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Presentation on Chen-One


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Presentation on Chen-One

  1. 1. Presented by: Omer Malik Asim Mustafa Jahangir Badar
  2. 2. Introduction  Owned by Mr.M Latif, (Chairman)  Chenab Group realized that their textiles' quality was extremely good and looking at the growing trend in Pakistan's retail economy they started their own brand  Major reason for coming into Pakistani market was to provide to the local consumers, who buy international brands and seek good quality
  3. 3. Objectives  Proper planning  Continual improvement  Employees satisfaction  Environment friendly production  Social and cultural norms/law
  4. 4. Products & Services Chen One deals with a wide range of products including:  Full range of furnishings  Crockery, and accessories  Wear for men, women & children  Shoes, wallets & handbags  Pareesa, is ChenOne’s premier lawn brand and has come to embody style, elegance and accessible fashion for the modern Pakistani woman
  5. 5. Retail Layout Space Mix Chen One covers an area of 12,000 square feet. It has divided its total area into three main divisions, which are further subdivided Store Layout / Circulation Plan  The layout of the whole outlets is common  The merchandise is kept in an organized manner Therefore, it has a free flow format Store Design  High Traffic Area  Upper Class Commodity
  6. 6. Home Fashion In Home Fashion section, 75% of the area is selling space; 5% back area, and 20% circulation area Men's & Women's Wear The selling space of apparel section is 60%, the circular space including the staircase is 35%, and the back area is 5% which includes the changing rooms Kids Section Selling space is 60% including the counter & shelf displays. Circulation area is 30% while the back area is 10% including the changing rooms and the office of the branch manager
  7. 7. Value Added Services  Quality and lifestyle  Things under one roof  Well groomed, and presentable staff  10% discount on all products at all outlets of Chen One through loyalty cards
  8. 8. Hot Spot Area:  Furnishings  Bed linen, and accessories which makes it a hot spot Brand Image & Positioning:  Target market is high-income class Supply Chain Management:  Own Distributers & Suppliers  The inventory is refilled as soon as the stock level goes down  Customers data saved automatically in the Point of Sale system
  9. 9. Future Outlook  Plan to extend more outlets in Pakistan Total Outlets: 10, Target:30  Electronic Retailing (Online Retailing)  Plan to capture International Market also through E-Tailing