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Ongig Data Points


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How the Ongig Hiring platform drives the progression from Employer Branding to Candidate Engagement to Quality Hires is shown through this recent data analysis.

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Ongig Data Points

  1. 1. June  2013  The Hiring Platformfor the Next 20 Years
  2. 2. Data  shows  our  pla4orm  adds  value  in  4  key  areas:  The Value of OngigEmployer  Branding  Candidate  Engagement  Do-­‐It-­‐Yourself  RecruiGng  Hiring  Top  Candidates  1   2  3   4  
  3. 3. Ongig’s hiring platform features your employees.We  enable  your  team  to  tell  your  story  across  the  web,  driving  candidates  directly  to  your  Careers  and  Job  pages.  Employer Branding
  4. 4. EngagementCareers Page56.33%  of  visitors  to  a  Careers  Page  spend    10  seconds  or  less  on  the  page  (Jobvite  Survey,  May  2013)  The  Reality:  Visitors  to  Ongig’s  hosted  Careers  Page  are  Engaged:      Spend  an  average  of  3:20  on  the  Careers/Landing  page    Look  at  an  average  of  2.81  pages  per  visit    Register  for  the  “Talent  Network”  7%  of  the  Dme  The  Opportunity:  
  5. 5. Engagement§  Candidates  on  Yelp’s  Ongig-­‐powered  landing  page  are  highly  engaged  §  Average  Gme  spent  per  visit:    3:16  Careers Page: Case Study Highlight
  6. 6. EngagementJob Level§  4:25:    Average  Gme  on  job  pages  per  visitor  §  An  average  of  25  social  shares  per  job  page  §  An  average  of  4  “comments”  per  job  page  Ongig  has  created  the  most  engaging  job  descripGons  on  the  planet:  
  7. 7. Our  SaaS  offering  powers  engaging  job  pages  featuring  your  brand  EngagementJob Level: Case Study HighlightYelp  job  page  powered  by  Ongig  
  8. 8. EngagementSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)•  25%  of  traffic  to  job  pages  is  coming  from  Google  •  Google  is  the  3rd  highest  source  of  applicaGons  •  Visitors  from  Google  average  3:21  on  the  job  page  •  Most  job-­‐level  SEO  doesn’t  drive  candidates  to  your  job  pages  •  Job-­‐level  SEO  is  given  away  to:    Glassdoor,  LinkedIn,  SimplyHired,  and  Indeed  The  Reality:  Ongig  drives  candidates  directly  to  your  environment:  
  9. 9. EngagementSEO: Case Study HighlightOngig  pla4orm  drives    candidates  directly  into  your  environment    
  10. 10. EngagementSocial Sharing•  4.2  visitors  per  share  to  the  job  page  •  On  average,  18%  of  traffic  to  job  pages  is  from  social  networks  •  Traffic  from  social  networks  averages  4:05  per  visit  Ongig  is  seeing  an  average  of  14  social  shares  per  job  on  Facebook,  LinkedIn  and  Twiaer:  
  11. 11. EngagementSocial Sharing: Case Study HighlightThis  job  descripGon  received  100+  shares  in  just  24  hours  
  12. 12. EngagementTalent Networks•   More  than  7%  of  all  visitors  register  for  the  Talent  Network  •   42%  of  the  Talent  Network  open  email  updates  •   26%  of  the  Talent  Network  click  on  job  updates  Candidates  coming  to  the  Careers/Jobs  pages  respond  well  to  a  “call-­‐to-­‐acGon”  short  of  applying.    We’re  seeing:  
  13. 13. EngagementTalent Networks§  A  great  ad,  with  clear  call-­‐to-­‐acGon,  converts  more  visitors  to  your  Talent  Network  §  O’Neill  Sports  page  saw  the  numbers  
  14. 14. •  Ongig’s  pla4orm  is  highly  automated  •  And  sGll  provides  Hiring  Managers  with  ability  to  easily  get  involved  Do-It-Yourself RecruitingThe Power is YoursVideo:  Easy  upload  via  YouTube,  mobile,  or  self-­‐record  ✔  Pictures:  Easy  upload  via  Facebook,  Flickr,  or  mobile  ✔  Assets:  Re-­‐use  visual  assets  through  a  media  library  ✔  Comment/  Chat:  Real-­‐Gme  interacGon  with  candidates  ✔  Ongig  Pla4orm  
  15. 15. Ongig’s  job  edit  page  snaps  key  recruiGng  assets  into  one  place:  Do-It-Yourself RecruitingHiring Made Easy: Job Edit
  16. 16. Ongig’s  pla4orm  is  gefng  people  hired:  HiringAnd It’s WorkingHired  Principal  Java  Engineer  Hired  a  Customer-­‐Centric  Engineer  Hired  15  Sales/Account  ExecuGves  Hired  5  Inside  Salespeople  Hired  Key  Account  ExecuGve  Hired  MarkeGng  Analyst  
  17. 17.  Jason  Webster  Co-­‐Founder  Email:  Twiaer:  @ongig    Contact Information