focus less on learning programs across campus; copyright and ratios, and more on service delivery 3. The ability to meet the needs of e-science and e- scholarship in the social sciences and the Convince those who decide on your budgets! Expose them humanities will increase; to these trends. Ask publishers to fund exposure trips to library conferences, and bring these people along! 4. Collaboration between academic libraries and university publication programs will intensify; Thank You! January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 3
  4. 4. Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia’s Acceptance Speech PAARL President 2008 To hold a baton of leadership and to create and leave a lasting legacy are not easy jobs to carry on unless one has commitment to realize a vision that will give glory not only to PAARL nor to our places of works and our stakeholders but specially to God almighty. At first, I was afraid and even more blind to see this great privilege and challenge of leading this Association because of our major responsibilities that you and I are engaged in not only in our families but more so in our respective colleges and universities. After pausing for a moment of prayer and discernment, I was led to accept this great commission, this great responsibility, with a conviction that all of you who are gathered here and even those who are not around will share with me and the members of the Board the task of giving glory to God by working seriously with joy in accomplishing the plans we have laid down for this year. According to John Maxwell in his book “The 21 Most Powerful Minutes in a Leader’s Day”, fulfilling a calling to leave a legacy is an incredible joy. How, when, Dr. Vincent Fabella, PAARL’s past presidents, fellow where, what and why are only guide questions that can librarians, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good help us confirm this quotation. morning. Let us then experience that joy; the joy of sorrows, the First of all, I’d like to thank God for arranging all our joy of pains , the joy of sufferings and the joy of schedules and for providing us with a fine weather so success as we embark on our plans and strategies to that we can all gather today not only to meet one fulfill our vision. Let us share our time, treasure and another but more so to share in the accomplishments talents so that at the end of our term, when this of our association for the past year and again to be privilege is over, everyone can truly say that we really involved in the development plans and other activities did our best and whatever we failed to accomplish, we have lined up for this year. let’s all believe that God will do the rest. We have extended our invitation to all the concerned With your support and the assistance of our librarians so they would know where we are now and administrators, we propose to conduct various where we are heading to for this year. activities and development plans for this year. Traditionally, PAARL conducts two major seminars in a Many are called but few are chosen. To all of you who year in addition to fora and other activities in support responded and accepted our call to be with us this of the National Book Week. For 2008, we propose to morning, we consider you as the chosen few. And for hold the following: that, we thank you because you made this day possible for us, PAARL and JRU, to serve you. March 6, 2008 – Forum on love, commitment and services to empower our colleagues in the Ten years ago, JRU, which was then JRC in 1998, performance of their duties and responsibilities committed to serve PAARL through the leadership of Ms. Loreto M. Serina, who was then the Chief Librarian April 23-25, 2008 – Seminar on Web 2.0. Actually this of this university and the Lifetime Awardee of PAARL is one of the latest technologies abroad which Ms. in 2006. Today, ten years after, in behalf of JRU, Elvie Lapuz had on her latest training in New Zealand another Loreto is standing before you, ready to serve and one of the topics to be covered in Hong Kong you, our stakeholders and this association to achieve Libraries Annual Leadership Institute. our target goals.. January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 4
  5. 5. July 2008 – Forum on Collection Management in 2. Creation of membership ID coordination with the Association of Booksellers for the 3. Database of PAARL members Academe and the Professions (ABAP) which is 4. Intensive marketing of PAARL CD on FIPINIANA scheduled at SM Megamall. BOOKS FOR COLLEGE LIBRARIES V.1 Social Sciences September 12, 2008 – Forum on Plagiarism in 5. Funding proposal for V.2 of FILIPINIANA coordination with the Manila International Book Fair BOOKS FOR COLLEGE LIBRARIES (MBIF) which will be held in Mall of Asia. 6. UPDATE PAARLNET 7. COOPERATIVE ONLINE DATABASE October 21-24, 2008 – Seminar on Leadership and SUBSCRIPTION – EBSCO Management which will be held in Davao 8. Consortium with South Manila Interlibrary Consortium – PULSE November 17-18, 2008 – Seminar on Cataloging and 9. Publish updated PAARL Directory networking. Ms. Corazon Nera and Ms. Esguerra will share their latest training from IFLA, With your commitments, services and grace from God, we believed that we will be able to achieve and November 29, 2008 – Forum on Quality Customer succeed in our goals for this year. As the saying goes, Care for the Library & IMC Staff. “The beauty of life does not depend on how happy we are, but how happy others can be because of us”. All the above schedules will be concluded with an outreach project which will yet be finalized in later In behalf of PAARL BOARD 2008, I wish to thank JRU dates. specially our President and the Vice President for Information Systems even if he is not around , our For development plans, the 2008 Board commits to library staff, and all of you who made this day a work on the following: memorable one. 1. Increase of membership fee which I believed can now be decided on with your approval . GOOD DAY AND GOD BLESS US ALL! Top-Bottom: Book dealers & publishers : accepting their Plaques of Appreciation; JRU Library Staff; PAARL Officers old & new during the reception. January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 5
  6. 6. PAARL Awardees for 2007 FChristine B. Arellano PAARL President PAARL recognized the 2007 Awardees during the General Outstanding Academic Librarian Award was given to Assembly and Awarding Ceremonies held at the Jose Rizal VIRGINIA I. CAINTIC in recognition of her dedication to the University Auditorium last January 25, 2008. Mrs. Dionisia M. cause of academic librarianship as Director of the Learning Angeles, Chairman of the Committee on Awards, initiated the and Information Center of the University of Mindanao; for awarding ceremonies. Mrs. Teresita C. Moran read the her service to the organized profession through her citations while Mrs. Corazon M. Nera and Mrs. Marietta D. leadership as President of SOCOLA for four consecutive Molina awarded the plaques and cash gifts. terms, 2000-2004, and as President of the newly organized Mindanao Alliance of Educators in Library and Information Lifetime Achievement Award was given to FE ANGELA M. Science; and, for her commitment to PAARL’s objectives as VERZOSA for her distinguished career of almost four demonstrated by her support and cooperation in its activities decades dedicated to the cause of Philippine Academic and undertakings. Librarianship, having served as Library Director and University Archivist of De La Salle University with the rank of Outstanding Research Librarian Award was given to Associate Professor, Chief Archivist-Librarian of the Jose P. PRUDENCIANA C. CRUZ in recognition of her remarkable Laurel Foundation, Microfilm Librarian of Ateneo de Manila contribution to the advancement of Philippine librarianship, University and UP Diliman libraries, historiographer of The as Director of the National Library of the Philippines, in the National Library; for her exemplary contribution as Head of effective implementation of the programs to improve and the NCCA National Commission on Libraries and Information enhance the services, facilities, and outreach activities of the Services, as library accreditor of PAASCU, and as one of National Library, thereby fulfilling its mandate as the premier the organizers of the 2006 Congress of Southeast Asian institution among the nation’s libraries; for successfully Librarians; for being consistently recognized for service as leading the implementation of a resource-sharing project as an outstanding librarian as evidenced by her numerous the Project Manager of the Philippine eLibrary project; for awards such as the 2006 PRC Outstanding Professional her dedicated service to the organized profession as Co- Librarian of the Year, PLAI Award for Meritorious Service, chair in both