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Session 3 - Presentation by Lammer Kooistra


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Session 3 - Presentation by Lammer Kooistra

Published in: Environment
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Session 3 - Presentation by Lammer Kooistra

  1. 1. The role of new data sources in Greening Growth the case of Drones Lammert Kooistra, Tamme van der Wal, Krijn Poppe Wageningen University and Research Centre, the Netherlands
  2. 2. Data needs in Agriculture Source: Stoorvogel et al., 2015
  3. 3. Why use of drones? Terminology: drone/UAV/RPAS Independent data acquisition Flexible agile deployment Customised sensors Increased spatial detail
  4. 4. Drone applications for Green Growth remote sensing field scout spraying land administration actual potential phenotyping transport and logistics infrastructure inspection cattle inventory crop damage assessment pest/disease control
  5. 5. Extending remote sensing capabilities Source: Suomalainen et al., 2014 Satellite image Worldview-2 UAV image HYMSY from octocopter
  6. 6. UAVs and Plant Phenotyping: Maize Structure from Motion Darell van der Voort, Sander Mücher and Henk Kramer, Alterra
  7. 7. From data to informed decisions detection diagnosis decision rules management activity Organisation of:Organisation of: DataownershipDataownership ExchangeprotocolsExchangeprotocols Intellectual PropertyIntellectual Property
  8. 8. From Farm to Fork
  9. 9. Drones, Big Data and Agriculture  Agriculture is becoming a software business ● Competition on platforms, data ownership ● Incentives for new entrants  Monitoring will greatly improve ● Agriculture can be optimised ● Specialisation between roles (investor, manager, laborer)  Agricultural chain shortcuts arrive ● eFarmer / online trading ● Farming on demand / Harvest on demand ● Effects on pricing, contracting
  10. 10. Implications for policy research  Environmental effects ● More effective using monitoring data ● Collect and dissiminate best practices  Undesirable Market changes ● New monopolies ● Future of family farming  Data ownership / privacy ● Privacy issues vs open access (transparancy) ● Cyber security  Research Infrastructures ● Support Big Data analytics
  11. 11. Thanks for your attention Lammert Kooistra Wageningen University and Research Centre The Netherlands E-mail: Website: