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8 item5 industry_makaryan


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Presentation by the Republic Union of Employers of Armenia

Published in: Environment
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8 item5 industry_makaryan

  1. 1. Industry-led multi-stakeholder dialogue on greening the economy in Armenia Gagik Makaryan RUEA Chairman 23 March 2016. Moldova
  2. 2. About RUEA • Established: 2007 • Official social partner with Government and Trade Unions • Members: 13350 • Regional and sectorial associations: 24 • IOE Member • ILO Partner 2
  3. 3. RUEA Greening Activities/Projects • National Collective Agreement 2015-2018 • 3 conferences on green economy (2012-2015) • Resources and energy savings trainings and consulting • Support on implementation of ISO14001 and ISO50001 • Simplified Environmental Management Systems for greening of enterprises • EaP GREEN program launched in Armenia (2013) for transition to a green economy. • ToT programs on resources saving • Publications 3
  4. 4. What we do for members. Environmental protection and green economy (RUEA Strategic Planning 2016-2018) • Development of global partnerships • Promotion of international investments • Promotion of trade and global competitiveness • Productivity and business improvement. • Decrease of corruption risks • Improvement of business processes. • Improvement of business ethics • Workplace change initiatives • Occupational Safety and Green Economy Consulting • Informing new environmental regulations to our members • CSR programs • Sector-specific technical assistance to companies introducing green practices • Capacity building for promoting green good practices. • Provision of information regarding changes in industry technical standards, policy and news • Networking through conferences, workshops and other events with members. 4
  5. 5. Dialogue with Government • Social dialogue since 2009 on social-labour relations. • Since 2015 on social-economic relations: o SME developments o Innovation economy o Resources and energy saving • SME greening collaboration: o Study of good practices o Promotion of eco-friendly activities o Green Awards to enterprises • Green Concept development o Negotiations and workshops o Provision of recommendations o Awareness about the concept 5
  6. 6. Collaboration with business groups • Foundations, educational institutions, NGOs • Social and Energy Efficiency Housing • Renewable energy projects • Industrial big companies and banks: construction, mining, food production, ITC • Conferences and workshops on green economy, exchange of experience • Green economy and green job places • ISO14001 Environmental Management System and Global Conformance Green Company • CSR and UN Global Compact principles: o P7: Businesses should support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges o P8: Undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility o P9: Encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. 6
  7. 7. The Green Concept • RUEA is a member of the Green Economy Commission (co-chair of the Commission) • Developed concept in the framework of “Sustainable Development Agenda until 2030” (UN “RIO+20”) in Armenia (by the decision of the Prime-minister of Armenia in 2013). • The Concept is to support Armenia to integrate into global processes “Post RIO+20”. 7
  8. 8. The Concept includes: 1. Mining activities and the environment and public health. 2. Development of alternative (renewable) energy and resources- saving. 3. Sustainable management of water resources. 4. Sustainable waste management. 5. The development of organic farming. 6. The development of sustainable tourism. 7. Sustainable cities / development of "green" architecture. 8. Sustainable forest management, biodiversity conservation. 9. Education for sustainable development. 10. Replacement of the Millennium Development Goals objectives of sustainable development. Criteria for sustainable development. 11. Encourage the introduction of legislative and economic instruments in the field of green economy. 8
  9. 9. Green Economy. Development of Legal and Economic Mechanisms Action Plan 2014-2016 approved in July 2014: • Identification of existing institutional opportunities for development of green economy and resources. • Establishing a government reporting system on green economy development. • Implementation of CSR programs in large enterprises in harmful industry sectors • Awareness on green economy concept (school-university) • Particular support to organizations that use recycled materials and implement non-waste technology. 9
  10. 10. Economic Mechanisms • Creation of financial incentives developing green economy. • Teaching about green economy in VET schools and universities. • Recycling of used materials and waste, development/implementation of non-waste technology. • Creation of green jobs (energy saving, classification of industrial waste, use of alternative energy sources). • Publication of mini-guidebooks for businesses. • For greening of enterprises implementation of simplified Environmental Management Systems and awarding certificates (RUEA, together with the Ministry of Economy). 10
  11. 11. Thank You +37410 527 421 11