the Organizing Committee and the CONSAL PLAI Professional Award, Cirilo B. Perez Award, Severino XIV Executive Board, as the Presiding Official of the 14th Velasco Award, Gabriel Bernardo Award, PAARL Meeting of Directors of National Libraries in Asia and Outstanding Academic Librarian Award, and the National Oceania (CDNLAO), as a resource speaker/facilitator in Centennial Commission Award; and for her remarkable countless library seminars and conferences, and as a leadership in service to the association, as President for reviewer for the Board Examinations for Librarians; and for 2000 and 2004, and through the years, in various capacities her leadership in service to library associations as President as President, officer, and board member of PAARL and of PLAP, PLAI and as officer/board member of other library PLAI; and as a highly respected and sought-after associations; and, for her continued cooperation and support speaker/resource person in seminars, conferences, and fora, of PAARL’s objectives, activities and undertakings. sponsored by PAARL and other library organizations. January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 6
  7. 7. Outstanding Library Award was given to SILLIMAN cultural heritage; and for its continued support of PAARL’s UNIVERSITY LIBRARY SYSTEM in recognition of its objectives, activities, and undertakings. outstanding contribution to academic and research librarianship through its commitment to library cooperation, Professional Service Award was given to SR. IGNATIUS R. particularly in information networking and linkages; for its TAL PLACIDO, SPC in recognition of her distinguished outstanding leadership in library development within its service to the Association in various capacities as board region , particularly in the areas of collection development, member, which eventually led to her election as President in library management, education and training; for having 2006; for her wholehearted dedication to the cause of established its SU-World Bank Knowledge for Development librarianship in her capacity as Chief Librarian of Saint Paul Center which offers free access to a wealth of information University-Manila, and as officer/director of other library through the Internet and a diverse collection of World Bank associations; and, especially, for her exemplary outreach and non-World Bank publications and other special books service and other worthy activities. and documents; for the preservation of Dumaguete’s rich Acknowledgment Speech of Ms. Fe Angela M. Verzosa 2007 Lifetime Achievement Awardee Honored Guests, my fellow awardees, members of the 2007 But let me add, and I hope my fellow awardees think the Board of Directors, former Presidents and Officers of PAARL, same, we have to consider awards with some distance and members of PAARL, colleagues and friends, ladies and not get obsessed with it. When you're doing your job well and gentlemen: to the best of your abilities, you shouldn't think about it. An award means a lot of things for ordinary people like you Because in the end, it's all about the work, not the award you and me because it makes us feel great and humble at the get for the work. And besides, bestowing and receiving an same time. When I received the 2006 PRC Award for award extends far beyond the giver and the recipient. After Outstanding Professional Librarian, I thought this must be all, awards like these really belong to the many people who the crowning achievement of my life and career! Finally, I have made it possible for us awardees to achieve what we can have my cake and eat it too. But if that award was the have done, and without their support, we will not be standing cake, this PAARL Lifetime Achievement Award is the icing here today. on the cake. And as we all know, the cake tastes better with So, on behalf of my fellow awardees, I would like to thank all icing. To me, nothing is more rewarding than the recognition of you, especially the 2007 Board of Directors and the 2007 of colleagues in the same profession. Committee on Awards for this singular honor bestowed on us So when I read Diony’s email informing me of this award, I today. We are humbled by the recognition you have given had a sleepless night. I felt so happy because I was going to us, and we promise to live up to your expectations. The receive this award while I am still alive! I kept thinking, Outstanding Library of the Year, Silliman University Library, “Wow, if I did not retire soon enough, I probably will not get will be a better library because it has to continue to be this award in my lifetime!” So this is the reward for my outstanding to deserve this award; and so will our retirement? Well, that thought gave me another sleepless Outstanding Librarians, Mrs. Prudenciana C. Cruz and Ms. night. Virginia I. Caintic, who will continue to work harder to earn your respect. Our Professional Service Awardee, Sister Awards are often a time for reflection. While deep in my Ignatius R. Tal Placido, to whom I am eternally indebted for thoughts, my almost forty years of work in this profession the many good things that came my way, will also continue flashed in my mind. At the end of my reflection, I reached to do good work because it is her mission in life. Yes, for all the conclusion that this profession has given enough of us, doing good things for our library is our mission in life. meaning to my life, so that if there is an after-life, perhaps in another forty years, I probably will still be working in the As for me, again, I thank you all for this Award which I will library because I cannot imagine myself working elsewhere. treasure with the greatest of pleasure throughout the rest of However, these almost forty years of work in this profession the remaining years of my life, and to my Fellow Awardees, have been made more meaningful now with this award, and I my heartfelt congratulations. May our Tribe increase! am sure, my fellow awardees feel the same with their awards. So we accept our awards today with deep humility and profound gratitude. “in the end, it's all about the work, not the award you get for the work.” Ms. Verzosa delivering her Acknowledgment Speech as her fellow awardees look on. January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 7
  8. 8. Report of the Outgoing President 2007 Mrs. Marietta D. Molina Fora The PAARL Board of March 29, 2007 – Love & Happiness: Gateway to Success in 2007, and the Standing the Library Profession held at Southeast Asian College, Inc. and Ad-hoc Committees (Bro. Obet Cabrillas as Resource Speaker with an report to you the various attendance of about 80) programs and activities conducted in the past July 26, 2007 – Current Trends and Best Practices in year: Collection Development held at SM Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall (Ms. Jocelyn T. Balangue as Resource Speaker with more than 200 attendees) Planning Workshop The newly elected 2007 Board of Directors held its Planning- August 29, 2007 – “User Education & Information Literacy: Workshop at La Colina Resort in Antipolo City on January 8, Innovative Strategies and Practices” held at World Trade 2007. The following agenda were taken up: 1. Review of Center (Ms. Fe Angela M. Verzosa as Resource Speaker functions of each officer; 2. Duties of different Committees; and attended by more than 120 participants). and 3. Planning of major activities for the year. November 27, 2007 – “Strengthening Interpersonal Relations Induction of Officers and Service Attitude Competencies of Library Staff” held at A 10-member PAARL Executive Board were sworn into San Beda College (Dr. Conrado Iñigo as Resource Speaker th office on January 26, 2007 during the 34 Annual General with more than 100 participants). Assembly and Induction/Awarding Ceremonies held at Centro Escolar University, Manila. Dr. Ma. Cristina D. PRC-BFL requested PAARL to sponsor a “Public Forum on Padolina, CEU President, was the Guest of Honor and the Final Draft of the Standards for Philippine Libraries” held Inducting Officer. on October 10, 2007 at The National Library. This event was in cooperation with Mendiola and Intramuros Library Board Meetings Consortia. The Board held 12 regular monthly meetings and 4 special meetings within the year. Holding of the regular Board 2007 Awardees meetings every last Thursday of the month were agreed Lifetime Achievement – Fe Angela M. Versoza upon. Academic Librarians – Mrs. Prudenciana C. Cruz and Ms. Virginia Caintic Seminar-Workshops Outstanding Library – Siliman University Outstanding Library Program – HERDIN Major Seminars Professional Service – Sr. Ignatius R. Tal Placido “National Summer Conference on Emerging Trends in Membership for 2007 Library & Information Services” was held at Covelandia The Membership Committee chaired by Ms. Veronica M. Du Labrador in Pangasinan from April 25-27. 118 Jose recruited 452 individual members and 82 institutional participants attended the event excluding the Board which members. aimed to provide informative and relevant insights on emerging methodologies and multidisciplinary approaches in PAARL Newsletter facing the present and future challenges of library and The Publications Committee chaired by Ms. Lourdes D.C. information services. Participants were treated to the Roman and co-chaired by Ms. Christine B. Arellano were Hundred Islands as part of the cultural tour. able to publish 4 issues of PAARL Newsletter: 1st & 2nd issue – (Jan – Jun 2007, Double Issue), 3nd issue – (Sep “National Seminar on 3rd Generation Library 2007), and 4th issue – (Dec 2007) Management: Realities and Challenges to Deal or not to Deal” was held at the City of Smiles, Bacolod City on Financial Status October 17-19 in time for the Annual Masskara Festival. This Ms. Jocelyn T. Balangue, PAARL Treasurer for 2007 will activity was in cooperation with the University of St. La Salle report on this later. through the kindness of Ms. Hinie Gonzales. To advance the Nomination and Election librarians on the core concepts and applications of strategic Likewise, Mrs. Rebecca M. Jocson will provide a separate library management and its relevance to their quest for report on this matter as Chair of the NOMELEC Committee. excellent library services was the main objective of the conference. 71 participants attended the event and warmly Special Projects graced by no less than the Father of Bacolod City, Honorable Ms. Florenda Mallari, Chair of PAARL’s Special Project Mayor Evelio Leocandia. Committee, successfully completed the Core Collections of Filipiniana Materials bibliographic database. She submitted to the Board the sample copies of the project in CD and January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 8
  9. 9. Monograph formats. The Board took charge of promoting were well managed; Miss Purita Uson, Chairman of Ways and copyrighting these materials which are now available for and Means, who did her best to court the book dealers; Mrs. selling. Veronica Jose, Chairman of Membership Committee who was able to reach our members reminding of their renewals; Other Projects and Activities Mrs. Lourdes Roman and Miss Christine Arellano, who took ⇒ PAARL Donated 1 Refrigerator Unit to PLAI charge in the publication of the newsletters; and of course ⇒ Acquired 2 brand new equipment: LCD projector and the other members of the Board, Miss Sonia Lourdes David video camera and Sr. Ignatius Tal Placido. ⇒ Renewed the Third Class Mailing Permit from Manila Post Office which was already due for the last 3 years To the different standing committees and ad-hoc committees ⇒ Outreach Program for School Children at Sibol School, who supported us during the entire year; the Board for (Gawad Kalinga) where fun activites, games and Librarians headed by the chairman, Mrs. Corazon Nera and storytelling sessions were conducted. PAARL also to the past presidents who were there to give suggestions donated 1 unit weighing scale for the pupils. and opinions on matters that needed their expertise. ⇒ PAARL actively participated during the Fun-Walk held in celebration of the National Book Week 2007. The To my boss, Dr. Teresita Hernandez, who was very Board prepared some refreshments for the parade supportive to me, allowing me to attend in all the activities. participants as a gesture of support to the activity. ⇒ The Board also attended the Fellowship Luncheon held Most of all to the members who have been very supportive to at Kamay-Kainan Trinoma on Nov. 30. the association by attending the seminars, fora and other ⇒ Attended the PRC Awards Night in support for Mrs. activities. Without your support we won’t be able to realize Nani Cruz as Outstanding Professional Librarian of the our dreams. We hope that you will continue to be active in all Year in June 2007 our activities. Exhibitors & Suppliers Last, not to forget all the book dealers who willingly accepted Acknowledgement and presentation of Plaques of our invitations to exhibit their publications during seminars. Appreciation to the 2007 exhibitors, sponsors and donors. They were part of the success of the activities. We hope that you will continue to be PAARL’s partner in the coming years. Conclusion Before I end my report, allow me to express my sincere I would also like to thank the