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The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications 2018 by Owen Health

A pharma marketer’s overview of the key elements of healthcare communications, covering brand planning, customer experience and multi-channel marketing. Brought to you by Owen Health, a healthcare communications agency like no other.

Feel free to print it, share it and embed on your website with appropriate credit. You can read more about our thoughts on healthcare communications, multi-channel marketing, brand planning, CX and digital marketing for pharma here

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The Periodic Table of Healthcare Communications 2018 by Owen Health

  1. 1. THE PERIODIC TABLE OF 7 Patient Perception Ppr 11 Competitor Analysis Ca 3 Market Segmentation Mar 8 Patient Journey Mapping Pjm 10 Patient/HCP Needs & Values Nv 26 Pull vs Push Mix Pvp 88 Data Collection Dc 89 Data Modelling Da 90 Analysis and Insights Ai 91 Segmentation and Targeting St 92 Tracking and Attribution Ta 71 Informative Value Inv 72 Utility Value Utv 73 Monetary Value Mov 74 Entertainment Value Env 75 Social Value Sov 77 Location Timeliness Lot 78 Journey Stage Timeliness Jot 81 Text Tx 82 Images Im 83 Videos Vi 84 Animations Ani 85 Audio Au 68 Media Relations Mr 69 Organic Social Oso 70 Organic Search Ose 66 Key Opinion Leaders Ko 67 Digital KOLs Dk 63 Congresses Cn 64 Advertising Ad 65 Paid Social Pso 59 Exhibitions Eb 60 Display Advertising Di 61 Paid Search Pse 51 Direct Mail Dm 52 Email Newsletters Em 53 Webinars Wb 47 Print Collateral Pc 48 Blogs Bl 49 Text Messages Tm 50 Social Media Sm 43 E-details Ed 44 Websites Ws 45 Apps Ap 46 Podcasts Pd 33 Internet In 34 Events Ev 35 Outdoor Ou 36 Broadcast Bc 29 Personal Ps 30 Telephone Te 31 Post Po 32 Retail Re 54 Conferences Cf 62 Re-targeting Rt 56 Chatbots Cb 57 Internet of Things Iot 79 Cultural Timeliness Cut 55 Landing Pages Lp 93 Reporting and Dashboards Rd 86 Virtual Reality Vr 87 Augmented Reality Ar 76 Real-time Timeliness Ret 102 Reach Rc 106 Unique Visitors Uv 105 Response Rs 104 Branding Br 103 Engagement En 107 Acquisition Aq 108 Return on Investment Roi 94 Optimisation Op 95 Content Management Cms 97 Analytics An 98 Customer Data Cd 99 Data Management Platform Dmp 100 Campaign Management Cm 101 Marketing Automation Ma 80 Personalisation Per 1 Patient Need States Pns 4 Competitor Market Share Com 2 Market Sizing Ms 5 Opportunity Scoping Opp 6 Patient Persona Pp 21 HCP Segmentation Hsg 12 Brand Architecture Ba 13 Brand Proposition Bpr 14 Brand Positioning Bpo 15 Brand Idea Bi 23 HCP Perception Hpr 24 HCP Journey Mapping Hjm 22 HCP Persona Hp 16 Naming Na 17 Logotype Lo 18 Tone of Voice Tov 19 Font and Colour Palette Fcp 20 Packaging Pa 9 Design Patient Experience Px 25 Design HCP Experience Hx 27 Channel Mix Chx 28 Paid, Owned and Earned Mix Mix 37 Campaign Objective Cao 38 Communication Problem Cop 39 Communication Objective Coo 40 Truths and Insights Tai 41 Communication Strategy Cos 42 Communication Idea Coi Brand Strategy Patient Strategy Brand Design Marketing Planning Channels Communications Paid Media Earned Media Content Relevancy Data and Analytics Martech KPIs Owned Media Content Format HEALTHCARE COMMUNICATIONS LIKE NO OTHER. COVERING BRAND PLANNING, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE AND MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETING � 2018 Owen Health Some Rights Reserved | Feel free to print it, share it and embed on your website with appropriate credit. 58 Smart Speakers Ssp 96 Digital Asset Management Dam SPRING 2018