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iMolvi - Wear the Faith


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iMolvi is a brand providing every guy and girl a token of the religion we love. iMolvi is dedicated to provide a diverse array of stylish and religiously promotional T-Shirts, Caps & Hoods.

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iMolvi - Wear the Faith

  1. 1. We The Assassin Presents iMolvi
  2. 2. The Youngsters !!The Youth !!We !! Problems
  3. 3. Problems
  4. 4. Our Aim/Purpose & ExistenceTo re-enlist Islamic Values into our lifeTo show the people of other faiths that , “We are not evil”
  5. 5. Inspirational Islamicslogans for todays youth
  6. 6. Buying our T-Shirtsyou’re not onlyhelping a goodcause but alsoproviding for theneedy on aninternational scale“United Nationshuman reliefprogram”
  7. 7. internetOnline portal,
  8. 8. Supplier Producer Company Consumers
  9. 9. Flexible PricingStrategyQuality and grade of productwill be the same as ourcompetitors but our price willbe relatively low (The pricewe have decided for ourproduct is 600 Rs).
  10. 10. The Four P’sWe will show you not only the 4 Ps butiMolvi’s 4PsProduct Price Placement Promotion
  11. 11. iMolvi’s Strategic ThinkingSegmentation  YouthTargeting  Undergraduates/GraduatesPositioning  Islamabad
  12. 12. Our Policies For AdvancementsWe intend to hit the mass market.Our marketing falls under the category of ,“Need Shaping” , as we have a high risk level due to 1) Our new arrival. 2) Our strong humanitarian agenda.
  13. 13. ContinuediMovli will follow a strict discipline due to our socialand moral responsibilitiesThus we shall avoid opportunity costsDevelopment risk
  14. 14. Value• WE WILL SURVIVE !!• Because we have value business:- – For helping Islam – For helping humanity
  15. 15. Customer ValueCustomer value Not Equal odd equation BUT Customer value = Islam + Humanity
  16. 16. Customer TypesWe intend to invite people to purchase our products as customers and then through are humanitarian and pro-Islamic efforts, turn tem into SUPPORTERS and ADVOCATES.Our winning strategy is CHARITYNever before has charity been this easy
  17. 17. Marketing objectivesMarketing objectives includea) Product awarenessb) Featuresc) Turning our products into a addiction through influence of charity
  18. 18. PESTEL Analysis
  19. 19. Political / legal The factor affecting our company is the taxation policy related to our garments
  20. 20. Economic Raw material is easily available required by our company to operate
  21. 21. Social / EcologicalWe will target adults. Our main target market is graduatesand undergraduates. No ecological factor. (We will userecyclable packaging instead of selling our products inplastic bags).
  22. 22. TechnologicalWe are providing an online portal to sell our products.There are no barriers to entry at macro level for ourproduct.
  24. 24. Threat of new entrants  Threat of new entrants is very high.  Barrier to entry is low because everybody has easy access to internet but they have to come up with new ideas.  They will also face threat for their brand name because their brand will not have a following in the market.
  25. 25. Bargaining power of supplierBargaining power of supplier is low because have a number ofoptions available from where we can get our raw material.
  26. 26. Threat of substitutesThere is no direct competitor for our product. ShalwarKameez is a weak substitute for our product.
  27. 27. Strong RivalryCompetitors for our product are the following.o Cambridgeo CrossRoadso StoneAgeo Breakouto ChenOneo Lewis
  28. 28. Bargaining power of customersBargaining power of customers is medium.Customers have the choice to choose otherbrands against our product but it is difficult tofind shirts containing our idea.
  29. 29. 3 C’s Analysis
  30. 30. CollaboratorsCollaborators in our domain are suppliers andcustomers.
  31. 31. CustomersThe nature of product and environment willdevelop interest in our customers and it willencourage them to buy the shirts. It will alsofulfill their needs.
  32. 32. CompetitorsCurrently we have no direct competitor in themarket. Indirect customers are already describedabove.
  33. 33. Marketing Objectives
  34. 34. Bring +ve Islamic change in society.Mission
  35. 35. We will spread peace through our message and attract people towards ReligionVision
  36. 36. Focus on customer’s mind and will work together in team for positive change. These values represent our mission and visionValues
  37. 37. Customer Share
  38. 38. Customer can get the better quality t-shirts. Share of Mind
  39. 39. Our brand will promoteour religion and also wayof life. Share of Spirit
  40. 40. We target customer’s heart share by spreadingawareness about ethical issues like eachcustomer will think that he/she doing ethicallycorrect. Share of Heart
  41. 41. Customer can easily spend theirincomes on our related products. Share of Wallet
  42. 42. Share of Life?Share of Heart? Share of Wallet?Share of Spirit? Share of Mind?
  43. 43. We will ensure the quality of t-shirts Win through High Quality
  44. 44. Win through Adaptation andCustomers can get the t-shirts of theirown choice Customization
  45. 45. Customer Value Discipline
  46. 46. Operational ExcellenceWe will provide reliable with better qualities t-shirts.
  47. 47. Customer IntimacyWe will meet the need of each individualcustomer through our website
  48. 48. Product LeadershipWe will provide the leading-edge product to ourcustomers
  49. 49. SWOT Analysis
  50. 50. Customer Value DimensionWe will compete on Economic and Psychological values byproviding the product on little less price than other t-shirtsand our brand image will create customer trust and goodrelationships with our customers.
  51. 51. Behavioral DimensionsAs iMolvi is a new brand so initially , we won’t haveenough customers, but with the time we have Industry group reports Surveys of consumer behaviour Product sales
  52. 52. Psychographic dimensions We conduct a survey for attitudes, and opinions of the customer We captures the reasoning and emotion behind people’s decisions
  53. 53. Igor Ansoff Matrix
  54. 54. Existing Products New Products  Adult T-Shirts  Polo ShirtsExisting Markets  Hooded Sweatshirts Market Product Penetration Development  Children T-Shirts  Laptop CoversNew Markets  Mobile Covers  Caps Market Development Diversification
  55. 55. Specifications
  56. 56. Adult T-Shirts WidthMeasurement Width Length Length Small 18 28 Medium 20 29 Large 22 30 XLarge 24 31
  57. 57. Children T-ShirtsMeasurement Width Length Small 14 18 Medium 16 20 Large 17 22 XLarge 18 24 Width Length
  58. 58. PackagingFiber Shopping Bags(echo friendly and recycle-able)
  59. 59. Sales Promotion• Buy Three Shirts, Get one Hood FREE – Limited to Initial three months + =
  60. 60. News Agencies, Dawn, the News, etc will be accessed and thePrint Media print ads will be published there.
  61. 61. Print Media
  62. 62. Website BannersTop Websites LikeGoogle.Com , Yahoo.Cometc Will Be Targeted.
  63. 63. Product PortfolioCurrently Plans :- T-Shirts  Caps  Jackets  Sweaters
  64. 64. Components of Sales10 % Cost Contribution15 % Profit Margin15 % United Nations60 % Cost of Goods Produced
  65. 65. Estimated Sales of First Year
  66. 66. We are not commercializing IslamThe aim of iMolvi is to Promote and Cure the world’s misconception about Islam and BeliefApart from promoting, we are also investing Humanitarian activities