officers of Academic thanks to the members of 2007 Executive Board for their Booksellers Association of the Philippines (ABAP) and the dedication and hard work for the success of all the activities organizers of the Manila International Book Fair (MIBF). that we conducted which were well attended by the members. I would like to mention them one by one: Mrs. Special thanks also to Mr. Gabriel Formoso Jr. of the Loreto Garcia, Vice-president and Chairman of the Philippine Daily Inquirer who accommodated our press Conference Committee; Mr. Christopher Paras, Secretary releases for free. and at the same time doing all the leg works; Mrs. Jocelyn Balangue, the very able treasurer who saw to it that finances THANK YOU and GOOD DAY! PAARL Board 2008 Planning Seminar in UP Diliman January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 9
  10. 10. PAARL Financial Statement January to December 2007 Prepared and submitted by Mrs. Jocelyn T. Balangue - Treasurer 2007 Beginning Cash, January 1, 2007 P 593,637.19 Cash in Bank: Savings BPI 565,040.00 Cash in Bank: Savings PNB 25,340.43 Cash on Hand 292.76 Cash Advance 3,000.00 Add: Receipts / Income 975,179.66 Bank Interest 3,715.66 Donations 7,000.00 Exhibitor’s Fee 59,900.00 Forum Fee 51,875.00 Membership Fee (Individual) 60,350.00 Membership Fee (Institutional) 29,000.00 Product Presentors 23,000.00 Refund (Airline ticket & deposit at Check-In Hotel) 10,534.00 Seminar Fee 719,410.00 Transportation 10,395.00 TOTAL RECEIPTS FOR 2007 1,568,852.85 Less: Expenses 1,017,528.76 Accommodations 341,909.00 Appliances (Refrigerator donated to PLAI Office) 9,800.00 Donations (Abuloy) 4,000.00 Equipment (Multimedia projector & video camera) 72,871.50 Food/Drinks (General Assembly, meetings, seminars) 210,374.31 Honoraria/Gifts(Project encoders, speakers, awardees) 70,174.75 Insurance (Bond of Treasurer & Secretary) 1,247.00 Legal Fees (Audit fee & notarial services) 2,200.00 Mimeo / Printing / Newsletter 97,636.50 Miscellaneous (PLAI Fellowship & Fun Walk, NOMELEC, mass offering) 22,877.00 Photocopying / Xerox 11,616.46 Postage / Mailing 19,910.00 Scholarship Grants (Mary Ann Jimenez & Simeona Delfin) 5,000.00 Supplies 42,247.08 Tax Withheld 743.12 Telephone 276.64 Transportation (Chartered bus for seminars) 104,645.40 Ending Cash Balance, December 31, 2007 551,324.09 Composition of Fund Balance as of December 31, 2007 Cash in Bank: Savings BPI 492,002.04 Cash in Bank: Savings PNB 50,383.15 Cash on Hand 8,938.90 Plus: Time Deposit, Equitable / PCI Bank 1,040,000.00 Plus: Time Deposit, Interest for 2007 200,266.40 TOTAL 1,791,590.49 January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 10
  11. 11. Love: the Foundational Virtue of Service and Commitment Purita P. Uson As a fitting tribute to the Lenten season, PAARL staged its In his conclusion, he said that “Love is wasted if not shared”. first forum dubbed as Love: the Foundational Virtue of The audience was overwhelmed by his talk so there was no Service and Commitment at the Bridges Bookstore (formerly question raised during the open forum. Goodwill Bookstore), Glorietta 3, Ayala Center, Makati City last March 6, 2008. Mr. Villaroman was kind enough to return the honorarium given by PAARL. Mrs. Garcia informed the audience that the The program started a few minutes past 10:00 in the said amount will be given to the volunteer teachers of Sibol morning. Ms. Christine B. Arellano was the Master of School in San Mateo, Rizal where PAARL held its outreach Ceremonies. Sr. Ma. Gloria B. Pasamba, SPC, led the project last year. invocation and the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Warm words of welcome were delivered by PAARL President The launching of PAARL Membership ID immediately Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia, afterwhich, she introduced the guest followed. Mr. Christopher Paras, PAARL Secretary, speaker, Mr. Melo Villaroman, Jr. discussed the mechanics and benefits of the said ID. Mr. Roberto T. Tarnate, General Manager of EDCA Publishing Mr. Villaroman stressed that his talk has two objectives: 1) and Distributing, Corp., gave a brief talk regarding the to understand more deeply why love is the foundation of PAARL- Bridges / Goodwill Bookstore tie-up. Soon after, service and commitment, and 2) to revisit the reality that the audience witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of everyone is blessed with the greatest power to love, to serve, Agreement by PAARL President, Mrs. Garcia and Ms. Joan and to lead. He said that his greatest learning in life is that Cruz, Administrative Head of Bridges/Goodwill Bookstore. “the quality of my leadership and service flows from my heart and I should always guard my heart.