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Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress in Ukraine


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Presentation by Olga Khomyakova

Published in: Environment
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Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress in Ukraine

  1. 1. Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress in Ukraine Khomyakova Olga Junior Policy Expert 2016, Yerevan Resource and Analysis Center “Society and Environment”
  2. 2. 1. The purpose and methodology 2. Set of indicators 3. The challenges 4. Outlook Contents
  3. 3. •Matrix of indicators - Towards Green Growth: Monitoring Progress. OECD Indicators (2011) •Time frame: 1990-2012 •Open accessed official sources. Main goal Methodology Analysis of the progress towards Green Growth and sustainable development in Ukraine.
  4. 4. Indicator groups Amount issues indicators Socio-economic context 8 14 Environmental and resource productivity 4 11 The natural asset base 6 12 Environmental quality of life 3 7 Economic opportunities and policy responses 3 11 24 55 Covering of GGIs
  5. 5. •Completely accord with OECD GGIs Identic •Nutrient balances •Environmental health and risks Adapted •Environmental goods and services •Multi-factor productivity Excluded Comparison with the OECD framework
  6. 6. Energy intensity
  7. 7. Nutrient flows and balance
  8. 8. Wildlife recourses
  9. 9. Patents of importance GG
  10. 10. •The difficulty of access to data •Not suitable for analysis data format •Data quality •Improving of indicators •Statistical mismatch to the current situation Challenges
  11. 11. 1. The integration green growth targets into strategic or planning documents 2. Approval of the national set of green growth indicators 3. Adapting of green growth monitoring at regional and sectoral level Outlook
  12. 12. THANK YOU