“ He also shared the The forum ended with the closing remarks delivered by Ms. concept of a “power hug” and other stories involving his Elvira B. Lapuz, PAARL Vice-President and Conference family depicting God’s love especially to his lovely wife Nini Chair. Snacks were served sponsored by EDCA Publishing who also graced the event. and Distributing, Corp. January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 11
  12. 12. List of PAARL Paid Members – January to March 2008 Prepared by Veronica M. Jose I n d i v i d u a l M e m b e r s NAME INSTITUTION ADDRESS Amurao, Ninda Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Aralar, Mercedes A. Philippine Women's University Taft Avenue, Manila Artieda, Nelia G. De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Muntinlupa City Bacani, Brigida E. University of Mindanao Bolton St., Davao City Bacud, Evelyn O. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Brgy Bucal, Calamba City Baleva, Victoria Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Basa, Jocelyn P. CHK Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Baygan, Rhodora Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Bilolo, Cecilia B. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Brgy Bucal, Calamba City Bite, Christopher Hermes De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Muntinlupa City Bolintian, Christina Arellano University - Malabon Branch Malabon City Botictic, Corazon AMA Computer University Quezon City Cabrito, Ma. Grace Cecilia R. De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Muntinlupa City Caintic, Virginia I. University of Mindanao Sampaloc St. Davao City Calceta, Carla E. Arellano University Legarda St., Manila Campo, Rosario C. Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Caparas, Heremia N.J. De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Muntinlupa City Combalicer, Josephine Sta. Catalina College Manila De Guzman, Lolita Philippine Women’s University Taft Avenue, Manila De Leon, Virgie Philippine Women’s University Quezon City Delfin, Simeona St. Scholastica’s College Malate, Manila Dimzon, Salvacion C. St. Nino Catholic School Signal Village, Taguig City Diola, Jay Michael De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Muntinlupa City Donayre, Clarissa R. University of Mindanao Tagum, Davao City Efondo, Leonisa Mapua Institute of Technology Intramuros, Manila Encina, Jhenny P. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba City Esposo, Sharon Ma. S. College of Engineering Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Estrada, Lilian Leslie L. University of Perpetual Help System Las Pinas City Eugenio, Ma. Concepcion Q. Philippine Public Safety College Fort Bonifacio, Taguig Feballea, Ruth Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Felices, Neonem Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Fonseca, Soledad J. UP School of Library and Info. Studies UP Diliman, Quezon City Gorospe, Bernice Angelicum College Quezon City Guanzon, Victoria M. SURP Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Guevarra, Agela St. Andrew's Theological Seminary E Rodriquez Sr., Quezon City Guevarra, Cecilia B. University of Perpetual Help System Las Pinas City Haico, Fe N. Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Intramuros, Manila Hemedes, Maria Elinor F. Lyceum Institute of Technology Calamba, Laguna Ilagan, Caroline D. Colegio de San Juan de Letran Brgy. Bucal, Calamba City Jara, Leonida I. University of Mindanao Panabo,Davao Del Norte Joson, Amaryllis Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Lagrama, Eimee Rhea C UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Lapuz, Elvira B. UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Laurio, Ma. Jesusa Centro Escolar University Mendiola, Manila Liongson, Pilar M. CSSP Library UP Diliman, Quezon City January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 12
  13. 13. Lubaton, Annielyn D. University of Mindanao Bolton St.., Davao City Mallari, Florenda UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Manago, Emiliana UP Main Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Marquez, Alva Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite Martin, Magdalena B. Jose Rizal University Mandaluyong City Marzo, Ma. Arlene A. NIGS Library UP Diliman, Quezon City Monroy, Corazon B. Our Lady of Fatima University Valenzuela City Padilla, Ofelia Adventist University of the Philippines Silang, Cavite I n s t i t u t i o n a l M e m b e r s NAME OF INSTITUTION REPRESENTATIVE ADDRESS Asian Institute of Maritime Studies Lourdes Fumera F.B. Harrison St. Pasay City AMA Computer University Botictic, Corazon Proj. 8, Quezon City Adamson University Gonzalez, Erlinda Ermita, Manila Asian Institute of Maritime Studies Fumera, Lourdes Roxas Blvd., Pasay City Baliuag University Buenrostro, Juan Baliuag Bulacan Colegio de San Juan de Letran-Calamba Bebeng, Jane Brgy. Bucal, Calamba City De La Salle –Dasma Gementiza, Sonia Dasmarinas, Cavity City De La Salle Santiago Zobel School Ballesteros, Carol Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City Emilio Aguinaldo College Ruzgal, Gloria Manila Feati University Cruz, Aida Sta Cruz, Manila Lyceum Institute of Technology Lorenzo, Jenipher Makiling, Calamba, Laguna Lyceum- St. Cabrini Collage of Allied Sciences Ortega, Myrna Sto. Tomas, Batangas Mapua Institute of Technology Jose, Veronica Intramuros, Manila San Pablo Colleges Manlangit, Rene San Pablo City Siliman University Yso, Lorna 6200 Dumaguete City St, Jude College Puno, Ana Liza Dimasalang, Manila University of Luzon Ongtangco, Loreno Perez Blvd., Dagupan City University of Northern Philippines Salazar, Herminigilda San Roque, Iriga City L i f e t i m e M e m b e r s Esperanza A. Sta. Cruz Rebecca M. Jocson Irene D. Amores Belen M. Vibar Rogelio B. Mallillin Zoraida E. Bartolome Corazon M. Nera Mona Lisa P. Leguiab Theresa B. Cruz Loreto M. Seriña Sarah C. de Jesus Veneranda O. Sajorda Salvacion M. Arlante Fe Angela M. Verzosa Lolita P. Gonzales Maribeth D. Aguila Teresita C. Moran Teresita G. Hernandez Rodolfo Y. Tarlit Susan O. Pador Celedonia R. Cayaban Dionisia M. Angeles Erlinda F. Flores Sr. Ignatius Tal Placido, SPC Marlo C. Chavez Marietta D. Molina January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 13
  14. 14. UPCOMING EVENTS STAFF BOX APRIL 23-25, 2008 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SEMINAR ON FINDING THE LIBRARY’S PLACE IN THE 2.0 CHRISTINE B. ARELLANO ENVIRONMENT - PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, PALAWAN ASSOCIATE EDITOR LOURDES D.C. ROMAN JULY 2008 CIRCULATION MANAGERS Forum on Collection Management – SM MEGAMALL CHRISTOPHER C. PARAS This event is in cooperation with the Association of Booksellers MARITA VALERIO for the Academe and the Profession (ABAP) on the occasion of th CONTRIBUTORS the 12 Philippine Academic Book Fair in SM Megamall. JOCELYN T.BALANGUE LORETO T. GARCIA SEPTEMBER 12, 2008 VERONICA M. JOSE FORUM ON PLAGIARISM – MALL OF ASIA MARIETTA D. MOLINA FE ANGELA M. VERZOSA This event is in cooperation with PrimeTrade Asia, Inc. on the th occasion of the 28 Manila International Book Fair. PAARL BOARD 2008 President Loreto T. Garcia OCTOBER 21-24, 2008 – DAVAO CITY SEMINAR ON LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT Vice President Elvira B. Lapuz Secretary Christopher C. Paras NOVEMBER 17-18, 2008 SEMINAR ON CATALOGING AND NETWORKING – TNL Treasurer Jocelyn T. Balangue Auditor Sonia Lourdes L. David November 29, 2008 P.R.O. Purita P. Uson FORUM ON QUALITY CUSTOMER CARE FOR THE LIBRARY & IMC STAFF - TNL Directors Erlinda B. Gonzales Veronica M. Jose JOIN PAARL / RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO PAARL TODAY! Sr. Ma. Gloria Pasamba, SPC JOIN THE PAARL YAHOO E-MAIL GROUP: Ex-Officio Marietta D. Molina ENTERED AS THIRD CLASS MAIL (PM) Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians AT MANILA POST OFFICE Rm. 301 3/F The National Library Building Under Permit no. 1295-00 T.M. Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila 1000 Date Granted: February 15, 2000 PHILIPPINES Valid until: December 31, 2008 Postage Paid. Subject for postal inspection. TO: ____________________________________ ____________________________________ PAARL Newsletter is published quarterly in print and online ( Subscription is free to all members. Contributions come from Executive Board and Committee Members. For comments and suggestions, please contact Mrs. Loreto T. Garcia, President (JRU 5318031 loc. 15) or email us thru January – March 2008 PAARL Newsletter 14